Pre-Christmas jibber-jabber

The Dodgers haven’t signed anyone! They’ve lost Greinke! They’re going to lose 100 games!

Nah, says Fox Sports guy Ken Rosenthal. There are still several good mid-rotation starters looking for work. There are also lots of trades which could be made.

Panic not! Scott Kazmir is available, as are Wei-Yin Chen, Mike Leake and Yovani Gallardo. Also, they still have Ryu and they’ll get McCarthy back mid-season (as good as a trade without giving anything up!).

I don’t doubt the team will fill holes. Obviously it won’t fill them the same way we expected them to, and if the front office is honest, probably not the way they expected to either, but they’ll field a top-notch team ready to compete for the playoffs again.

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    • Yep, if those three are hitting, Puig, Grandal and Joc, this could be a formidable line up in the NL Shades of the April to mid-June 2015 Dodgers.

  1. Like WBBsAs, I don’t really like Christmas much, but for those of you who do, I hope you all have Happy Holidays, except for WBBsAs who requires unhappy Holidays to make him happy. Or something like that.. Would you call that Xmas Phobia?

    • He was replaced in 1976 with a young Rick Rhoden and Tommy John, who was returning from, well,Tommy John surgery, as the Dodgers went to a five-man rotation under Lasorda. They finished second again, but in 1977-78 went to, and lost, the WS. Andy actually returned to pitch for the Dodgers in 1979.

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    • He was replaced in 1976 with a young Rick Rhoden and Tommy John, who was returning from, well,Tommy John surgery, as the Dodgers went to a five-man rotation under Lasorda. They finished second again, but in 1977-78 went to, and lost, the WS.

      Ted Turner helped set the tone by giving him a million bucks for three seasons, up from Andy’s previous salary of $90k. Pitched well in 1976, but was down hill from there. He actually returned to the Dodgers in 1979, but was DFAed in August.

        • The first FA was actually Catfish, whose 1974 two-year $200k contract was voided because of Finely payment shenanigans. He signed with the Yanks for $640k annually over 5 years.

  2. I was not in favor of resigning Kendrick but I’d much rather give him a contract than see Utley hobble around out there, which is where we are now. Kendrick won’t cost us a draft pick but of course we won’t get one for him signing with another team. The other teams aren’t beating his doors down so maybe we could get him on a 3 year deal at a price we could flip him in the third year. Now if only FO would listen to me…

    • The Dodgers will get a draft pick if Kendrick signs with another team, unless nobody signs him well into the season.

  3. Ok, so here is my unsolicited commentary for the holiday season. People have gotten quite rude here lately, and it’s taking some of the fun out of posting and reading other posts here. So….

    Let’s all take a couple of days’ break and come back refreshed. Let’s try to be more open-minded toward others’ opinions, no matter how wrong or uninformed they may be, in your opinion. Let’s come back here after the holiday, and all try to remember this is supposed to be fun, a release. After all, it’s just baseball. It’s our passion, and we take it seriously, but we are just spectators with nothing at stake here other than bragging rights over all those jerks who support other teams.

  4. Warm wishes for a safe, healthy, joyous holiday time to my Dodger blog buddies.e, I’m wading through the mother of all colds, but fifteen stockings on the mantel, and all four kids here with four grandkids to open them Friday morning, so no complaints.

    • Try to remember that Kasten is the organization front man. What he says is what ownership wants you to believe. Far more telling to read the comments after his Infomercial…

  5. Why do some of you guys get so abusive toward Package for stating his opinion? So you don’t agree with it. Just ignore it. He has a right to state it and you only encourage his combative instincts by attacking him. Having tried to correct him (ignoring the point as to whether or not we have that right), the smart thing to do is to ignore him. As has been pointed out before, he is his own worst enemy, dwelling on his unhappiness only makes it worse. At least he comes in every day and participates, which is more than can be said for many of our brethren. You especially, Link, should be glad for all the comments he makes…

      • Good cartoon. Whenever I disagree with anyone, I tend to remind myself that I don’t know everything. He could be right.

        • He could be right about what? Ignoring him would be as much as an insult. I try to engage in discussion because it sharpens my own thinking to be exposed to contrary views. Sometimes those discussions degenerate for sure.

          • You tell him how you think it is. He doesn’t change his mind one iota. You tell him he’s wrong. He doesn’t change his mind. Neither do you. That’s discussion????

          • It’s the process. I enjoy his retorts. I am not here to educate Package, but to better inform myself.

          • Ignoring him would be as much as an insult? What about that old saying about if you can’t say something nice about a person, don’t say anything at all?

          • These are the extremes. I can only speak for myself and I believe that our exchanges fall between the two and don’t involve personal insults, in the main.

          • Sorry, I shouldn’t stick my nose in. As has been said before, I think he enjoys it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  6. package and anyone else who’s panicking or appalled should be reminded of the Serenity Prayer:

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,The courage to change the things I can,And the wisdom to know the difference.

