Dodgers’ offseason notes, Part II

No new hire to replace Mattingly yet. I suspect (hope?) the Dodgers won’t step on the World Series by announcing a new manager in the midst of the games. Remember 2007 when Scott Boras announced that Alex Rodriguez, his client, was going to opt out of his contract with the Yankees in the middle of Game Four?

Should the Dodgers keep Puig? Will they sign Greinke? Can Pederson find a hitting stroke? Who’s gonna play second base? Will Ryu, McCarthy and possibly Arroyo recover? Can Alex Wood become an effective pitcher? Will Bolsinger improve?

Questions, questions, questions.

314 thoughts on “Dodgers’ offseason notes, Part II

  1. Now that Howell will be back will he be traded?

    Looking at the various player rankings the Dodgers aren’t well represented at the top.

    • Not sure which way I prefer to go with Anderson. Could offer him a 3 year contract, offer him a QO, or do nothing. If they don’t offer him a three year contract it means that they want to spend their money elsewhere. With the stats you shared with us Mr. Tip, may I call you foul?, maybe the Dodgers can offer him a QO without having him accept it.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Dave Roberts as manager. Did you know his mother was Okinawan and he went to UCLA? Dodgers would get credit for hiring a double minority…

    • I loved Dave Roberts as a person and a player. I remember him with tears in his eyes in CF feeling helpless over an injury. Can’t remember the injury but I think a player was maybe unconscious.

      If Roberts became Manager, maybe he could get Cora and Izturis as coaches and bring some of that 2003 team back together. Most of the entertainment that year came from watching Cora and Izturis play defense.

      Roberts has heart. I consider him a Dodger. He is only 43. Alex Cora is 40. Izturis is 35.

      • It would be nice to see Roberts become like Alston and Lasorda and manage the Dodgers for 20+ years although I also like Ellis as well, but he is still a player.

        Hire Roberts, add Cora and Izturis as coaches, and then bring back Loney. Did I lose anybody with that last twist?

    • I don’t know if he is who the team needs. He doesn’t have a good track record or am I wrong?

      • For the most part, the Padres were a bad team. Joe Torre had a terrible record the first half of his managerial career. Do you really think dusty baker is a managerial genius?

  2. Just now wondering what FO was thinking in giving up a very good pitcher for one year of Kendrick if they had no intention of keeping him. And they apparently had no intention, he would most surely have been open to an extension that would be cheaper than signing him now or having him accept a QO.

    • He’s only 32. I suspect they originally intended to offer him a longer deal when he became a free agent, but who knows what they’re thinking now. Me, I’d offer him a three- or four-year deal.

      • If you don’t want to do it, don’t. I thought I heard you say that other subjects could be discussed, sorry.

        • Now I’m confused. You mean you want a non-Dodgers non-baseball thread? Sure, I can do that. I thought you meant another thread to talk about these topics, and that baffled me.

          • Link, it was just a suggestion and I thought some folks wanted it. I felt some wanted to discuss other stuff but maybe not. Either way is OK by me as I appreciate your efforts up to now. I am not trying to make more work for you.

  3. Ken Gurnick: “Nobody wants to be the guy that traded Puig before he turned back into the good Puig.”

    Ken Gurnick: “Because of injuries and distracting deportment, Puig has burned many Dodgers bridges. Any new manager that doesn’t understand how disruptive Puig can be hasn’t spoken to Don Mattingly.”

    Ken Gurnick travels with the team and is careful with his words which tend to be conservative.

    I bet KFAZ are really scratching their heads over what they are going to do with Puig. I also bet that they haven’t decided yet.

    • Good article. Reading Erstadt’s write-up there, I give him more of a shot than I did before. Wonder how his name got thrown into the hopper?

  4. What’s the big push for Ben Zobrist? He can’t do anything Kiki can’t do better, and for less money. Zobrist is a distraction and a subtraction of resources that would be much better invested in a more capable, if more expensive, player. Please focus on players who will make a difference.

    • He can do it against right handers and Kiki’ can’t.

      Given his age and so so defense, I don’t see how he would be preferable to Peraza.

      I think it might be better if Kiki’ specialized on the left side of the infield and subbed at third and short. I would make second Peraza’s to lose and back him up with Utley who could also back up first.

    • I hate to break it to you but Kiki can’t stay with Zobrist. Zobrist can play anywhere on the infield except catcher and I am not sure he can’t play there. He also can play the outfield well. He is also a very good hitter. I wish the Dodgers would give him a couple of years contract.

      • Zobrist is 34, Kiké is 24. Hernandez could easily turn himself into a super-sub like Zobrist has, since he’s got ten years to try before he gets measured by the standards you’re using.

        I’m pretty sure he’d rather be a regular player somewhere, whether with the Dodgers or elsewhere.

          • If Kendrick doesn’t satisfy the FO, why do you think Zobrist would? Besides, in FO’s book, Zobrist has the biggest handicap possible: He’s expensive; Kiki and Peraza are cheap, his biggest virtue.

