Game 11, 2016

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, NBC Bay Area, MLBN Free Game (out of area only)

Kersh v. MadBum for the ninth time. The Dodgers’ lefty is 1-0 with a 1.20 ERA this season, and Bumgarner is 1-0 with a 3.27 ERA. ‘Nuff said.

Giants catcher Buster Posey has stepped into the batter’s box against Kershaw more times than any player in the Major Leagues, but he has struggled with a .228/.256/.329 line in 75 plate appearances. That’s his worst OPS against any pitcher with a minimum of 25 plate appearances.

The Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez has fared even worse against Bumgarner. The first baseman’s .151/.191/.200 in 47 plate appearances adds up to his worst OPS against any of the 49 pitchers he’s faced 25 times or more in his career.

It’s Jackie Robinson Day around the majors, so every player will be wearing uniform number 42. Jackie’s wife Rachel and daughter Sharon will be at Dodger Stadium for the game, and I hope you saw the Ken Burns documentary about Jackie earlier this week on PBS. As far as I’m concerned, Rachel was the star. There’s one oddity about this celebration, though; there are fewer African-American players in baseball now than there were 10 or 15 years ago, and this season there are only fourteen black pitchers in all of baseball. Where are the Bob Gibsons and Dave Stewarts and Vida Blues and Doc Goodens and Fergie Jenkins and Mudcat Grants? Gone to the NBA?


Even this early in the season it’s becoming very apparent that Dave Roberts is not averse to platooning or playing the matchup game. There are very few if any lefties in his lineup against the left-handed Bumgarner.

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  1. Per MLBTR (edited for spelling): “Up-the-middle Gnats regulars Brandi Crawford and Joe Panic are both dealing with seemingly-minor hip issues, and there doesn’t appear to be much cause for concern so long as they can manage those matters with a bit of rest. The loss of Adrian certainly complicates things, but Kelby Tomlinson remains on hand and is capable of playing short, second, or third.”

    It’s unfortunate they can’t use Kelby simultaneously at all three.

  2. Just had a deafening thunderclap right overhead, and huge raindrops are starting to fall.

  3. There was talk earlier of CK working on a changeup. You guys with eyes–has he thrown any in games?

      • Story a bit back at quoted him as trying to cultivate one but not liking the results so far and AJ saying CK being Ck, he would keep at until he did. Like he did with his self-taught slider.

        They were talking pure change, not curve. He long ago mastered the curve.

        I commented at the time that maybe he could ask Maddux, whose change was a major weapon. CK with a great change plus his other 3 pitches is a tantalizing thought for Dodger fans and a potential even worse nightmare for hitters.

        Good that he’s thinking ahead to the days when he won’t be so overpowering, tough as that is to think about.

  4. Good tongue-in-cheek tweet from Chad of DoDi:


    When will Dave Roberts WAKE UP and start future All-Star Charlie Culberson over BUST Corey Seager? Must be the FO nerds”

    Link: think Chad lives in Honolulu. You two Dodger bloggers ever cross paths?

  5. Zach having a Greinke-like night for the Snakes but not much run support against the Pads.

  6. And Turner with the wild dash (almost). Darted down the line but then put on the breaks.

  7. Yup. According to Vinny, first time in Kershaw’s career that he has two wild pitches in one game.

  8. Curve ball not hitting the spots but setting up the fastball well.
    And then he gets Blanco on a beauty of a curve!

  9. Hi all! Dinner cooked and eaten. Nice game so far. Comedy of errors, more theirs than ours, happily.

  10. Always fun to see all the number 42’s. Watched the first few innings with my 10 year old. He doesn’t really love baseball but we have read about Robinson so it was more interesting to him.

      • So very true. Pre-adolescence is a whole new ball game. Have had a few of “those talks” to help him navigate the changes that are beginning to happen.

  11. Watching the game on Pleasure to watch Kershaw.
    Although this inning is stupid.

  12. That ball to Kiki was sure grooved in the heart of the zone. It went half way up the Pavilion just to the left of the batter’s eye seats.

    • No problem reading it here in BA.

      Anecdotally, I spent a flight from LAX to Melbourne in proximity to Steve Phillips before he was the Mets’ GM (and before he disgraced himself).

  13. It’s hard to settle on who’s the least likeable Gnat, so we’ll have to go with two: a pitcher (BadGums) and a position player (Pagán, though Brandi Crawford’s a close runner-up).

  14. We won the off-season! (never to soon to declare victory, particularly when you are ahead). Ok, only twice through the rotations, but Dodger starters have 80% QS, as compared to SF 40% and Snakes 30%. For game scores it’s Dodgers 61, SF 46 and Snakes 42 (NL average 52).

    Now the pen, meh. Though it’s not like our rivals have been gangbusters either. For inherited runners scoring, LA 53%, Snakes 50% and SF 40% (NL average 40%). Successful save opportunities are at LA 57%, Snakes 50% and SF 67% (NL average 66%)

  15. Haven’t seen the giants [sic] line up yet, but last time against Clayton Bochy did not start either Crawford or Panik, both lefties.