    I’d rephrase it for this specific occasion:

    The F.O. isn’t going to listen to us caterwauling on this blog, and they certainly all have much more experience evaluating talent and managing baseball teams than we do, so our advice to them is something less than useful. All of us should recognize that. They’re going to do what they think their mandate from ownership tells them to do; right now that appears to be “field a championship-caliber team while rebuilding the farm system.”

  7. Even more inspiration for Package. It could be a 3-Rolaids day for him.

    “Looking ahead to 2016, the Dodgers are in an excellent position to win the NL West title for the fourth year in a row. At this point in time, FanGraphs depth charts have the Dodgers at 47.6 WAR, which roughly equates to a 95-win team. This total is the second-best in all of baseball behind only the Cubs (51.8 WAR), and it puts them eight games in front of the Giants and 16 games in front of the Diamondbacks.”

    If that weren’t enough, there’s also praise for Joc and Grandal and for moving Kemp. Make that 5 Rolaids, STAT!

    And this: “Andrew Friedman has made the Dodgers an even scarier team long-term because he understands how to value young talent.” Better make that a couple whole rolls of Rolaids… ; -])

    • “The Dodgers have a core of elite position players in Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, and Yasiel Puig…” Better make that gastric bypass surgery.

  8. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I think if we sit tight, we are ok. Let’s see how our youngsters develop. I would not trade our top arms for one player, even one supposedly as good as Fernandez. He has had TJ surgery once, he’ll likely have problems again. Why give away our entire future for that? I’ll take my chances that at least one of all of our young arms can be as good, or nearly as good, as him.

    Yes the Dbacks picked up Greinke and Miller. But while Miller may be good, I personally don’t think he is a game changer. And they have 2 big hitters, at least they were big last year. For the Dbacks to win, even with Greinke, their hitters need to have career years again.

    The Giants, if healthy, made the best moves, now they have a deeper starting rotation. But their hitters are injury prone, and the offense is also iffy.

    If all teams are healthy all year, I still take the Dodgers. Especially considering the help coming through our own pipeline as the year progresses.

  9. I’ve seen enough of TBLA and its comments over the years to know that a couple commenters there have some access to really good info, maybe even insider stuff. Lately one has posted a couple things, including the following. NOT saying take it to the bank but there has been more than a little truth to some things he has said. So, FWIW…

    “I know we have all been waiting for a big trade to happen, however, from what I have gathered the Dodgers are more focused instead on adding to their already impressive collection of young arms. As we already know they have refused to trade several of their pitching prospects for one established MLB pitcher. The Dodgers feel that since most of their young pitchers are on the cusp of making the ML roster, they should first find out which prospects will be part of their core, and then decide which players they can trade from their surplus. The Dodgers feel that their limitless monetary resources could be better utilized if they use it to fill weakness instead of going after top free agents that will block prospects.

    “I know this sounds a lot like a rebuild phase, which in a sense it is, but the Dodgers will not be doing it while “tanking” seasons. They still will be competitive and in the process they will be fortifying their young core players. They were hard pressed in not overpaying for pitchers during last years trading deadline or for free agents this offseason because they feel this will not lead to an efficient winning environment. I know this is not what fans want to hear, but if their specs develop like they should and with their abundant of resources they could be in contention for many years to come. TRUST THE PROCESS.”

    • This is the very reason I despise the FO. They never once said “Wait until we rebuild”. They said they were building a more nimble and flexable team that would win immediately. They are liars pure and simple. They let the fans think they are going to do something and then do nothing. Of course if I was dishonest I would do the same thng. We were never told to TRUST THE PROCESS.

      • Did they let the fans think they were going to do something, or did the fans make up something the fans wanted them to do and get disappointed when it didn’t occur?

        In the Greinke case I’m pretty sure they felt they had a good chance to sign him, and the fans surely thought they did too. I’m pretty sure neither the F.O. nor the fans expected the D-Backs to jump in with an extra year at $34 million.

        • Link, I heard Kasten say that Greinke wanted the extra year and the Dodgers did not want to go that far out. Believe me, they had a chance to sign him unless he did not want to be a Dodger. Also I am sure the fans never knew that rebuilding was the plan and you know it.

          • How is that Greinke situation you describe different from mine? They thought they could sign him for five years and didn’t anticipate the D-Backs offering him a sixth. Nor did they want to go six for sound economic reasons.

          • The difference is the Dodgers knew the Giants were also in the running and they had to have know that if anyone wanted Zack, that would do it. Therefore, no signing. A cocky FO.

          • You say cocky, I say reasonable. Six years to age 37 may very well mean that Zack is a shadow of his former self in that final year, yet the team would still be paying him $34M they might better be spending on two or three pitchers.

