Open Thread #3, Winter 2015

Beware the Jabberwock rumor mill, my son!

On a recent conference call, Friedman said he doesn’t yet know what his payroll will be in 2016, but that much of what his group is focused on might not dominate Twitter in the coming months. Then again, Friedman is never one to quash a bad rumor if it can help his cause, so the Dodgers figure to get dragged into plenty of rumor mills they’re not actually attending once again.

That is Mark Saxon of ESPN. This part will not appease package, I’m afraid. Saxon suggests that the Dodgers will be aggressive going after second-tier free agents and dumping older expensive guys:

the Dodgers certainly aren’t giving off the signal that they’re going to be at the head of the line with the biggest check this time around. In fact, they didn’t do that last year under Friedman either.


“We’re going to do everything we can to maintain a 90-plus-win team with a really good chance of winning the [National League] West and a chance to win the World Series, while also doing everything we can to get younger. It doesn’t happen overnight,” Friedman said.

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    • The baseball meetings next week, and you remember what happened last year, Package. Better refill that Valium prescription…

    • I’ve mostly felt indifferent about the Fish, but this would be a good reason to dislike them.

  1. From Rosenthal:
    The Dodgers have at least discussed the possibility of signing both Greinke and Price internally, according to Rosenthal, but they’re unlikely to go that route. Even the Dodgers and their seemingly limitless budget aren’t keen on the notion of paying three starters in the vicinity of $30MM annually, and they already have one such pitcher in Clayton Kershaw.

  2. Red Sox shopping Hanley– — Package is probably calling FO, pleading for him to get Hanley back. I thought about trading Crawford for him straight up, horrible contract for horrible contract, and decided I wouldn’t trade (and you know how much I hate Crawford) because his contract is only two years and Hanley’s is three. Those Boston GMs must be the dumbest people on earth.

    • But here’s the best line in that story: after mentioning three clubs the Sox’ GM is looking at as the other side of a Hanley deal, the author says “It’s not immediately clear if those three clubs have interest, however.”

      If that’s not a classic Hot Stove League rumor I don’t know what is.

    • I might understand a Dodger blogger calling for Yasiel to be traded, but who is this guy to advocate such? It’s not like he would be sent back to Cuba.

  3. Dodger Insider putting up some yummy numbers for Yimi. Says he ranked in top 30 among relievers in 2015.

    • From USA Today as of 7:30PM HST.

      From an update to the story Audit posted above:

      11:29pm: A police spokesman says that the department is not aware of any allegation that Puig was involved in any physical altercation with his sister, Hernandez reports (Twitter links). If that holds true, then it certainly seems that any domestic violence-related inquiry will be short-lived. Of course, it remains possible that other disciplinary measures could be considered.

      • Alas, it won’t make any difference… If you’re pro-Puig, you forgive him; If you’re anti-Puig, this is more indication of trouble and reason to trade him. There is no privacy anymore….

  4. Last night, in Malargüe, we had my host’s first kid goat barbecue of the season. Better than any turkey.

    • I still like Puig – a lot – but if you get a really good return it’s worth considering. That said, given last season, they might have to sell low at the moment.

    • I’m OK with trading him, provided we get a fair return. (Fair in this case means we are likely over-rating him)

    • Even if you manage to get someone to buy high on him he would need to be replaced. This guy mentions two possibilities, but they would both be costly and both Gordon and Heyward are LH. Moreover, Puig seems like the sort of bargain with high upside that this FO would favor keeping. Also, you need to give Roberts a challenge.

  5. Late to the party, but grateful for this community of Dodger friends. Hope you had a fulfilling, or at least filling day!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all you all American friends. Hope you have an enjoyable day of celebration and remembering all you have to be thankful for.

  7. The Dodgers top needs according to FAZ are pitching and second base. The Mets need to re-sign Murphy and Cespedes or trade for second baseman and ourfielder and have plenty of pitching. Miami might want to trade Fernandez.