          • More like a super flexible platoon guy, who is a switch hitter and can play a variety of spots. He usually gets around 600 PA a season.

          • That doesn’t much sound like a sub to me. Or a platoon guy. Not with over 500 abs 6 years in a row.

          • You might note that over the years he really doesn’t have a dominate position that he plays over 50% of the time and he plays 4-5 in any given year. What would you call him?

          • Perhaps you should relook at the positions he played. The bulk were at 2nd base and the outfield.

          • For KC he started 33 games at 2nd, 18 in LF, 3 at 3rd, 2 in RF and 2 DH. What exactly is your point?

          • If all position players were healthy and Zobrist was healthy, he would play in place of one of them. He is not a sub.

          • All evidence to the contrary? He is a versatile player that can be plugged in at many positions and has done such for three ball teams. You seem to have a problem calling him a “sub”, but that doesn’t change the nature of his career. What is he?

        • I don’t want Kendrick back. I don’t want Zobrist. I don’t know of any other second base possibilities out there I’d like. If I’m FO, my first choice to try is Peraza. If he’s not satisfactory, and remember he would be a rookie so some tolerance must be allowed. Then I’d go with Kiki. Down the road, a player or several will show himself suitable and can be acquired. Haste makes waste. Note Crawford, Guerrero, etc.,,,,

          • Another idea: How about Agon, Crawford and $$$ to Miami for Gordon (DM doesn’t like him) and Ozuna (Loria doesn’t like him) and Fernandez (?), then sign one of the Korean first basemen for peanuts (roasted)…

          • Sure. Kershaw till his opt out date and Ellis for one more year. aww, what the H… Ethier too. I can’t help being a softie…

          • I will just tell you. If the Dodgers ever trade Kershaw (unless he is very old, like 40 or so) I will be more unhappy than you have ever seen me.

          • I think Kershaw is infected with that old-fashioned loyalty thing people use to have. He will try to stay in LA but eventually money becomes more than money, it becomes prestige. And if he is still one of the best around, he will have to be paid like it. And if they don’t pay him that way, he will leave. I think he would give the Dodgers the right to match any other offer. But if FO decides to go with younger, cheaper players, Kershaw will leave and I won’t blame him. When the Dodgers were owned by the O’Malleys, they were a family, they had honor and integrity, and they were looked up to and respected by every other team and player in baseball. No more. Since Fox, McCourt, and now the big rich guys, there is no heart. They brought in Magic Johnson as their token… heart but that transplant didn’t take. It’s just a corporation now. Enjoy what you can while you can, time only runs in one direction.

      • Zobrist could add flexibility that’s for sure and has a good bat. May have slowed down too much to be a regular, however. He is 35.

    • Imagine that if they had wanted him they would have gone after him before and not let another FO dicate their moves.

      • You’re probably right but I wonder about the holdup in announcing Kapler, whether there aren’t some reservations about him, no experience and all. Kasten might want a baseball man with managerial experience, strong pitching experience. How about, we let Wallach join his buddy Mattingly in Florida, we hire Bud and assign Kapler as his bench coach to get on the job experience? Everybody gets some of what they want…

    • Don’t think Black will emerge with the Dodgers. Doesn’t seem like he fits their big picture for a more flexible, nimble team with the ability to go deeper in the playoffs. Oh wait, that was last off season.

    • Man, if I were on the Nat’s pitching staff and I learned Baker was going to be the new manager I’d walk off the job right now. I would get all my pitching teammates together and say “we have to negotiate with the GM immediately to keep this lunatic from destroying our careers by over-extending us.”

  5. Which players on the Dodger team cannot be traded? Assume free agents leave, make your best guess on whether a player is tendered an offer or not.

    • These guys in the FO are loose cannons. They could trade anybody. They have no loyalty to any player. Except maybe Chris Heisey.

  6. Hey Guys!…. Lots of talk about this off season, and what our Dodgers will do… My guess ???
    Friedman / Zaidi – The ‘Dynamic Duo’ — or — ‘The Duo of Dodger Doom’ ????- We’ll see….
    I think they will look to cut costs both with the roster and the coaching staff.
    1. Grienke? – Fuhgetabowtit! – Too pricey…. – Kendrick? – perhaps…..
    2. Go with youth wherever possible…..
    3. Trade Crawford, perhaps Puig, even Gonzalez…… and, others…..
    4. Manager? – Somebody for whom they are giving their first opportunity…..
    I really have a hard time thinking of them as going ‘all out’ to win the WS in 2016….
    To me, they foreshadowed this notion by suggesting that the new manager would have a 3-yr. window. – I hate to predict the above. But, it’s my call at this point. I’d love to be 100% wrong.

  7. Package, and others, what is your attitude going to be when (if) Gabe Kapler is announced as the new Dodger Manager? Opinion up front, yea or nay, or will you give him a few months to show himself as Prince or knave? I will have an open mind. I learned my lesson last year with the FO. I condemned them at first but as the year went on I came to see the long term wisdom in their modus operandi and I now endorse it/them.