            Have you forgotten that both Koufax and Drysdale quit at age 32 thanks to injury? That’s five years before Greinke’s contract would be up. He can get hurt like anyone else.

          • Link, that is what I keep saying about this blog. Most here continue to support stupid stuff that the FO does and I know you people are smarter than that. Anyone knows that the team is worse off for not signing Zack. Quit making excuses for the FO. They didn’t get it done and I believe they didn’t want to get it done.

          • I said exactly nothing except the first paragraph ending with “FWIW.”

            The quotation marks at the first of each of the next 2 paragraphs and the end of the second –as should be obvious–are the words of the commenter being quoted.

            If you don’t understand that, afraid I can’t help. Perhaps re-reading would help.

          • Sorry, next time I will check the grammar closer. I appreciate your candid understanding.

          • Where did the Red Sox finish with Hanley? Where did the Padres finish with Matt? If the Dodgers had wanted to be worse than the prior year they’d have kept those two over-compensated players and had to play them despite their defensive deficiencies.

          • At what record do you say the team was worse?? Plus this was the FO first year, they don’t get credit for three.

          • “At what record do you say the team was worse??”

            What the heck does that mean?

            Lookit. In 2014 the team won 94, lost 68, won the division by 6 games.
            Lookit. In 2015 the team won 92, lost 70, won the division by 8 games.

            So purists like you say they were worse. Realists say they won the division. Again.

          • Guess I am a purist as my thought is for what the Dodgers did, not what the rest of the division factored in. Doesn’t matter though as I can see this will never end.

          • They won the division title! That’s how you get to the playoffs (okay, other than wild cards)! They were successful!

            package, you are tiresome sometimes.

          • Hanley was one of baseball’s worst players last year. Kemp is a major defensive liability and likely to become a worse one.

    • They were fairly explicit when they came in that this would be their approach and I, for one, agree with it. It calls for discipline in making it happen. So far I mostly agree with the decisions that they have made and the arms foregone. There are certainly risks involved as regards remaining competitive and bridging to the young arms, and difficult for fans when they see the competition so freely spending, even when these deals seem crazy. I attribute this to the notion that the giants and Snakes feel that they have s short window of time. The Cubs have gone this route of reloading under Epstein but had the luxury of lower expectations by their fans in the transition.

      • And the Cubs are still, well, the Cubs. If Lester doesn’t return to form, and if Arrietta doesn’t have another career year, they have a big problem with their rotation.

        • Yes, young arms they don’t appear to have (don’t follow them close enough to know). Lackey is just the sort of two-year bridge that the Dodgers could use,

  10. I wonder if Lee might benefit more than any other pitcher in the Dodger organization from Maddux’ tutoring. Lee doesn’t have an out pitch and therefore needs to pitch smarter than those that do.

  11. Picked up a couple days back, from Peter Gammons:

    One gets the impression they (Dodgers) will not break the bank for Japanese righthander Kenta Maeda because of durability (155 pounds and having to go from 6 to 4 days rest) and the adjustment to larger baseballs, given his small hands.

  12. How about for Christmas we take up a collection to buy Package and WBBsAs a set of Pugil Sticks and a motel room?

  13. Just to show everyone that I am in the Christmas spirit. I think the Dodgers should have a sale. Trade Joc or Grandal and get the other free. You know buy one get one free.

    • Slowly the press is finally getting it that the Dodgers do not sign impact players. The FO likes to let the press think that but in reality they don’t want impact players. What a mess they have.

    • Don’t see a fit, unless they deal Puig (and move Dre and SVS to right field platoon). Package is right in that FO unlikely to give a six year contract to a 30 year old.

      • Fit be damned, we need more offense. I’m open to dealing Puig, Dre and SVS too for that matter.

          • The key word is “was”. Matt was still good but Hanley was, and is, toast. I’m not shopping Dre and SVS but I do think Puig is going to be more trouble than he is worth, if we can get something good for him now, I say take it.

          • The key is Dodgers paid 18mil dollars of Matt’s contract last year and all the team got was a catcher who hit worse than Ellis and sure didn’t hit in the playoffs. The Dodgers could have used Matt’s bat in the playoffs.

          • I think they got another player also. We had to have a catcher, Ellis had a bad year previous and had health problems. We had to have a catcher and Kemp is what it cost. In years to come he will be far more productive than Kemp. We needed more than a few of Kemp’s at bats in the playoffs, the whole team sucked.

          • Yea, that catcher we got really stunk it up this year. We did get another player that was flipped to Philly for Rollings. Nice trade huh? Another stinky trade.

          • You do recall the catcher was injured after the All Star game, right? And that he was playing so well before then that he was named to the NL team for that game?

            Never mind. Facts don’t matter where that trade is concerned.

          • You do recall that Ellis hit better than Grandal last year? That is a fact and he is better at handling pitchers than Grandal. I guess facts don’t matter.

