Game 160, 2015

Keep talking about the postseason in the thread below; this one’s the game thread.

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD, free streaming (out of market)

The Dodgers start Alex Wood, who is 11-12 with a 3.89 ERA. His last start was awful: he gave up 11 hits and 8 runs in 5 1/3 innings at Colorado. In fact, he hasn’t yet shown the Dodgers or their fans a lot since being acquired in July: he’s gone 4-6 in 11 starts for the LA team with a 4.55 ERA.

Wood’s opponent will be Casey Kelly, who spent almost the entire year in AA San Antonio. This will be his third appearance for the Padres; he gave up six runs in the first two innings of his last start against Arizona but got the last 11 men he faced.

Matt Kemp is out for the year with a partial tendon tear in his right middle finger. Juston Upton will be a game-time decision after straining his neck running into a wall in Wednesday’s game. The Dodgers are hoping Justin Turner’s bruised left forearm has recovered.

Lineup when available.

117 thoughts on “Game 160, 2015

  1. NY lose. They have now lost 4 in a row. If they lose tonight and the Dodgers win, LA clinches HFA.

    • Or, if the Dodgers win today and tomorrow – they get HFA regardless of what NY does the rest of the way.

  2. MLBTR has an article about possibly expanding in to Mexico and maybe Montreal. They don’t mention Havana but I consider that every bit as viable as Mexico City or whatever city there they have in mind. Throws out 32 teams in eight 4 team divisions. How does this sound?
    NL West: LA-SF-Denver-Phoenix
    AL West: Anaheim-Oakland-Seattle-San Diego

    • I’m so tired of 4 team divisions. (Yes, I’m looking at you NFL.) If I was doing 32 teams I would have 4 divisions with 8 teams in each. Make divisions worth something. Ideally I would have the 4 division winners go at it in the playoffs, but I’m not completely out of touch with the real world. So, instead I would have the top 2 in each division make the playoffs.

      • In effect eight 4 team divisions, just messier. Why not split seasons? Division Winner in first half plays second half winner. Don’t some minor leagues do it this way?

    • Monterrey rather than DF is the city that was being considered about a decade ago. Haven’t read the article (link?). but the economics weren’t there the last time and not sure how much they have improved. DF is more than 2,000 feet higher than Denver, so the ball really flies out of the park. Saw a Mets-Dodgers exhibition game there in 2003 and the final score was like 19-12.

  3. There is talk of getting more offense in baseball. One easy way to do it, at least in the NL, would be to adopt the DH. Screw tradition. A lot of the ways baseball is played today is different from the way it started, and the AL is happy with the DH, it would certainly be a workable solution. One of the biggest benefits might be taking the “double switch” away from the mental midgets we call managers.

    • I believe that Rule 3 was developed specifically for the issue of the DH and WBBsAs. I share his opinion, if not his passion on the subject. Rule 3 also comes into play with WBBsAs when it comes to wild card and ASG. {I will now just sit back}

      • What “Rule 3” are you talking about? If you are referring to Rule 3 here, Baiting, I don’t know what the H you’re talking about. If WBB is so passionately against it, that’s his problem and I don’t have time for his problems (That isn’t the only one) and moral restraints keep me from harassing him except in defense. Sounds to me like you might be doing a little trouble making yourself. My post was about baseball only, no other intent. As far as this Rule 3, it was written long before this blog originated or anyone ever heard of WBBsAs…

    • It may depend on if HFA is still in play or not – which it likely will be (unless NY sweeps there doubleheader and the Dodgers lose tonight). All that being said. my choice and my hope would definitely be Ellis.

  4. Expect to see Ruggs in the line up tonight (he has slowed a bit with OPS .654 in last 21PA). With Puig not activated yet, not even for possible PH last night, don’t see him making first round roster. At this point I am going with:
    Clayton, Zach, Anderson, Wood
    Kenley, Hatcher, JP, Avilan, Yimi, Nicasio, Baez
    Agon, Howie, Rollins, Seager, Justin, Quique
    Dre, CC, Joc, Ruggs, SVS, Schebler
    Grandal, AJ

    • Item at says SVS’ wrist may keep him out (and solve how to get Puig in.)

