Pre-playoff Palaver

Have at it. Who’s on first? Which pitchers are on the roster, and whose dreams are crushed? Should Yasiel Puig be on the first-round roster? What about the injured Scott Van Slyke? Should Seager start at shortstop or should it be Rollins? Should Utley be on the 25-man roster?

Do the Mets’ starting pitchers hold a candle to the Greinke/Kershaw combination? Should it be Wood as the number three starter, or should it be Anderson? It’s ironic that gaining home field advantage means the Dodgers’ #3 starter, whether Wood or Anderson, will start on the road. Anderson was 7-4 away from Dodger Stadium with a 3.07 ERA while Wood was 2-4 with a 6.14 ERA.

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    • The Dodgers also will have a five-man traveling taxi squad, consisting of Alex Guerrero, Chris Heisey, Austin Barnes, Juan Nicasio and Carlos Frias, in case of unexpected changes. (This too from Gurnick. (Thought I better explain before WBB accuses me of plagiarism…)

  1. The Roster:

    PITCHERS (11)
    Brett Anderson
    Luis Avilan
    Pedro Baez
    Yimi Garcia
    Zack Greinke
    Chris Hatcher
    J.P. Howell
    Kenley Jansen
    Clayton Kershaw
    Joel Peralta
    Alex Wood

    CATCHERS (2)
    A.J. Ellis
    Yasmani Grandal

    Adrian Gonzalez
    Howie Kendrick
    Jimmy Rollins
    Corey Seager
    Justin Turner
    Chase Utley

    Carl Crawford
    Andre Ethier
    Kiké Hernandez
    Joc Pederson
    Yasiel Puig
    Justin Ruggiano

    Additional comments by Gurnick:

      • Utley seems to be double-switch bait, oh and emergency 1st base. Meh. Would have loved to have had Schebler as a PH late in the game.

    • If Puig and Rugs in, SVS probably isn’t, maybe for injury. Schleber probably isn’t either, but maybe he is, I would hope so…

  2. Home teams are perhaps being too hospitable so far this playoffs. Looks like the away teams could make it a perfect 4-0 after tonight’s game.
    Are we still glad the Dodgers gained home field advantage?

    • Thanks for posting the news here Link. I didn’t get a chance to post the last few hours.

  3. Don’t know why I felt compelled to list all this, but here we are – the 25 possible WS match-ups (of course, in less than 48 hours it will be down to 4×4 or 16 possible match-ups):

    Los Angeles vs Toronto
    Los Angeles vs NY Yankees
    Los Angeles vs Kansas City
    Los Angeles vs Texas
    Los Angeles vs Houston

    NY Mets vs Toronto
    NY Mets vs NY Yankees
    NY Mets vs Kansas City
    NY Mets vs Texas
    NY Mets vs Houston

    St. Louis vs Toronto
    St. Louis vs NY Yankees
    St. Louis vs Kansas City
    St. Louis vs Texas
    St. Louis vs Houston

    Pittsburgh vs Toronto
    Pittsburgh vs NY Yankees
    Pittsburgh vs Kansas City
    Pittsburgh vs Texas
    Pittsburgh vs Houston

    Chicago Cubs vs Toronto
    Chicago Cubs vs NY Yankees
    Chicago Cubs vs Kansas City
    Chicago Cubs vs Texas
    Chicago Cubs vs Houston

    • A Dodgers-Yankees Series would arouse nostalgia but, in my opinion, second-place teams don’t deserve to go. I sorta like Toronto but, with all due respect to Canada, they’re disqualified until they get a ballpark with real grass. I have an aversion to Houston that dates from the Astrodome and Enron, somewhat less so with Texas, so I guess I’ll go with KC.

    • I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go to a televised game, even before considering outrageously overpriced tickets, parking, and concessions. I wouldn’t go if it were all free.

      • I’m generally crowd-averse, though I did go to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass on Saturday and that’s getting more crowded every year. I did go to one game at Dodger Stadium last year, and things weren’t too bad, but the inadequate public transportation there is an issue.

        • To each his dagnab own. Some argue (and I’d be one of them) that the experience would be worth it, at least once. I’ve never been to a playoff or World Series game and I’d love to go. I’ve seen only one NFL game and that was an exhibition one played here at Aloha Stadium; I’ve never been to one in a team’s home city. I’ve never been to an NBA game, or an NHL one. All told I’ve (maybe) seen two dozen MLB games in LA and DC.

          When I was in college I went to nearly every U of Arizona football game for my first couple of years, and those were wonderful. Hundreds of people walking down the streets to get to the on-campus stadium? That was great.

          • I haven’t been to a handegg game since I was in high school, and couldn’t care less – it only interested me when friends were playing. I’ve been to a few NBA games, but not for decades. I did go to the 1974 Series games in Oakland, which was the start of my eight-game losing streak here.

          • My dad got us two tickets to the fourth game of the 1965 World Series vs. Minnesota. We sat in the left-field pavilion (i.e. bleachers). My dad, gone 21 years now, decided to mail his request and money with a Special Delivery stamp (remember those?). He was convinced that’s why we got the tickets. I still have mine. It cost $4. It was Oct. 10, 1965. I don’t know who was happier–my father, a Brooklyn native and lifelong fan, or me, also a Brooklyn native. The day was a delight. The Dodgers won 7-2 to even the series 2-2. Lou Johnson, Wes Parker, Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva all homered. Don Drysdale went the distance, fanning 11. The organist played Happy Days Are Here Again at the end of the game. I have two tickets to the first playoff game on Friday and am flying from San Jose to attend. I know traffic will be a mess, the food will be overpriced, the concours will be jammed, but, for me, being at the game is something special.