          • .234 for Grandal in 350+ ABs, half of them when his shoulder was hurt. .238 for Ellis in half that many ABs (181)

            Grandal: 16 HRs, 47 RBIs

            Ellis: 7 HRs, 21 RBIs.

            No evidence that Ellis handles pitchers better, and a lot of evidence that Grandal frames pitches much better than most catchers including AJ.

          • Perhaps you should read how Grandal got along with the SD pitchers? Also please show the figures on framing.

          • This framing methodology ranks Grandal third best in the major

          • He doesn’t play for the Padres anymore, so who cares?

            I remember at one point years ago half of the Padres’ pitching staff carried John Birch Society membership cards. I’m sure they weren’t easy to get along with. Maybe last year’s Padre pitchers weren’t such good people. It doesn’t matter.

          • As a matter of fact, facts do matter! No way was Grandal worth Kemp and over 25 mil bucks. If you think Grandal is worth that much I cannot help you. THAT IS A FACT!

          • Disingenuous to evaluate a trade based on one year. (even then Grandal provided WAR 1.4 to Matty’s 0.6). The $25 million also should be seen in relation to the $108 million owed to Kemp when he was traded.

          • Not sure what you mean. The trade relieved the Dodgers of over $80 million owed to Matty. Now lets see how they perform over the five-year period of Kemp’s contract. So far advantage to Grandal.

          • Yes, the trade relieved the Dodgers of 80 mil dollars. But you keep referring to the Dodgers bloated payroll but never that the team spent over 85 million on players that didn’t play for the team. The FO traded those players not the last FO The team payed over 18 mil dollars last year for Kemp which is included in the payroll. How is that good? All of that for a catcher who couldn’t even outhit his backup.

          • The question you have to ask yourself is whether that money would have better spent in keeping the players on the roster. I would say in most cases no. We know how you feel about Kemp (all evidence to the contrary). In any event, Dee appears in the short run to have been questionable (God bless him), but that only accounts for $2.5 million. Haren is another $10 million, but both Ballslinger and Frias had better FIPs. Would you have liked to have had a roster with Olivera ($30 million), Wilson ($10 million), League ($9.5 million), and Billingsley ($3 million)?

          • Really Bob, I guess you don’t look at production. Kemp’s production dwarfs Grandal’s. I am talking runs, hits, HRs, RBIs ect. WAR is one thing but actual production is what is real and Kemp is far and away better.

          • Really Package, WAR is a methodology to evaluate players and a decided step up from cherry picking disparate stats. We have this discussion every few months it seems, where you battle against WAR, which is mainstream at this point and not something that geeks in their basements calculate. It measures “impact” on winning, surely something that you hold near and dear.

          • What’s critically important to Package is overspending on players on the downside of their careers.

          • Did I say it was important to overspend on players on the downside of their careers? If not, shut up.

          • I will say this, if Kemp and Grandal were the only candidates after last year for MVP Kemp would win every time.

          • Kemp’s defensive liabilities overshadow whatever offense remains. Hanley is washed up on both offense and defense (where he was never much to start with).

          • Look at the numbers (yes, I’m aware you’re opinions are fact-free). Presumably you’d have outbid the Sawx for Hanley?

        • Audit, careful what you wish for, remember if you get rid of Puig or any other decent player the FO will not replace them with anything of value thus making the team worse. Even keeping SVS and Ethier sounds better and better to me.

  14. Remember, the Cardinals won a World Series with a rookie starting pitcher, as did the Dodgers.

  15. From MLBTR: There’s already buzz about what could be a brilliant 2018-19 free agent class, John Harper of the New York Daily News writes. That year’s market could include Bryce Harper, Josh Donaldson, Andrew McCutchen, Dallas Keuchel, Jose Fernandez, Matt Harvey and Manny Machado. Also, Clayton Kershaw,David Price and Jason Heyward will have opt-out clauses. Of course, some of that first group of players could sign extensions, and there’s no telling if they’ll be as valuable then as they are now, but that looks like a stunning amount of talent. Harper notes that many of the Yankees’ bigger contracts will have expired by then, and he quotes an executive suggesting the Yanks could potentially use the intervening years to get under the luxury tax threshold and throw their weight around in 2018-19.

        • He would sign someone or make a trade if they would agree to his price. I understand and am in agreement with what he is trying to do but as a fan, it is hard to accept.

