Game 12, 2016

Giants at Dodgers, 3:10PM 6:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-BA

This game matches the Giants’ Johnny Cueto and the Dodgers’ Scott Kazmir against each other for the second time in a week. Cueto got the better outcome in the first game: he survived a five-run first inning and went six more to get the win. Kazmir gave up three HRs and six runs in four innings but escaped with a no-decision.

The Dodgers optioned catcher/infielder Austin Barnes to OK City and reinstated right-handed pitcher Chris Hatcher from paternity leave on Friday.

Bumgarner and the snake: a fable told by Vin Scully.

Lineup when available.

68 thoughts on “Game 12, 2016

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  1. It’s a good thing Joc didn’t hear me cuss when he hit that pop foul. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. An ESPN Sunday Night Baseball day, remember.

  2. Well, I will sign off for tonight. Don’t feel like doing post-game analysis at this point. Might have felt more at peace if they had lost 4-1 instead of just missing out on tying it up.

  3. Hi all! Been watching all game, but have a house guest so no posting. Couldn’t stand it. Go blue!

  4. Okay. A bloop and a blast and then a dance party at home plate.
    Let’s get it done.

  5. More work to do in the bottom of the ninth. Hopefully the Dodgers will still only need 1 to tie and 2 to win. Puig still an option of the bench.

  6. It would be so nice to do unto them, that which they did unto us – which is undo the lead and steal the win.

  7. The way SF played last night, Belt wouldn’t have been able to scoop out that throw.

  8. I’m calling it now. We break through and score a run or two in the bottom of the 7th.

  9. Oh man, Not that he needs any help but that last strike to Thompson seemed really inside – at least on Gameday!

  10. Is everyone down there (that is, south of Canada) working on their taxes tonight or what?
    Except for Bob it is quiet in here. 🙂

        • We pay as we go ie tax comes out with each pay) and work on a financial year up to 30th June. We then have until end of October to complete our tax return (which is fairly straight forward for me)

          • Cool. Taxes coming out of our pay happens here in Canada as well. I don’t make tons in salary and so usually get some back at tax time.

  11. Phew. That could have been a lot worse.
    Now the Dodgers could stand to get a run.

  12. Not looking like a good inning when you start it with back to back walks.
    And an almost but not quite double play.

  13. Kashmir having control issues or he is following the Sutcliffe strategy of walking guys until you find one that you can get out.

  14. Just reading about Ryu. Seems like he is fading further into the distance as he now has a groin injury which delays him even more.I wonder who will be back first Ryu or McCarthy? Or possibly Anderson?

  15. Perhaps this time vs Cueto we can fall way behind and then come back to win.

  16. I got worried when your post said the game was a 3:10 p.m. start. It is at 6:10 p.m., no?

  17. My wife wants to go to the theater tonight – Buenos Aires is a big theater city – and the show starts at game time. Might get back for the last inning or two.