39 thoughts on “NLCS Game Two, 2015

  1. Prior to this last week, Daniel Murphy had homered in consecutive games once in his career.

    • Well that’s something at least. 🙂
      The sting of losing is mostly worn of for me and I am almost back to being a rational and compassionate fan of the game again.

        • In some ways that makes sense. Having someone close to you cheering for the team that knocked the Dodgers out makes it tougher to move on. I don’t know any Mets fans in Winnipeg or beyond so it’s not in my face as it were.

          • They ( my brother and nephews)were very gracious about their win, which almost made it worse. Oh, well. I guess if they make it to the WS it was their year after all. I can’t imagine how bad the Nats fans must still feel.

      • Perhaps, but the Cubbies are already getting great production from their youngsters, and the Mets have an imposing young rotation. Because of the way Colletti and McCourt neglected the farm, the Dodgers have some catching up to do, but they’re getting there.

        • Agreed, the farm was neglected but this FO did not give us what they promised. That being a more nimble, flexable team that is much more capable of winning in the Post Season and is clubhouse content. That is a fact.

          • Except that it’s not a fact. The FO has produced a team with the strongest bench and perhaps the greatest depth in baseball. It is a team capable of winning in the post-season, but so are several others. You need to stop thinking about events and start thinking about process – these things do not happen overnight.

          • It is a fact. I am merely repeating what they said after the trades and pickups. They said nothing about overnight. They were supposedly fixing last year’s team. This year’s team is absolutely worse than last year’s team. I only care about winning and having waited 27 years I think that is more than long enough. Your opinion about the bench and team depth is just that. Your opinion.

          • Your opinion about the team, the bench and team depth is just that. Your opinion. The Dodgers won their division by two games more than they did in 2014; ergo, they were better.

          • Last years team won 94 games, this years 92. Last years team was better. It doesn’t matter how many games they won by because we aren’t measuring their opponents performance, we are measuring the Dodgers.

          • To cite two games’ difference in a totally different season is beyond meaningless. It’s a lazy and arbitrary way of judging a team’s performance.

          • It is certainly as good as you saying that there was 2 games difference in the standings. This years team was supposed to be better. It is not. No excuses. I told you that before the season ever started. You wanted and liked this team. Claim it and be honest about it.

          • Plus one more game in the playoffs than last year. But really, it is all splitting hairs – both teams performed very well in the regular season and underperformed in the playoffs. In my book that puts them exactly even.

          • I think what they promised was to have a strategy aimed at having a competitive team over the longer term, which, inter alia, meant focusing on the farm and on a medium term plan to bring us in below the luxury tax. That the team is in a transition yet remains highly competitive is an accomplishment. Let’s see how they do in the off season.

          • Bob, really? I know you don’t have amnesia. They did not say that the process would involve a few seasons. What I quoted was from Friedman himself. ” We feel we have a more flexible, nimble team that is more capable of competing in the post season.” They felt that they had addressed the catcher problem with the trade to San Diego, got a more experienced 2nd baseman and a much better SS defensively. They also felt the addition of their two new starters (Anderson, McCarthy} would be a solid rotation while also strengthening the bullpen. Also they felt that although they were not giving the CF job to Pederson they felt that he could clearly get the job done. Nothing was said about “Transition” or the luxury tax or a medium term plan. Bottom line is the major league team is no better and in my opinion worse than last year. Stop adding and making excuses, you got the team you like but don’t color it something that it is not.

          • Why are you so desperate to paint things as a failure when they are clearly not? After 27 years of frustration and urgency you were looking for a spend, spend team who cares not about the future. That is not this FO.

          • You are correct this FO does not want to acquire impact players. The name of the game is win World Championships not give excuses. This team never had a chance and this FO failed and should be accountable. I read many blogs and this is the only one that never has commenters that identify problems and mistakes if they are made. Just me and I am crucified every time I mention it. Ya’all were wrong about this team and FO and you should own up to it. But I get it, kill the messenger.

          • “Never had a chance” is more of this desperation on your part and clearly flies in the face of the facts.. You confuse “excuse” with explanation. Each year only one team doesn’t require an explanation. I think that people get tired of you on this blog because you seem to have an agenda and are not bothered by things like facts and evidence.

          • Most of those things you call facts and evidence are just opinions just like me. What I think the people on this blog don’t like about me is that sometimes they confuse an agenda with an opinion. Just because I don’t agree does not make me wrong automatically. It bothers me just as much as you to lose and frankly I cannot see any improvement. You could be right about a year or years down the road the team becoming a WS champion. but that is clearly betting on the come as opposed to a history of good performance from players being obtained thru FA or trades. If you think all the trades and FA that were picked up during the stretch were good then please give me some positive facts because getting Latos, Johnson and others were absolutely crazy and clearly did not help the team. I said as much and was crucified. That is just one instance.

          • You are cherry picking your sour grapes. Fact is that this team made the playoffs and were one game and two runs from moving on against a team with strong pitching and a lucky Irishman. Your opinion is that you don’t like this FO and everything follows from that to prove to yourself and your fellow bloggers that you are right. It’s tiresome.

          • I am sorry that it is tiresome. I guess not subscribing to the coulda, woulda, shoulda mentality makes it that way. However, I don’t have to prove anything as it is very clear. Maybe not here but most all of the others.