  16. IMHO – Roster a complete mess at this point…
    Can they clean it up ??? – Only time will tell….
    My call. (PS – Called it that they wouldn’t sign Grienke… unfortunately….)
    1. Puig – Would not ever suit up in Dodger Blue again if I were GM. They’ve blundered so badly
    by letting his stock drop. If anybody knew the holes in this guys’s game, it was the
    Dodgers………and, they hung on to him way too long…. waste.)
    2. Joc – I think, given proper instruction….. He’ll find his swing again. Outstanding defense. Keep for now….
    3. Pitching staff ???? Please…. Another year of.. .Dogers acquire ___________ Who????
    Biggest Bummer ? – Vinny’s last season will be announcing for a plus/minus 500 club. 🙁
    Need Proof ???? – Anybody who trades Dee Gordon is an idiot. Lead MLB in hits. Gold Glove.
    Talk about selling a stock right before it went up….. I don’t care if they just wanted Haren off the books. Obviously poor talent evaluators… Stupid. PS – Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Hey… just because The Googs Group game Friedman and Farhan a lot of money doesn’t make them good…………… Think about it.
      Every year, multi-million dollar execs are jettisoned in favor of other multi-million dollar execs…. with the next one promising … “A new day …. for _____ insert franchise…”
      I’m skeptical…………

    • When exactly would you have gotten rid of Puig? Puts up an OPS+ of 151 over his first two seasons (i can live with those sorts of holes), before a down and injury-plagued 2015 gives him a 109. On the Dee trade (note that Haren was not taken off the books, we paid his salary, the same as if we had DFAed him), they did find a trading partner who valued them and we got a haul in return (note that Quique put up OPS+ 130 to Dee’s 114). Not sure that the roster is a mess and in any event we have two months until ST.

      • Hey Bob…. I hope you’ve had a great Holiday Season with your family…
        I would have traded Puig right when his lustre began to wear off and we began to hear stories of his friction with teammates…. Right before he was named the cover boy for the MLB PS4 video game. To me… Yasiel Puig………
        1. Is still a kid… .but, a head-case who has now looked stupid in the last 2 post-seasons…
        2. Will chronically have pulled hamstrings, and other “lack of flexibility”-type injuries which are “atypical” for players his age…. I think GHormone/juicing.
        3. Has no clue where the strike zone is…. and, looks like he’s trying to hit a ping pong ball in clutch situations… (unless it’s a Tuesday evening game in May against a bad team in front of a 2/3 full Dodger Stadium crowd… That’s when he padded his STATS…. to me, anyways.)
        4. Absolutely CANNOT READ RELEASE POINT … and give himself half a chance vs. quality pitching. 100% At the mercy of the Pitcher….
        Sure, he’ll make a number of absolutely phenomenal plays out in RF throughout the season… but, not my kind of player…

        • The problem is……….. Now EVERYBODY in the game knows all of this about Mr. Puig………….. And have for a season and a half now….
          Good luck getting anything for him, Dodger Management ! 🙂

          • Young players have ups and downs – ever hear of the “sophomore slump?” Puig is still one of the most talented players in the game. Trading him is not a never-do-it thing, but you need to get a BIG return.

        • Hey Jonny. Everything good, hope as well with your family. I certainly understand the criticisms of Yasiel, just trying to understand when you might have traded him. After the 2014 season then?

  17. How about trading Joc and Puig and prospects for a top of the line starter, IE Fernandez, Harvey ect? Sign Alex Gordon and Cespedes. Trade anyone except Seager and Kershaw. Perhaps revisit the likes of Chapman. Still think the Dodgers need another starter like Leake or Kasmir but the lineup would be fairly solid.

    • There are exactly three names on the Dodger Roster that no one should even think of asking for: Kershaw, Seager, & Urias. Their names should end conversations.

      • This FO would trade their Mother if they thought they could get credit for making money and slashing salaries.

          • No, they got the highest payroll by trading players for nothing and still paying the contracts. So they just gave away money. Over 90mil was paid last year for players the Dodgers did not physically have.

  18. I tell ya, acquiring Olsen from the Ms strikes fear in your heart with a 5.40 ERA and a 2.10 WHIP. Ouch!

  19. At times there’s just no end to the idiocy that can be found online. This appeared in a hand-wringing thread elsewhere, believe it or not.

    “As much as everyone hate McCort, he in fact did bring the Dodgers back to relevance and into the postseason. How McCort ended completely disguises the good things that he accomplished.”

    • I happen to agree with this thought. Until the last year or so, when the McCourts got caught up and swallowed by the LA lifestyle, the Dodgers had become competitive. We like to dwell on the negatives, and they had many, but the team was in the mix.

      • It’s good to be balanced and remember the good, but you seem a bit generous to McCort. In his last two years we finished 4th and 3rd. 12 and then 11.5 games back in a fairly weak division. I even felt sympathy for Ned.

  20. “Don’t write the Dodgers off yet, you fools”

    Says Grant Brisbee

    “Regardless of what they do, it’s not time to label the Dodgers’ offseason a failure. It’s been
    weird, sure. Filled with stops and starts and surprises. But it’s not over, and they don’t have to make a mega-whopper deal for Fernandez to salvage anything. They still have options, and the means to acquire just about anything worth acquiring. Writing them off seems like a good way to look silly later on.

