Game 3, 2016

Dodgers at Padres, 6:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Two righthanders face off: newcomer Kenta Maeda meets Andrew Cashner. Maeda is fresh off an 8-year career in the Japan Central League with Hiroshima in which he was 97-67 with a 2.39 ERA; Cashner is in his 7th year in the big leagues with a record of 26-42 and an ERA of 3.59. He went 0-3 against the Dodgers last year but had a 3.38 ERA, getting little to no run support in three of his four starts against them.

The Dodgers have to be greatly encouraged by Yasiel Puig’s performance in the first two games, with 2 triples among his 3 hits in 6 ABs and 3 RBIs already.

Lineup when available.

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    • You might have just gotten the record for getting 3 likes for a two word comment, or was it a one word comment.

  1. The Padres are cornering the market in ex-Dodger Japanese pitchers. They have both Hideo Nomo and Takashi Saito in their front office. Nomo’s an advisor and Saito’s an intern of sorts.

  2. Not that it really mattered in terms of winning or losing but the Dodgers were definitely on the right side of both the reviews tonight. I thought they made the right call on Utley’s play at second base. And it really looked like the wrong call on the play at the plate – but I won’t complain about it.

    • The Dodgers had three announcers in the booth and on two occasions I thought they might have made a comment that said something about what I was thinking.

      On the Utley play at second the announcers kept looking at when Utley’s hand that was holding the ball touched the bag when his other hand / glove was already on the bag. If a ball in hand and foot on bag makes a force out, surely a ball in bare hand and glove on bag makes a force out as well.

      The other play had to do with Agon throwing home instead of going for the double play with a 7 run lead and late in the game. I like that he barely saved the shutout but would at least expect the announcers to talk about Agon’s decision.

  3. I will ask this question now that it is over, does anyone know the record for longest start to a season without conceding any runs? (27 innings and counting)

    • Well, the Cards, who had three shutouts in 1963, finally gave up a run in the 6th inning of their fourth game. (you do they math), but don’t know if that is a record or just the last time it was done.

  4. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the first three games is that the Dodgers haven’t had any new injuries.

  5. Wow! Had a dinner party for my Colombian neighbors, but following under the table. I just said the name Rentaria and the understood my passion.

    • The call was out on the field. Video looked liked he scored but the umps still ruled out after the review.

  6. So far the Dodgers are almost keeping pace with the 1963 Cardinals. The Cards won 7-0, 4-0, 7-0 on the road against the 2nd year New York Mets. The Mets finished a svelte 51-111 that season. And of course the Dodgers won the WS in 1963, which must be good news somehow for the team this year.

  7. Was Kershaw our first HR of the year when he HR on opening day a few years back?

      • Thanks, I wonder if there was a betting market on Dodger first Hr this year?

      • I think that was the final score, too.

        Edited: It was the first run of the game, yes. It was not the final score. Nope. He hit it in the eighth and the Dodgers got three more runs after it; it was a 4-0 final score.

        • It feels like it should have ended 1-0 but I think it actually ended 4-0.

  8. Why are the Padres being so nice to the Dodgers? They must have a really big favour to ask after the game.

  9. 22 runs and not a HR in sight, anyone bothered by that? (not me) πŸ™‚

  10. I’ll only be able to look in briefly at the game this evening, as we’re meeting my Swedish cousin for dinner in SF. And then for the next four days I’ll be either blacked out or on a plane to South America.