    • I do not see their wisdom and I do not agree with their philosophy if what I have seen so far is the way of the future. However, I am trying to make myself understand that this is the way it is. If Gabe Kapler is made manager he is just another part of their plan. As a manager I would rather see a more traditional baseball guy but I understand that these folks are very different and are going to stay the course with their plan.

      • For certain the FO will stay his course. The Owners are another matter. The bottom line is their God. They think the FO’s method in the future will lower operating costs. I have to agree with that. But the question is will the fans continue to give such a nice financial support IF team performance decreases? For the sake of humanity’s intelligence level one would hope not but I am reminded what P T Barnum said:”Nobody ever went broke overestimating the intelligence of the American public”.

        • Look at the two participants in this years WS. Their managers were definitely more traditional managers but they also had gotten some vets to balance the team. I think the Dodgers will continue to go younger and cheaper regardless of the early results. This off season will definitely tell us the future plan.

    • Walter Alston was an unknown at the major league level and the New York Daily News reported his hiring with the headline “Walter Who?” Alston was sometimes referred to as “The Quiet Man”

      He is best known for managing the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers between 1954 and 1976. Alston signed 23 one-year contracts with the Dodgers.

      His MLB playing career consisted of one game and one at-bat with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1936. He managed the Nashua Dodgers, the first integrated professional team in modern baseball. He was promoted to manage the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1954 after several successful seasons in Brooklyn’s Class AAA minor league teams.

      will the next Dodger Manager come with the headline: “Gabe who?”

      • Perhaps with the public at large, but Gabe is fairly well know within major league baseball after a 12 year, well-traveled career as a player.

  8. MLBTR:
    A “source aligned with” recently fired ex-Marlins GM Dan Jennings toldBarry Jackson of the Miami Herald that Jennings’ relationship with owner Jeffrey Loria deteriorated because they didn’t see agree on some lineup decisions. The key disagreement, it turns out, had to do with outfielderMarcell Ozuna. While Jennings was “more than eager” to play the 24-year-old (25 in November), Loria was losing confidence in him. The owner also pushed for Ozuna to play in right field rather than center at times because he was out of shape, but Jennings refused and did as he pleased in at least one instance, according to the source.
    Well, DM has some training at doing that…

    • To most rational people I would think he would return to the Dodgers too but I have to say that with this FO not coming back would not surprise me.

      • Yes, he might play hardball with him, which would be a mistake. If he’s smart, and I think he is, he should give him a 5 or even 6 year contract, BUT, no no-trade clause, then 3 or 4 years down the road while his value is still high, trade him for a handful of top prospects.

  9. Paul Goldschmidt
    Dee Gordon
    Corey Seager
    Josh Donaldson
    Yoenis Cespedes
    Bryce Harper
    Giancarlo Stanton
    Buster Posey
    Clayton Kershaw
    Zack Greinke
    David Price
    Jeff Samardzija
    Johnny Cueto

    Aroldis Chapman
    Craig Kimbrel

  10. Heyward in RF.
    Joc in CF.
    Gordon in LF. (I know this won’t happen because the Dodgers would not sign 2 free agent outfielders who both cost them a draft pick. But I would love to see Gordon in the Dodger outfield.
    Trade Puig for a young pitcher (Salazar or Carrasco (not super young I know) from Cleveland).
    Find a way to off-load 2 of Crawford or Ethier or van Slyke. I really have no ideas how or who would take CC or Andre without a lot of money going with them. Even then it’s tough.
    Turner at 3B.
    Seager at SS.
    Peraza at 2B.
    Gonzalez at 1B.
    Let Kendrick walk. Sign Zobrist and let him and Hernandez be the main sparks off the bench in multiple positions.
    Grandal and Ellis at C. (With Barnes not too far away.)
    Kershaw SP1
    Price (let’s say) SP2
    Salazar, Ryu, Wood, McCarthy (2nd half), Bolsinger, Frias, Lee, etc to round out the starters.
    Bullpen – sigh, I don’t know exactly. Will the FO keep most or replace most?
    Jansen, Baez, Hatcher, Garcia most likely.

    • I think the Dodgers are in a rebuilding mode and it will continue to evolve. I do see them doing something to unload Dre and CC like they did with Kemp. You have to admit with Joc, Grandal, Peraza, Seager others and the addition on draft picks and prospects, and not signing any big name players or trading for any, it sure looks like rebuilding. We shall see what happens in the off season.

      • We shall see indeed. And then watch as another player like Daniel Freaking Murphy rises up out of nowhere to ruin our postseason! Ha – just kidding (hopefully).

        • The part that I don’t understand is why would anyone take a 94 win season in 2014 and begin rebuilding? Agreed, there were weaknesses but not drastic ones. Guess I will always have that wonder.

          • I would guess better and more sustainable allocation of resources. I assume that with 92 wins (2% difference from 94 wins) that they won’t rest on their laurels and will continue to try to rebuild.

