Game 17, 2016

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOT Sports

Scott Kazmir (1-1, 6.43 ERA) tries to get his groove back after two consecutive poor starts, both against the Giants. He’s only made one career start against the Rockies. It was at Coors Field and he got the win, but that was in 2007 when Kazmir was a Devil Ray. His opponent will be Jon Gray, the third draft pick overall in 2013. He made his ML debut last year, but tonight will be his first game of this season. He’s a righthander with a fastball, changeup, slider and curve.

Lineup when available.

I got to wondering and looked it up: Utley has the third highest number of hits this young season as a leadoff guy: 16. The two guys ahead of him are Gonzalez with 22 and Puig with 17. (Seager has 14 while Pederson and Hernandez each have 13).

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  1. At a family asado, I had only my phone to watch the game. I did see that Puig missed the cutoff man.

  2. Foo. I heard the Rockies score in the 8th but then had to serve dinner. Maybe if I’d stalled we’d have come back to win.

    Sorry, folks.

  3. Dodgers have 7 losses. In 5 of those losses, they have now relinquished leads of 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, and 5-0.

  4. I think it really was too much to expect the pen to not bend at all after another short outing from Kazmir and then losing Garcia to injury.

  5. Okay – can we finish the way we started? Utley and Seager to tie the game?

  6. Caught Puig’s throw (actually Turner caught it). Yasiel would make quite a 3rd baseman.

    • It would not be the first time the Dodgers had a player that played RF and 3rd base. Sudakis and Martin played catcher and 3rd base. Smith and Guerrero played RF and 3rd base. Please allow me to use the word “play” loosely.

    • K’s him! I wonder what it is like for the batter to face two pitchers in one AB? Both the delay and then the change in pitching as well. It cant be too easy either.

  7. Well, the bullpen has their collective work cut out for them. Nice to see that Kazmir is in line for his 100 win.

  8. I love how they spend the better part of that last half inning still talking about it.

  9. Perhaps the Dodgers should have asked for a replay review just so everyone could watch it longer.

  10. Can see why the Rockies are high on Gray. Pitched very well after the first 4 batters of the game.

  11. I remember when the Dodgers used to hit homeruns at Coors Field.
    Way back in the first inning.

  12. 49 pitches through 2. Wonder if he will even be able to make it through 5 to try and get his 100th career win?

  13. I have no eyes on the game tonight so will be interested to see how this turns out at third base.

  14. Miami and SF face off against each other and Fernandez pitches the middle game. This got me thinking that perhaps the Dodgers wouldn’t have to face him when the Marlins come to LA. Then I remembered it is a 4 game series so he might pitch the last game.

  15. Nice inning by Kazmir: 13 pitches to story and only 4 to the other two batters.

  16. Looking at Gameday – it looks like a octopus is attacking the strike zone at this at bat vs Story.

  17. I don’t think I understand your last comment in the post Link. Are you comparing hits from the lead off spot for any inning in the first 15 games? And if Utley is third how come he has less than Gonzo, Puig AND Seager as well?

    • I should have left “leadoff” out of that. I just wondered how he was hitting, really, ’cause it seemed like he was doing well. As it turns out he is doing well, 3rd on the team in total hits and 5th in OBP.

  18. AGone! The Dodgers may hit as many home runs tonight as they have all season.

  19. Seager is spoiling us. I can’t wait to be spoiled for a very long time! HR and 2-0 lead!

  20. Chase Utley is spoiling us. I will miss this kind of spark when he comes back down to earth…

  21. So probably no Hatcher and Jansen at some point in this series seeing how they have gone in back to back games already.