    If the Dodgers could not get Harvey for Puig and Hernandez, might they make a three team trade and wind up with Fernandez? The Mets would trade a starter other than Harvey, DeGrom, or Syndergaard. Matz and Wheeler maybe might go to Miami.

    Getting Fernandez would give the Dodgers a #2 pitcher to replace Greinke without increasing payroll. The Dodgers might then trade Ethier and Ryu for a pitcher that has less risk that Ryu and accomplish what they need to accomplish with the rotation without increasing payroll.

    It would be nice to get Chapman for Alvarez especially if they can agree with Chapman for a three year contract before the trade.

      • The easiest thing to do would be to sign Greinke, Zimmerman, and Price to free agent contracts but that might not be what KFAZ wants to do. Aren’t you curious as to what other options might be considered besides signing free agents?

        We could have some fun kicking around scenarios and discussing the pros and cons of them or we could limit our comments to yes or no which is basically what you did Audit.

        • I see no point at all in discussing counter-productive trades/signings or wild, pie in the sky dreams that will never happen. Just my opinion, but it seems to me that most of your proposals fall into one or the other of those categories. My fault, my failure, if you choose to look at it that way. I won’t rain on any more of your parades.

          • No, not at all, I’m just choosing not to play your game. You have as much right as I do to propose trades, signings, etc,. In my opinion they are farfetched and unrealistic, but you still have the right to propose them. I’m just choosing not to debate them just for the sake of posting words that won’t change anything. Enjoy yourself, pay no mind to what I think.

          • Most of my trade thoughts are tied to something KFAZ have said.
            1. They want to reduce payroll and trade an outfielder. Thus the Pujols, Ethier, Crawford, Gonzales idea.
            2. They have looked oin on Chapman, thus the Alvarez for Chapman idea.
            3. They see second base and pitching as the positions they most want to explore, thus some of my ideas of second basemen that might be traded for or pitchers that might be traded for instead of signing free agents.

            Clearly there is no one here to kick around trade thoughts typical of the Hot Stove League so I will stop trying to start up conversation.

    • Not sure that another closer is a priority, when we already have one of the top ones. Selling low on Ryu seems like a waste and how would one replace Dre’s production?

      • Given a choice when both Crawford and Ethier and Puig were all healthy, the Dodgers played Crawford over Ethier. So the easy answer to your question is Crawford.

        In any case, Ethier was going to platoon with SVS if he were not traded so you are asking who could replace the offense of a platoon player. If left field is shared by Crawford, Schebler, and SVS/Hernandez, Ethier is replaced in house and with ease. You could have come with that and added to the conversation Bob.

        We have too much counter punching here and not enough brainstorming.

        Ryu, Wheeler, Fernandez are all still recovering from TJ and therefore none will be sold high. Ryu fits well into that trade group. Fernandez is further along with his recovery. Bob, why not suggest another player besides Ryu if you think Ryu is a weak link?

        • Dre put up an OPS+ of 148 against right handers last year and you think that can be replaced “with ease”? Sorry if this substracts from the conversation.
          Fernandez and Ryu in the same trade group? Fernandez came back from TJ and has shown potential to be what he was. Ryu had shoulder surgery and hasn’t pitched since.

          • Bob, take those Ethier stats and try to use them to trade Ethier and when you don’t get much, lets talk again.

          • You are the one who suggested trading Ethier not me and now you are saying that the Dodgers wouldn’t get much for him? Sorry if I am boring you.

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          Bumsrap Bob_Hendley • 4 hours ago
          Given a choice when both Crawford and Ethier and Puig were all healthy, the Dodgers played Crawford over Ethier. So the easy answer to your question is Crawford.

      • Chapman and the Dodgers are in the rumor mill. Why not discuss it here. I don’t have a problem with mixing and matching Chapman and Jansen in the 8th and 9th innings depending on who is due up in each inning. Do you Bob?