    “The biggest surprise? That the 2016 rotation projects to be better, mostly because of a full season with Alex Wood and a moderately healthy Hyun-Jin Ryu. The lefty-heavy rotation still has the best pitcher alive, and four good-to-competent arms behind him.”

  21. Read where Matt Holliday is working out at first base to increase his versatility. I wonder if he could be a fit for a year or two with the Dodgers, platoon in left and relieve Agon.

      • And I have un-fond memories of Crawford trying to play LF. How about Crawford and $30M to the Cards for Holiday? They would welcome the money and ditch Crawford at the first dumpster they passed…

  22. I don’t know who has more fun, Package with his opinions or the guys that like to bash him because they disagree.

    • I will say this Audit. I have never been disagreed with about anything more than this blog. I think whatever I say is disagreed just because its me. I can be wrong sometimes but not all the time.

      • Without naming names, some people are just nasty and disagree with everything, including Christmas. But your doggedness has gotten even some otherwise mild-mannered people to jump on you. And I don’t think you mind a bit…

        • I don’t mind anyone disagreeing with me until they make it personal. There a a few here who disagree and it doesn’t bother me a bit because their opinion is just different than mine and neither is wrong.

    • This is the new batch after Price Greinke and Cueto. Just a little worse than the first batch. Well, maybe a bit more than a little worse.

    • In theory, a guy with stuff like Leake should play well in DS, though that was not the case in the Phone Booth. Probably will want at least 5 years in any event at some ridiculous price. I would stay away.

    • This all sounds like the stuff I heard last year. The front office is going to do this or that or wait till the season starts or it isn’t the FO fault. Yada, yada yada.

  23. More fodder for the farm… “The Mariners have announced that the club designated outfielder Daniel Robertson for assignment to clear space for the signing of Hisashi Iwakuma. And the team further announced that previously-designated lefty Tyler Olson has been dealt to the Dodgers for a player to be named later or cash.

    • So, if I am understanding this, we traded a player who was not ours, with whom we had a deal and found a way to back out….for a DFA’d pitcher, and we are sending them money.

  24. Having lived through the Koufaxless years of 1967, 1968 and the year of Zolio Versailes playing short while batting .196 in 1969 I find all this sky is falling mentality humorous.

      • I remember something happening between Wills and management, never heard what, but they dispatched him all of a sudden….he was persona non grata for quite a while

        • I think, if I remember correctly, it had something to do with Wills not being willing to go with the team to play in Japan. That was my understanding.

          • And that was supposed to be cecause he didn’t have skin on his legs after stealing 104 bases.

    • Having lived through all the Dodgers World Championships. I liked them a lot better than the sorry teams that the team has had over the past 27 years. It was more sad than humorous.

      • Then you lived thru 1974, 1977, and 1978 and saw what likely were the best overall LA Dodger teams, none of which won the WS. So they’re all “sorry?”

        How about the 105-49 Brooklyn team of 1953 and the other strong Brooklyn teams that didn’t win WS? Were they “sorry” too?

        Sheesh. All-or-nothing outlooks create a lot of self-imposed misery, you know…

        • What we are getting now is nothing like any of the teams you cite although I will say the 53 team I did not see. 55 was the first Dodger team I remember. The Cey, Russell, Lopes, Garvey were much better by position than the current team. They were not sorry although they didn’t win. The 14 team could have won if a position or two had been addressed, instead it gets blown up.

    • From the post:

      There’s a cadre of national writers that are very, very insistent that
      every move the Dodgers make is a precursor to a Jose Fernandez deal.
      Trade for Frankie Montas? Must mean the Dodgers are after Fernandez.
      Hunker down and withdraw from the hot stove action? Probably means the
      Dodgers are deep into talks with the Marlins. Wink.

      There’s a large degree of similarity between national sportswriters and the nation’s Presidential press corps.

      • now you are going to tell us how the dodgers are going to build a wall and make the fans pay for it

  25. Jerry Sands has been DFA’d again. Remember when we thought he was going to be the answer? We should keep that in mind whenever we think of our present prospects…

          • How long does he stay a prospect? He has been on the team for over a year. He hit .253 in 2011 which is much better than Joc’s .210.

          • No it isn’t better. Joc hit the long ball, had a far higher OBP, and played elite defense. Sands was never going to be more than bench player.

          • “Joc is still a top prospect”, again, how long does Joc remain a top prospect instead of a below average outfielder?

          • If he hits .250 with 30 HRs, 90 RBI, a .750 OBP and plays the excellent defense he did last season I think the Dodgers would be happy. A BA of .280 would be even better.

          • “Waste?” If the kid adjusts and gets his BA to .250 (four more hits per 100 at-bats, mind you) and hits a few more homers than last year he’ll be a productive outfielder.