          • I am not being a smart aleck but what do you mean “allocation of resources”? Also, you agree that this is a rebuilding mode?

          • I might call it reloading in that they want to continue to field a team that makes the playoffs. Rebuilding would mean that they are willing to sacrifice wins. Maintaining 2014 team as it was would have meant spending more than $40 million for a LF and SS.

          • I think we will know for sure after the 2016 team takes shape. Losing Greinke has to be addressed to see how it shakes out.

    • 8 Pederson/Peraza
      4 Peraza/Barnes
      9 Heyward
      5 Turner/Hernandez
      3 Pujols/Utley
      6 Seager/Hernandez
      2 Grandal/Ellis
      7 SVS/Schebler

      Kershaw, Harvey, Anderson, Frias, Ryu, McCarthy, De Leon,

      Jansen, Hatcher, Cotton, Anderson, Garcia, Baez, Avilan, Stripling

      Trades: Puig and Wood for Harvey. AGon, Ethier, Crawford for Pujols.

  11. I know we all are susceptible to allowing “stuff” that supports what we are already thinking to not be questioned near as much as “stuff” that we disagree with. I have always thought that pitching and defense were priority one. This World Series is supporting that hypothesis.

    So, I am now thinking that Peraza should be the Dodger second baseman because of his defense and ability to make contact. And, more than ever, I want Heyward in RF, I will add Pedefrson when his off season training proves to have enabled him to make consistent contact.

    • I agree that pitching is definitely priority one but in thinking of defense, sometimes the very best defenders make mistakes. I don’t think that defense should overshadow hitting which is what has happened to the Dodgers. I also think it will get worse.

  12. Having given much thought, I don’t want to trade Puig, Crawford or Ethier. In the past trading some of the existing players resulted in less output from the new players therefore it makes no sense to trade anymore of the Dodger vets. To continue to plug in new kids is fruitless.

    • Oh dear. I guess we have wildly different takes on what we hope the Dodgers do this off season! Regardless, it will give us all something to talk about!

  13. I think a good question to ask this offseason is, will free agents want to sign in LA knowing that their role may not be defined or their role may not be attractive to them. Of course this is all subjective but some players like to know what their role is. For instance will I be the regular 2nd baseman and will I play almost every night? Will I be a platoon player? All of these things are important to some very good ballplayers. Of course, if you are young and just trying to hook up somewhere or old and just trying to hang on I suppose it wouldn’t matter. Just a thought.

    • Tell me Audit, are you OK to wait until this FO rebuilds before an appearance in the World Series?? Just seems they are headed that direction unless this off season is different than last year.

      • I don’t have any choice but to be OK with it. I understand you not liking some of the things they did and will do, but you can’t seem to understand that you have no choice in the matter. They did and will do whatever they want. It is completely pointless for us to complain about it, that doesn’t affect them but hurts only ourselves. Look for bright spots.

        • Some people are more patient than others and i just wanted your opinion. Sorry I asked.

          • Package, if everyone here agreed with you, it wouldn’t change a thing. You can accept what has been done and be happy about the good things you see, or you can continue to curse the darkness, with no improvement.

          • So, in other words, if I don’t like what I see, don’t say anything? Just accept it. Sorry you don’t do that and I won’t either. You have an opinion and so do I. Nothing that happens with this team is controlled by us but everyone, EVERYONE has an opinion. You just don’t want to hear mine. I know my opinion won’t change anything but yours won’t also.

    • I am not sure I follow. If the Dodgers can trade Crawford and or Ethier, I don’t think it is such a long shot that Heyward signs with the Dodgers.

      • I understand that if you were FO, you would give Heyward $150Mm to $200MM. I wouldn’t. Only players who deserve that kind of money are Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, and some pitchers. And I would hate giving it to them. Maybe I’m like FO, I’d rather sign 2 or 3 players for $10MM to $15MM each than put all 150,000 eggs in one basket that might get damaged or just not work very well.

        • I think I would if I could trade Crawford and Ethier without having to pay their salaries. One way to do that would be to trade them to the Angels along with Agon for Pujols.

          • AGon for Pujols are comparable in terms of salary (AGon $22; Albert $25, though climbing and 3 years long) and recent performance (both around OPS+ 130 over past five years), though Agon is two years younger. But let’s say a wash for arguments sake. That means that the Angels would essentially be paying around $100 million (combined salaries of CC and Dre) over the next three years to fill their LF slot. They might as well move Calhoun over the left and sign JHe, no?.

          • Crawford, Ethier, and AGon are owed a total of $119,000,000 through 2017. Pujols is owed $165,000,000 through 2021. The Angels save $46,000,000 and rid themselves of the bad years of Pujols contract.

            The Dodgers get a right side bat at average net cost of about $7,500,000 through 2021. At that cost, Bellinger could phase in to first beginning as soon as 2018.

            The Dodgers would have roster flexibility that would allow them to trade Puig for a pitcher and replace Puig with a free agent.outfielder or go with SVS in RF and Kike’ in LF.