      • Thanks. So he still has a chance. Be interesting to see if Donnie puts him in the starting line up. Yet, for me, this might mean Utley as the extra infielder, who can provide back up as well at 1st. This would mean a right outfield platoon of Ruggs, Joc and Quique, instead of SVS, Ruggs and Quique.

        • However, no Utley. Which I am fine with but would mark another distinction between this year’s way of doing things from the previous years’ way of doing things.

    • You forgot Utley. No way his “revered veteran’s presence” will be left off the roster… Probably means Schebler gets canned.

      • Yeah, this is what I would do. Utley was brought in to replace Howie, who appears to be back and at full steam. Would guess that Donnie would be partial to having Chase so that he can do his double switch stuff, particularly with Quique having a “regular” slot in the outfield. For me, Schebler is bottled lightening against righties (and the Mets have a ton of them), with 3 dingers in 32 PA. The FO doesn’t appear to be “old school”.

  5. Houston in shouting distance of Texas. In terms of scoring 30 runs in a game that is. 21-2 in the 8th inning.

  6. Angels and Astros getting it done in much different ways tonight. 1 run win vs 15 run lead.

    • Meanwhile, up north, the Gnats’ prize rookie starter got gnocked around tonight as if he were pitching in Denver.

  7. Arreitta pitched 6 strong innings in his tune up game: 2 hits, 0 BB, and 7 K’s.

  8. Wood with the bat is pretty funny. He’d do just as well swinging with his eyes closed.

  9. Hey, all. Wood pitching with conviction. He and Anderson are both giving me a little more confidence in our potential number three.

  10. Break out the bottle, Package, the Dodgers rolled a 5 spot, a truly rare thing of beauty…

  11. Orel thinks all Dodger fans are hoping the Dodgers win the World Series this year.

  12. Ha – Wood’s glove came flinging off his hand on that grounder. Good thing it did not hit the ball or else the out might not have been made.

  13. The outfield after the AC/DC concert looks horrible. Not used to seeing DS field looking anything less than pristine.

  14. It looks like Hernandez is now the regular center fielder. I was hoping he would platoon with Pederson. Hernandez needs to play to get the rust off his game and Pederson needs to show he can hit the ball.

    Pederson had opportunity and I am not sure why I still crave to watch him play. Its been awhile since I have been rewarded for pulling for him. I am not convinced that Hernandez is not playing over his head. Pitchers may not have given him that much thought yet.

    • Both Joc and Quique should get playing time, but I still think Joc has the inside track for next season – the second half has been a learning experience for him. The acquisition of Quique, though, was a steal, and he’ll get more playing time next year as a regular (perhaps 2B) or super-sub. His versatility is a huge strength, and he’s got some pop too.

      • Quique’s splits are quite large, however, only .607 against righties along with his 1.236 against lefties.

    • First six slots look like a preview of what we might through up against the Met’s righties, though not counting out AJ and Quique, given Grandal and Joc slumps.

  15. The Mutts have been rained out and, given the weather on the East Coast, this could complicate seedings if it continues – the Dodgers could end up playing more games than the Mutts, since I doubt MLB will want to do makeup games on Monday.

  16. Wood has pitched in relief and could make the team as a long reliever, spot starter, #3 starter, or left side specialist. Anderson only makes the team as a #3 starter or #4 if they pre-plan to go with 4 starters.

  17. Wood has shown a lot to fans who have shown up at DS, with an ERA of 2.36 in 4 games (6.14 in 7 games away). This is likely to be his audition for the third slot in the first round, particularly if we don’t get HFA. (is this too playoffy for this thread?)

    • I’m not an absolutist, fer cryin’ out loud! 😉

      I think his potential is very good, but he’s got some work to do (hey, it took Koufax six years, although some of that was Alston’s distrust of him). Wood was the 85th pick overall in 2012 by the Braves, so MLB scouts think he’s pretty good.

      • What’s that George Cloony line:
        Lady: you are a liar and a thief!
        George: I only lied about not being a thief.