          • No, I will not. 26 home runs, an above-average .346 OBP, 92 BB and an excellent season in the field are not a waste. Disappointing in that his second-half was so dreadful as far as run production went, yes.

          • C’mon Link, Pederson should have been ridin the pine in July, August and September. He was dreadful. Better yet, he should have been sent down.

          • And who was going to play CF? Ethier?

            Remember SVS was injured, Puig was injured, and Crawford was just coming back. For extra outfielders there were Ruggiano and Schebler.

          • Look, I am going to make this clear. Joc can’t hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care what kind of fielder he is. HE CAN’T HIT!!!!!!

          • You base that on the second half of his rookie year. There’s time for him to adjust.

            If he doesn’t improve in the first half of 2016 then I’ll start getting antsy, but I’m not going to jump ship on him when the professional baseball talent evaluators have shown no signs of doing so.

          • For sure longer than his rookie year and a cup of coffee the previous September.

            He looked awful during that first cup of coffee, BTW, (as you no doubt recall very well) before bouncing back to a very strong first half of 2015.

            Yes, he had a terrible second half in 2015. But he now should have chances to adjust, and he should be given credit for that tremendous first half. Due to that, he nabbed an All-Star starting berth and the best showing of any Dodger ever in the HR derby. As tuned as you are to splashy headlines, I’d think you’d at least like those things about his play, not that you have much interest in being fair.

            We could hope you’d root for him to get back to that level. But you just want him gone because as you see it he took Matt Kemp’s spot, admit it tho you won’t.

          • I will be the first to say that I didn’t like him taking Matty’s spot but more than that, I didn’t like him being given a spot he didn’t earn.

          • package, do you really mean that no kid should ever come up from AAA and begin playing immediately?

            Pederson had been high on the Dodgers’ “can’t miss” list for a couple of years. The question was “when do we think he’ll be ready?”

          • Of course there are times when a rookie comes right in and plays but it depends on the circumstances. If there was an opening for an outfielder and some shifting could have happened then OK. What FAZ did was trade a possible MVP and the best outfielder the team had just to give a rookie a chance who had not been very successful in his short stay the year before. Also, he can sure be a can miss with 170 strikeouts.

      • Agree, Sands was never a top prospect, which is not to say that we have not had top hitting prospects flame out such as Andy LaRoche.

      • Merely pointing out what everyone knows already, that there is always a lot of talk and comparatively little action. Not just this FO, in all baseball. Sorry, didn’t realize you had a crush on FO…

  26. Considering that both our main Divisional rivals have strengthened their pitching staffs and we are hard put to find additional pitching upgrades to sign ourselves, an alternative plan might be to seriously upgrade our offense. To that end, signing Cespedes seems like our best option.

  27. Well, it is looking more and more like Friedman and company has been brought in, not to build a team but tear one down in a cost savings effort. What is commonly called in the business world as a “Hatchet Man”. There has been nothing of value done to build a team since he and his team arrived except cut payroll. He has gained some prospects but him getting the Dodgers a championship team looks like it is years down the road. Tough break for the fans.

    • What Mc Court did to the Dodgers was a hatchet job.What this current group is trying to do is build up our farm team while staying competive. They said all along that a 300 million dollar payroll was unstainable..

      • The Dodgers are fast going to be non competive if Friedman does not fill some holes with some solid ballplayers. Doing nothing except signing Utley to a 7 million dollar contract is not getting it done. Maybe you should ask yourself whether what THEY are saying may not be true? Guess what, bet you they will let Kershaw walk if they get the chance.

        • You remind me of a former boss/friend of mine who was a Dodgers fan from the days of Brooklyn and Pee Wee Reese but who hated Lasorda so much that he couldn’t enjoy the games. When we were watching them togther I spent my time laughing at him or telling him to leave the room.

  28. Bob Nightengale seems to think that the Dodgers FO plan on going after a #2 starter with the wealth of prospects they have collected. I know Fernandez and Carrasco will be expensive, but we can hope.

  29. Never mind the Dodgers in general. Think about the offseason Gabe Kapler is having. Coming in second in the managerial search. And then having his boy Scott Schebler traded away for other prospects. Clearly the team is not afraid of upsetting this guy. (Yes, I realize teams should never ever be afraid of upsetting an employee. Or something like that.)

    • I get it, it is the callous, uncaring nature of this FO. It is just like the proposed trade for Chapman that I have been told that I didn’t give the FO any credit for trying to obtain Chapman. The part they don’t tell is if it is true, it has been reported that it devastated Kenley Jansen. Nice proposed move, huh?

      • Now you don’t want to obtain “impact” players if it hurts the feelings of other players? Only constant here seems to be your distaste for the FO.