          • I over estimated CC/Dre cost by about $30 million. So numbers look better for Angels than I assumed. But not sure how the roster flexibility is related in the last part for the Dodgers. Are you saying that because they get a right handed bat in Pujols they can replace Puig with JHey?

          • Not directly. I would only trade Puig for a pitcher like Harvey and his $600,000 annual salary. Then I would decide if SVS, Kike’, Pederson, Schebler is enough or do I need Hayward.

            Pujols does replacement Puig’s right bat.

          • OK. You sure are going to need two more outfielders. I think Quique is just a stopgap kinda guy as an outfielder. His skills and bat are better served as an infielder.

          • Pujols is a bigger liability than Ethier and Crawford in that he goes on for a longer number of years, to a higher age and therefore more questionable production. Ethier, judging from last year, can be an asset in his remaining (2) years. Better to trade Crawford for an equally bad contract (same money, same years) (like MJ Upton) or pay half (three-quarters?) of his salary to get someone to take him.

    • Probably better for Gabe to remain part of the FO as they start deliberations for the off season. Once he becomes manager, they will just ignore him.

      • That sounds a little harsh. They are supposed to be the great collaborators and whether true or not, Mattingly did say he was asked about players they were looking at.

          • It wouldn’t have been a Rule 7 violation had I not have been so paying more attention. Sorry you had to point out the sarcasm and now that you have, I am enjoying the humor,

    • I don’t have any faith in Grandal. If he ever does have a good year maybe I will change my thinking.

      • Like him or not, he’s wearing your team’s colors. It’s in your best interest to wish him well. It’s also OK to wish for a better catcher. I’d trade him for Buster Posey in a heartbeat…

        • Yea, Pederson and Grandal both wear my teams colors and it is one of the big heartaches in my life.

        • It is by no means in my best interest to wish him well. If I don’t like his performance or the way he combs his hair that is an opinion. Wishing for Buster Posey doesn’t make it all better. Just as you wish for him, I wish we had another catcher. That does not make either of us not Dodger fans. Just an opinion.

      • Did Kemp have a good year? Despite the 4 for 82 injury-plagued swoon at the end of the year, Grandal and Kemp both came in at OPS+ 111.

          • Grandal couldn’t carry Kemp’s lunchbucket. I just do not where some of you people think Grandal is a superstar. He is not.

          • Nobody claims Grandal is a superstar. The problem is you persist in thinking Kemp is. He is not. Not anymore. He only briefly reached that level, and then he hurt his shoulder.

          • Kemp may not be a superstar but he is a lot closer than Grandal. 23 HRs and 100RBIs and 80Runs absolutely crushes Grandal.

          • I already showed that Grandal was more productive with RISP. As regards dingers, Matty hit one for every 25.9 AB, Grandal one for every 22.2.

          • I am sorry but RISP is not the all important stat that gives the nod to Grandal,to being more productive. nor is 22.2 to 25.9 ab between HRs. I think most informed folks would say that Kemp crushed Grandal in hitting for 2015.

          • Would agree that RISP is not perfect, but RBIs largely come from having opportunities to drive people in. OPS+ in that situation suggests that Grandal performed better when given the opportunity. You seem to have moved a bit from “absolutely crushes” to “had a better year”. I am done.

          • Kemp occupies a hitter’s position in the field and needs to be more productive with the bat (especially given his fielding). Grandal is an above average hitting catcher, who is probably a bit above average behind the plate and who is lauded for his pitch framing (Greinke loves him).

          • Do you mind if I stay out of this hopeless pursuit and watch the three of you beat your heads against walls?

  14. Right now with no moves made the lineup should look like this on a regular basis.
    Crawford LF
    Puig CF
    Ethier RF
    AGon 1B
    Turner 3B
    Seager SS
    Kiki 2B
    Ellis C

    • I disagree with three of those players and their positions. Pederson in CF, Puig in RF, Ethier/Crawford sharing left field, Kendrick at 2B, Grandal at C.

      • Don’t think Kendrick will be back. That leaves Kiki. Pederson does not deserve to be the centerfielder. He can’t hit, period! Make a case why he should be in CF? Remove him and the outfield is like I outlined. Guess you could play Grandal but he is not head and shoulders above Ellis.

        • The Dodgers need Kendrick’s bat but I think KFAZ will want to make defense up the middle a priority and therefore will find another bat other than Kendrick’s and hope that Peraza can hit well enough to be the second baseman.

        • I suppose they could revisit Puig in CF (Vinnie loved him there because it brought back memories of Willie). Joc will certainly need to come back alive with the bat. When he was hitting, he didn’t have significant L/R splits. They probably need another right handed bat for the outfield in any event. I believe that Quique is destined for the infield either as a starter at 2nd or super-utility guy.

      • There is a chance the Dodgers go with platoons with Puig and Ethier in RF, Pederson and Hernandez in CF, and Crawford and SVS in LF.