        • Yes, and I would like Willie in CF. You are willing to use resources to acquire Champan and give him a contract of what $15 million a year for 66 ininngs when you already have a closer? Hatcher outperformed Champan when he came back from his injury in regards to ERA and WHIP and makes about one-tenth of that salary.

          • The Dodgers have checked in on Chapman per so I am wondering what it would take to get him? I through out Alvarez as a possible trade piece.

            Why can’t you ever suggest what you might want to do to improve the bullpen so the rest of us can immediately throw cold water on your thoughts. Bob, I like the way you think but stop being boring, please.

      • I’m not complaining (about something that may not even happen!!), I’m just reporting it. If FO signs him, and if he pitches well, I’ll be glad we have him. Lots of “ifs”. Are you trying to make trouble?

        • Just trying to tickle conversation with a finger in your ribs.

          You did say however “Just his type deal…” which I read as a slap to FO.

  8. The Rocks have DFAd Wilin Rosario, catcher/first baseman and a pretty good hitter. I could be tempted to pick him up as a third string catcher-pinch-hitter-first baseman. Has good power, could be useful as a pinch hitter or platoon partner for Agon and on hand insurance for our catchers who seem to get banged up a lot. I think I’d rather have him than a 5th outfielder or 6th infielder.

    • Might be a good move, if we can stick him down in OKC. When CC is your 4th outfielder, you really do need a 5th.

      • I don’t think he’d sign to play in OKC. I hope that we can Jettison CC. Puig, Pederson, Ethier, SVS plus Kiki if needed.

  9. The Dodgers are doing some Succession Planning with more and more of their positions.





    Plus all the pitching prospects that will make their way onto the team in the next 3 years.

  10. I wonder if there will be a noticeable difference in a hitter’s game plan under Roberts compared to Mattingly. Will there be more bunting against the shift? Will hitters work the count more? Will hitters go to the opposite field more? Will there be more hit-and-run and steal attempts?

    Maybe we will get a hint at the press conference when Roberts puts on his Dodger Jersey.

    • I think there are better pitchers but none have Chapman’s dread factor. Hitters dread having to stand next to the plate when Chapman is throwing baseballs.

      • Referring to dave’s comment “And now back to waiting on player news…”
        The Dodgers have made a formal announcement of the hire.

        • I thought you were referring to Dave’s comment but you didn’t put it as a reply and instead started a new comment thread so I wasn’t sure.

          Or maybe I was being a little snarky on a Monday morning. Oops, if so.

  11. Now that the Dodgers have Dave Roberts as Manager, I want Alex Cora as bench coach and César Izturis as first base coach.

    • Wallach knew he wasn’t in the running for the Manager’s job here, wonder why he didn’t go with Mattingly? Does he want the Bench Coach job here? All positions except Pitching Coach are open. Must be nice to be able to call your friends and offer them a nice job. I am assuming he can do that.

      • It’s always nice to have a fall back job should Wallach not remain as the Dodger bench coach. I would think he would do that job in LA more than he would in Miami but will take the bird in hand (Miami) unless the Dodgers act soon.

        I am ready for a completely new coaching staff. If Honeycutt becomes the system wide corporate pitching executive the Dodgers could then hire a team pitching coach.

        If so, who would you want as pitching coach? I don’t think Hershiser would take that job. He already has a good job and doesn’t need the money. Gregg Maddux would be nice.

  12. Here’s the LA Times story about Roberts. It hasn’t been confirmed and won’t be till Monday, so keep the tops on the champagne (or sour beer, if the choice makes you unhappy).

    There’s a poll asking if he’s the right choice in that story: it’s running 73% in favor of him.

  13. Dodgers To Hire Dave Roberts As Manager

    By Mark Polishuk | November 22, 2015 at 7:28pm CST

    The Dodgers are expected to hire Dave Roberts as the team’s next manager on Monday, sources tell Dylan Hernandez, Bill Plaschke and Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times.

    • Sounds good. Would like to see the Dodgers sign a few more before the end of this current signing period.