  30. ESPN’s David Schoenfield likes the Dodgers’ end of the deal with the Pale Hose and the Redlegs.

    What’s interesting is how this sets things up for the Dodgers. They now
    have two right-handed platoon bats in the outfield in Thompson and Scott Van Slyke. Thompson can play center, so he makes for a great platoon with Joc Pederson, if the Dodgers want to make Pederson a platoon guy this early in his career. They still have Yasiel Puig. To me, this opens the door for either dumping Carl Crawford or trading Andre Ethier, since you are not going to carry six outfielders.


    The Dodgers are also stockpiling more young, inexpensive talent,
    basically flipping Peraza for three cost-controlled guys. (Don’t be
    surprised if they simply put Montas in the bullpen right away). This is
    the long game: They will continue to compete in the ensuing years while
    simultaneously cutting salaries to gear up for the big free-agency year
    that comes after the 2018 season

  31. From Dodger Digest: As it currently stands, however, the Dodgers have sacrificed their talent lead on their rivals in the present because they didn’t want to take on future risk even with the largest payroll in baseball. As a result, they have a roster that’s ironically loaded with risk and now absolutely needs a bunch of things to break right just to get them back to 2015 levels and compensate for what hasn’t happened in the off-season. Lots of similar thoughts.

    • Is the risk he speaks of the same thing as tearing down the team to lower the payroll thereby making it worse? Future risk, that’s a good one. I guess to break just right would be the same as be lucky. If you believe that crap, I have some underwater property I need to sell you.

  32. There appears to be some movement involving the Dodgers and Todd Frazier, but it is a three way with the White Sox and it seems he is going there. Is there someone of the Sox that we want?

  33. Link: I admire your optimism, but from where I live in the heart of Giants country, I can tell you that their fans are a lot happier today than ours are. The Giants and Diamondbacks each have taken two large steps forward in the starting pitching department. The Dodgers have moved down one giant step. Did the Dodgers have a relationship with Greinke in which they asked him to talk with them one last time before signing with any other club? My feeling is that our FO is in shock, and that has been evidenced by their failure to do anything.

    • I don’t think the Dodgers ever had intentions of signing Greinke as evidenced by the fact that they never sign impact players. It is unfortunate but signing big name free agents is not part of their master plan. If and when they ever do sign or trade for an impact player I will stand corrected.

          • Born and raised in Pomona where most of my family still lives but now live in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

          • We moved from Brooklyn to L.A. when I was 7. I recall going to the L.A. County Fair in Pomona, a massive event for a little boy to comprehend.

          • It is still a massive event. When I was a child they would give a student in every school in Pomona a free admission ticket each year. Don’t know if they still do. My Dad, who if he was still alive would be 110 was also born in Pomona. We are true natives of California.

      • I think that the FO is certainly wary of building a team based on long term contracts paying veteran players essentially for past performance (such is the nature of much of the FA market). Don’t see them as necessarily adverse to picking up “impact” players as evidenced by the attempt to land Chapman.

        • I don’t know why the FO doesn’t ever want to bring in impact players but it is evident that most if not all the other teams do bring in at least one or two at various times in a year. We as fans want to believe that they do but so far it has not happened. It is hard for me to get excited about what they bring to the future of the team as you have no idea as to what their prospects and draft picks will turn out to be. Also as they tear down the parts of the team that some fans like me think are important it seems that the team is getting worse all the while we wait for a potential prospect to bloom. I am hopeful that you understand what I am saying.

          • I guess I am a bit more sympathetic to the situation of the FO. They were brought in to reduce costs, continue to field a winning team and sustain competitiveness over the longer term. It’s a business and the owners spent $2 billion for the team. While their projections most likely included the notion of the team being one of the top ones in terms of payroll, they want to see the $440 million spent (payroll plus luxury tax) last year come down significantly.

          • It just seems like only the first 3 years of a contract should be guaranteed and additional years need to be paid at the average salary of the top 10 salaries of players that performed similarly in those future years with the player having an opt out clause at the end of 3 years.

            If the players union agreed to that, more teams would be offering big contracts to players and the first 3 years might wind up higher.

      • Would you consider Chapman an impact player– maybe in more than one way?

        Not the fault of the FO the deal for him fell thru, unless you think the FO knew it wouldn’t work, and they just went thru the motions to appease fans like you.

        Which would be absurd, but then….

        • So you want the FO to get credit for something that never happened? Only reported. Let’s wait until they get a player who can truly help the team.

          • You obviously don’t want to give them credit for them trying to do something that you say they will never do Weak. You might at least tell us that the whole thing was a charade.

          • The whole thing is about winning, not could’a, would’a, should’a. I don’t want excuses, I want results.

          • Not withstanding, you made a claim which is not supported by evidence presented by another commenter.

  34. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For instance we like cookies, chocolate kisses, and elves. Team those things together and well, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

  35. So are you saying Link: “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.”