        Hernandez will also fill in for Turner, Seager, and Peraza at 3rd, 2nd, and SS.

        If the above happens, KFAZ might add Utley as a backup.

        That plan could get the Dodgers through 2017 and beginning in 2018 Verdugo and Bellinger are added to the starting lineup along with three pitching prospects.

          • Sure would be nice to have another bat, but their thinking may be that Seager is that bat, along with bounce back by Puig and full season of Grandal.

          • I lean toward signing Heyward and trading Ethier and Crawford. If I could get Harvey for Puig and Wood, I would do that as well. But, I can be patient with the platoon until Verdugo can take over in left after Ethier’s and Crawford’s contracts expire.

            I just need a couple of young guys to root for like Pederson and Seager.

          • So am I right to think that you are OK to wait for the team to be molded like this FO wants before making a WS appearance.

        • Puig really doesn’t have the L/R splits of a platoon player, either in his career nor last year.

    • Even with the current roster, CF will be determined again in spring training. Puig might have an edge to start in RF over Ethier but he does not have an edge right now to start over Pederson in CF. CF is up for grabs.

    • OK, but for the other 154 games? The most common Dodger batting order appeared in only about 3% of their games and the Opening Day batting order was never repeated. The most common positional lineup was used in only about 11 games. Dodgers were not unusual in this regard. Of the NL playoff teams the Pirates had the most repeats, but this was only 8% for batting order and 14% for positional lineup. Between injuries and and Big Data generated matchups it ain’t easy being a manager these days. Since the Fish are not going anywhere and they need to focus on player development, Donnie should have an easier go with it.

  15. In a move that really shouldn’t surprise anyone, the Marlins fire Dan Jennings, so they have an opening for a GM, although they have both a President and Director of Baseball Operations who presumably outrank the GM. Sounds like a perfect spot for Ned. Maybe DM can give him a recommendation…

    • I think it would be a good move for Ned as I am sure his input is not highly regarded in Dodgerland.

  16. It has been extremely quiet on the Dodger Manager Front. Which leads me to think their mind is already made up, they will go with Gabe Kapler. I’m sort of looking forward to seeing how he runs things as compared to DM. I imagine, for instance, in-game decisions would come more from logic and statistics than tradition and player relations. These are going to be interesting times. And all you guys yelling for bringing Kendrick back… He had a good year and I wouldn’t mind bringing him back for a year, but that isn’t going to happen, it will take a 3 or 4 year contract to get him. Remember the Al Campanis rule: It’s better to get rid of a player a year to soon than…. And I don’t want Utley for even 5 minutes.

  17. Should the Dodgers go into 2016 with Hernandez and Peraza vying for second base or should they sign a free agent or make a trade? Here are the second base free agents and their ages available.

    Joaquin Arias (31)
    Mike Aviles (35)
    Emilio Bonifacio (31)
    Stephen Drew (33)
    Jonathan Herrera (31)
    Maicer Izturis (35) – $3MM club option with a $1MM buyout
    Kelly Johnson (34)
    Howie Kendrick (32)
    Daniel Murphy (31)
    Steve Pearce (33)
    Cliff Pennington (32)
    Sean Rodriguez (31)
    Skip Schumaker (36) – $2.5MM club option with a $250K buyout
    Chase Utley (37)
    Ben Zobrist (35)

    • Good question. I would go with these two. That said, you are going to need another infielder, preferably a left handed batter who can play multiple positions. Anyone that is really good is going to want years and $, while the club should probably be better off devoting resources to other needs. My first inclination would be to go with a one year contract for Chase. He might be happy with $5 million to play one last year in LA. If they decide to spend money, Zobrist would be great. Give him $10 per and he might be willing to sign on for two years.

      • I haven’t seen anything, but he is probably looking for at least three years for maybe $30 million (?). If Dodgers want to go that way, they would need to judge if 2015 represented the beginning of a decline or not. Also, not sure that he would have versatility to move into utility role in later years if one of the young pups claims second.

  18. The Dodgers could use a few more contact hitters. Peraza is supposed to one and Turner is and Agon is except when he is not. That need, if I am right, is why I think the Dodgers are in on Heyward.

    • I sincerely doubt that.
      Edit: And I shouldn’t even say that. FO is the ultimate free thinker when it comes to trades and signings. And I am growing more and more to appreciate that. (Except in his pitcher signings) His unconventionality is quite entertaining.

      • Do the Dodgers have enough offense? Seager should be better than Rollins but Kendrick’s replacement if in house should not be as strong. Will Puig, Grandal, and Pederson be an offensive force?

        What should the Dodgers do with these questions? Add a free agent hitter or merely add pitching or tweak the team with Rugiannos and Andersons?

          • Cespedes, Zobrist, two strong rotation guys like Price, Zimmerman, Cueto and of course Greinke. The key word here is 2. We also need a catcher from a trade if possible. The bullpen still needs some work and not with retreads, maybe Tyler Clippard, or Huston Street.

