Game 19, 2016

Dodgers at Rockies, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTS Sports

The Dodgers ask Alex Wood to do better at Coors Field than he has in the past. He’s made three starts and given up 15 earned runs on 21 hits in 11 innings in his career there. He’s 1-2 with a 5.06 ERA and more walks (8) than strikeouts (7) so far this season. His opponent will be Jordan Lyles, who’s 1-1 with a 6.00 ERA and 9 strikeouts with only 6 walks in his three starts this year.

In other words, this could be an all-staff game from each team, and runs may be easily come by. If they are, you can bet these two guys will be in the middle of it as long as the starters remain in the game:

Yasiel Puig is a career .571 hitter (4-for-7) against Lyles, with a home run and three RBIs.

Nolan Arenado has only faced Wood nine times, but he’s done his damage, hitting a pair of home runs and plating five while batting .333.

Lineup when available.

159 thoughts on “Game 19, 2016

  1. And the band plays on in Arizona and it is playing in 2/4 time. The Dbacks have come from 4 runs down to send it to extra’s and then from 2 runs down to keep it tied after 12. Now in the 13th, they need to score 2 more times as they are trailing 12-10, a very familiar score.

    And now it is done. Dbacks lose. The Dodgers gain a game on every team in the West today.

  2. The Dodgers absolutely should have lost this game.
    The Dodgers absolutely deserved to win this game.

  3. All things considered Blanton is a fine recipient of the W. 2 outs
    on one pitch is definitely the most efficient pitcher today!

  4. Hopefully Jansen’s heart rate is fine today. Doesn’t he have some issues here sometimes?

    • Sorry – really not trying for click bate. It is the 4 run 9th for a 9-8 win in Colorado.

  5. Colorado reliever McGee had entered the game with all four of his team’s saves and a 1.80 ERA.

    • Yes I think he is still a good reliever to be honest. Just an off day for him.

  6. And that friends – is how to get to 100 comments. Coors Field game for the win…

  7. Remarkable how my mood can swing 180 degrees in the baseball blink of an eye. Now, I just don’t want it to swing 180 degrees again.

  8. So if it comes to it – would you rather have AJ or Culberson as the pinch hitter?

  9. Hershiser, congratulating new announcer Davis on catching the ball bouncing off Cargo’s glove: “Nice catch seeing that, Joe. Young eyes in the booth!”

  10. Horrendous meltdown by the Dodgers pen, again and again. Let’s hear Friedman/Zaidi address this one. Sign mediocre pitchers and your results and worse than mediocre.

    • Actually the pen had been on a nice roll lately. Something like ERA 1.25 over the past 33 innings.

      • Maybe I am too annoyed to be rational and all of you right. As someone once said: My mind is made up; don’t confuse me with the facts. However, unless we pull this one out, in our eight losses (if we lose today), we have blown leads of 4-0, 2-0, 5-0, 1-0, 3-0 and 7-1 in six of the games. In the other two losses, we never had the lead.

    • The bullpen has been very good for about ten days straight. Blame this on the Dodgers’ offense going silent after the third inning. Not a single hit since then.

    • Before today, the pen had allowed five runs in its last 33 innings. That’s very good.

  11. Boy, these Rockies play us hard. Oh brother. Down by one now – another error in the outfield.

  12. Down 5-4, Gnats load bases with nobody out, fail to score as Pagán GIDPs 1-2-3 and Panic looks at called strike three.

    • Pagan also caused the Giants one or two runs earlier when he lost a fly ball in the sun and it bounced about 15 feet away. Giants announcer Jon Miller noted that he was wearing his sunglasses on the top of his cap, “more like an accessory,” and that it was the second fly ball he had lost in this series.

    • Maybe I should have said a clean inning from the defense as well! Gonzo with the rare error not helping Wood’s cause.

  13. If the Rockies lose this game and series – it doesn’t appear that it will be on the backs of their bullpen. Can’t seem to make much noise against them.
    I would be happy to be proven wrong on this…

  14. Ha! Steiner on that fly ball: “Puig caught it about six, seven steps in front of the wall and the wall breathed a big sigh of relief.”

  15. Even if it’s not all his fault, Wood’s pitch count and ball-strike ratio are not encouraging.

    • Somewhere, some Koufax fans circa 1955-1960 are nodding.

      Not to say Alex is gonna ever come close to the latter six years of Sandy’s career, but we tend to forget how mediocre he looked for the first six.

      • So we need an old backup catcher to tell Wood not to throw as hard in order to get more control of his pitches?

      • Part of the problem was that, as a so-called “bonus baby,” Sandy had to spend years on the major league bench instead of learning to pitch in the minors. That retarded his development.

    • Yes – I know he has had some bad breaks this inning with the fly ball and the shift and now the bunt base hit.

  16. Wood almost walked Para – and that might have been a better option as he then drives Colorado’s second run.

  17. So far, liking Wood much more this game. Offense also good. But that was a serious misplay by Trace in the outfield.

  18. Feels like Arenado heard my thoughts yesterday about switching over to admiring Manny Machado and took it personally.

  19. In regards to Link’s post up top – it is funny imagining the Dodgers actually have the conversation and asking Wood to do better. “Look Kid, we like you a lot and think you are great. But Kid – you have an ERA over 5 here and we are asking you to do better…”

  20. I know the Dodgers didn’t score there but I would take my chances with getting 3 walks in a row in future innings!

  21. Back in Buenos Aires, no family obligations today, I can actually watch the game.