          • Yes, I can appreciate the different strokes idea. I lived in the area 35 years and went maybe 10 times in the first 10 years, one of those being Fan Appreciation Day, the last game of the season. We were from small towns and farms, didn’t like crowds, still don’t. I’ll take television, thank you…

      • I am going both Friday and Saturday, with my son the first night and husband the second. I LOVE going to the stadium, and couldn’t be more excited for these games, unless maybe it was to see the Beatles live again. (I saw them at Shea Stadium years ago, and yea, I screamed.) I park north of Sunset and walk in and out of the stadium. It’s fantastic fun.

          • Someday I will get there. Maybe not a playoff game to start, but perhaps some July or August game. But I would also love to see postseason action at Dodger Stadium.

          • Not really. I have mini-season tickets (20 games that I share with my kids) so I got a chance to buy post season tix pretty early. You get a time to call and a code. For whatever games turn out to be redundant, you get your money back. We’ll see how far I get. I think mine were 41$ each.

          • $41 isn’t bad at all for post-season tickets, or so it seems to me. I’d balk if those were regular season prices unless I was in the lower level along a foul line, but for playoff seats? Not bad.

          • Great price! Since I only see my Bums when they come to DC (or at times Baltimore), I am willing to pay steep prices to be up close. Next year I plan to make a weekend of the Pittsburgh games. While Philadelphia is closer, haven’t heard good things about the treatment of visiting fans.

    • wow that would be fun to see. Despite the 2 comments on the original site, it would be a great spectacle to see. 20/20 is much faster paced than test cricket, even though I enjoy both. If anyone from this site goes to see it, you won’t be disappointed.

    • That article made finding the next Nats Manager difficult ant that would be the same for the Dodgers should Mattingly not return.

      Since KFAZ like to be creative and if the Yankees lose their one game playoff game and the Dodgers lose to the Mets or to their next opponent, maybe Mattingly goes to the Yankees and Girardi goes to the Nats.

      That alone doesn’t help the Dodgers but for those wanting a different Manager for the Dodgers it is a good start. I am not one of those btw. I am waiting for Ellis to be the next Dodger Manager.

      • What would KFAZ and it’s “creativity” have to do with where Mattingly and Girardi might go?

        • I started out thinking about a three way trade of managers or possibly getting a player instead of a manager and posted when my phone rang.

  4. The Dodger have won at least 13 games every month so far this season. Eleven more doesn’t sound out of reach.

  5. Even though both Pittsburgh and Chicago had better records than us, if the winner of their Wild Card game goes on to beat the Cardinals in the NLDS, the Dodgers (or Mets) would get HFA in the NLCS. That could be very helpful.

    • Little historical correlation, but would make me feel better as well. But it’s more complicated than that for, as you say, wild cards with better regular season records don’t get HFA. Then there are numbers that show that wild card teams have a playoff series record of 46-39. But these numbers may include the playoff game between them, Although one team wins and the other one loses, this would seem to present an upward bias in the record of wild card teams. Additional “noise” would be the use of the ASG for HFA. So, in the end HFA may seem to mean less because it is not based on the “better” team (a defined by regular season record). Now, of course the meaning of “better” record is muddled, obviously AL and NL teams can’t be compared, but within a league this is biased by greater divisional playing, as well as interleague play.

      Jeez, let’s start already!

  6. I would love to hear people’s predictions on what the Dodgers playoffs’ win-loss
    record will be.

    Poor KC from last year – they had the best possible winning percentage you can have without actually winning the World Series: 10-4 for a .714 winning percentage.

    And my prediction for the Dodgers is 11-5 (3-2, 4-2, 4-1). Don’t know why but I think they get on a roll and get stronger as the playoffs go on. Very optimistic thinking obviously, but now’s the time for hope and starry-eyed dreaming I suppose.

    So friends, choose a number between 0 (ouch!!) and 11 (we win!!).

  7. So I wonder if this is the first ever playoff series where both teams have been no-hit twice in the regular season.

  8. I was looking at the Dodgers roster and I noticed Howie Kendrick is 5’11” and Agon is 6’2″ but they both weigh 220 pounds. Allegedly. Do you think someone is misrepresenting their actual weight?

  9. Are people thinking Utley over Rollins because of Utley’s ability to play third as well? I want Seager, but would love to have Rollins off the bench. He could also pinch run.

    • I’m sure DM would choose Rollins over Utley. He did for manager today. And I’m sure both will make roster.

        • Nothing wrong with your eyes. After I read your post, I noticed I had left Rollins off “my roster” so I edited him into it. If it were only that easy to correct the other mistakes I’ve made in the last 74 years…

  10. If SVS is out, then there should be room for Puig. Ethier, Pederson, Crawford, Puig, Schebler and either Ruggiano or Heisey. Infielders: Agon, Kendrick, Seaver, Turner, KiKi, Utley, 2 catchers and 11 pitchers.

  11. I like Puig a lot, but I lean against his inclusion on the post-season roster because of rust. That said, it wouldn’t upset me if he makes it.