          • How many years would you go with Greinke and any of the other aces you identified on a contract and do you have any average annual salary limits?

            Would you sign another outfielder like Cespedes regardless of whether SVS, Hernandez, Crawford, Ethier, Puig, Pederson, Schebler are still on the team?

          • With Grenike, I would go the 5 and 150, only because he will demand Kershaw money and I feel he is worth it. Zimmerman and Price, maybe 6 and 150 and Cueto maybe 5 100. No limits for me as they will demand what the market will pay. On the outfielders, hopefully we could unload a couple and to me any would be OK. I would love to keep Ethier and Puig but understand they might have to go. Keep in mind that I know this FO will never do any of what I suggested except Greinke and he is a longshot.

          • Why do you think we need a another catcher and why the preference for a trade to acquire one?

          • I feel that Ellis will be let go soon and he outplayed Grandal so I thought it might be a good idea to get a good one. I don’t see a real good one available thru FA. Barnes isn’t ready yet. Thought about Avila and Weiters but not sure.

          • You’re letting your Grandal-hate surface again,. The only time AJ outplayed Grandal was when the latter was hurt in the last month or two of the season. Grandal was and is a better hitter than AJ and they’re probably on a par defensively.

          • If he was hurt, why did he play? I just looked at the overall stats for both for 2015 and it doesn’t show Grandal as a better hitter. I don’t hate Grandal, I just think the Dodgers can do better.

          • Grandal didn’t do himself or the Dodgers any favors by playing hurt. Mattingly didn’t make himself look very smart by playing him, either. I hope our next manager is smarter but I think anyone who wants to be a manager can’t be very smart to begin with…

  19. Scott van Slyke is now a Super Two. Most of you know what that means. For the benefit of the others, it means he reaches Salary Arbitration a year early and will have arbitration for 4 years instead of 3. That means he will have a nice raise in salary this off-season (estimated to be $1,200,000) instead of arbitrarily having his contract renewed somewhere near Minimum. I’d settle for Minimum gladly as its a little more than $500,000 a year. I could live on that… That extra year of arbitration means each of the following 3 years will be higher than they would otherwise have been. In my pessimistic opinion, this also increases the likelihood of him being traded and replaced with a cheaper player. We’ll see….

  20. Wonder if the FO has thought of bidding on B. Park whose Korean team is posting him this week? For a total cost of about what he will pay Agon in the next two years, he could get Park for 6 or 7 years. Probably the same production, too. That would allow him to trade Agon to the Padres for a pitcher. Just wondering, not saying to do it…

    • Believe that the owner would nix the idea of replacing AGon at this point, even if the FO were able to show him that it was a good idea in purely baseball terms.

        • AGon was the great white whale of the franchise and it’s Latin base of fans. They even took CC to land him. Hard to imagine the FO with a compelling enough reason to replace him at this point, particularly after having two of his better seasons, that the owner would sign off.

          • That is a good point. But the FO probably got extraordinary powers when he came here and the FO could probably do it if he wanted. And Agon and CC were Ned acquisitions which might be considered good reasons to move them on. Kiki and Puig are going to be Latin favorites, way more personality than Agon.

          • I don’t buy into this Ned issue. It would be silly if the FO evaluated players in that manner and one thing they are not is silly. I don’t think think that Quique as a Puerto Rican or Puig as a Cuban could ever hold the level of attraction that AGon does with a Latin fan base that is overwhelmingly Mexican-American.

      • A-Gon is a highly effective first-baseman and hitter at this stage of his career. He may start to decline, but I wouldn’t bet it would be steep in 2016, so I’d keep him around, particularly since as far as I know we don’t have any Eric Karros/Steve Garvey/Greg Brock types in the farm system.

        • The original question/plan was to sign Park, the Korean first baseman, for considerably less money than Agon makes and trade Agon for a much needed pitcher. I really have no attachment to Agon, he was not an original Dodger. Please note that the first words of the comment was “Wonder if”…

          • But why do you think Park would outdo Gonzalez? The Korean league is at about the same level as the Japanese league, I think, and that’s below MLB level for position players on past performances.

          • Agon had 27 home runs, one more than Joc, and 90 RBIs. OK but not great. Bob could probably rate with other first baseman who got same number of at bats. Eric Karros level. And he is declining. We will wish for that production next year. And certainly not worth what he is being paid. Maybe I think like the FO after all, not like a fan…

          • Show me where I said that. Everyone has their own opinion. Most of the people here think Agon is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don’t agree. He’s better than average but he’s not living up to his paycheck.

          • I don’t think that AGon is the best thing since sliced bread but I would take him EVERY time when compared to Joc. You may not have said Joc was outstanding but I recall you definitely being in his corner.

          • Tell me who the alternative is to having Joc in center? Puig? Big hole there when he’s on the DL for months at a time. And when he’s there, he’s no better than Joc. Kiki? Doesn’t measure up defensively, and he’s needed more as a second baseman or infield replacement. Joc was the best available option. Cars don’t roll well on three wheels, you use the best you have…

          • Any outfielder the Dodgers have would be better than Pederson. He hit 1.78/3.17/3.00/617 since the All Star break. He can’t hit! His defense is not so good he cannot be replaced. He can’t hit!!

          • Joc has a great eye and pop in his bat. If he gets good coaching this winter, most of hope he will be in CF for quite a few years. I haven’t given up on him but he needs to hit much better in 2016 than he did in the second half.

          • Are you saying he doesn’t have a good eye?

            He swings fewer times at balls out of the strike zone than someone that has a average eye. The fact that he doesn’t make enough contact with balls in the strike zone when does swing may lead to strike outs but doesn’t mean he has a bad eye.

          • AGon is maybe top five for 1st basemen in NL, but distant from the elites (Goldie, Votto, Rizzo). Hasn’t been elite since 2011 (155 OPS+) but seems to have plateaued over the past few years at 130 OPS+.

        • Funny you reference Karros-Garvey-Brock. The only similarities between them in my opinion is that they all were first basemen. Garvey was an All-Star, Karros a journeyman, and Brock a failure. I rooted for all but that is how I see their careers in retrospect.

        • The highest ranked 1st baseman in the system is currently the number 9 prospect. Cody Bellinger, 2013 draftee, played this season at Cucamonga as a twenty year old (a year younger than most). Athletic, he plays defense very well and has even appeared in CF. Shows power, but high K rate. Now projected as late 2017 call up at best.

    • I lean pitching and defense and Park is supposed to be a weak defender. I don’t think the Dodgers would add Park to the mix. I, however, haven’t figured out what KFAZ might do so it is fair to wonder.

    • Usually don’t watch pre- or post-game, but saw them during the rain delay in the ALCS and it was excruciating. Alex did his time and is playing, so I don’t see a problem in that sense in him being in the booth. What I couldn’t stand is Pete being there and opening his mouth and getting on the Big Hurt’s case. He made a spectacle out of himself.

  21. While watching the Royals – Mets, be glad that the taxpayers haven’t been on the hook for Dodger Stadium or its improvements since the original construction, unlike the two fan bases in KC and NYC.

    • OK by me. Stupid robot. I thought it would be cute to make the same response as I did a few posts below but the Robot confuses this response to this post with the identical response to the post below and won’t allow it. This additional explanation ought to defuse it.

      • I don’t hardly see this FO spending this type of money though. Maybe one or the other but not two. As a matter of fact, I could see them get some more low end pitchers like McCarthy and Anderson or Wood and not sign a top impact pitcher.

        • If they merely resign Zack, we should get down on our knees and give thanks to the FO. Anything else they get would be day old produce and out of date canned goods…

          • This is the worst part of the off season for me as I have no faith in the FO. They do things but very little make sense to me.

  22. Rules experts, would this be legally possible? Could the Dodgers work out a deal with Crawford whereby they agreed to pay part or all of his coming salary over a 10 or 20 year period, and give him an unconditional release, allowing him to live the life of a retired gentleman or sign a contract with another club if he chose and could find a club dumb enough? (Wow!! A 61 word sentence!!)

  23. Hey, all. I’ve been reading everyone’s posts but staying mostly silent, for two reasons. One, I’ve been fine-tuning the edits on the second draft of my book. Two, I have no idea what’s going to happen next with our team, or what I even want to happen! But I sure do miss watching them play. And I sure do love following all of you, as you plot and plan and fantasize and discuss. Please don’t stop. You have at least one avid lurker.

  24. If the Dodgers could get a #1 or #2 pitcher for Puig plus maybe Wood they might make that trade instead of going after a long term free agent pitcher. I think Harvey might be that pitcher as the Mets will want to replace Cespedes and Murphy without paying their going rate.

    If the Dodgers trade Puig, I think they will first sign Heyward as a free agent. That could be a 7 to 10 year contract at $25M annually.

    As suggested by Audit, the Dodgers might want to trade Crawford for BJ/MJ Upton to reduce the logjam in left field and provide a defensive backup in CF who is better than Hernandez defensively.

    I think Peraza will be the second baseman and Hernandez will be the much used utility player that will easily get 400 at bats.

    Patience will be shown for the arrival of Verdugo, Bellinger, Urias, and De Leon.

    The bull pen will be manned with the additions of Cotton, Stripling, and Anderson.

      • Because Upton has a contract about as bad as Crawfords AND Crawford would bring some money with him. Instead of paying Upton $32MM over the next two years, they would pay Crawford $43MM but they should get at least $20MM with Crawford. I would gladly give them the $20MM if I were Friedman.

    • I think I would rather just keep Puig than get Heyward and BJ Upton. Too much money. Let the farm supply the outfield. Those two don’t excite me like say Stanton.

      • That’s MJ Upton, not Justin Upton. No, he’s not exciting, but he’s just a cheaper, better upgrade for Crawford, a right handed platoon mate for Pederson, which should make you happy….