ALDS Games Five (really!), 2015

ALDS Early game: Texas at Toronto 1:00PM PT, TV: FS1

This is a rematch of the starters from the 14-inning Game Two of the series: Cole Hamels for the Rangers and Marcus Stroman for the Blue Jays. Hamels gave up four runs (two earned) on six hits, striking out six and walking none in seven innings. Stroman also went seven innings, giving up four runs (three earned) on five hits, striking out five and walking two.

ALDS Late game: Houston at Kansas City, 5:00PM PT, TV: FS1

The Astros start Game One pitcher Collin McHugh. In that game he went six innings, gave up two runs on four hits, walked one and struck out one. The Jays send out Game Two starter Johnny Cueto, who had a rough start in that game but wound up going six innings, giving up seven hits and four runs while walking three and striking out five, retiring 12 of the last 14 batters he faced.

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  1. Looking over the Dodger Front Office staff (and it’s huge), I came across this: Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations Steve Ethier
    Any idea if he’s related to Andre?

  2. My prediction (hope?) is a Dodger win of 4-1 or 5-1. I think they approach deGrom differently, they get a couple key hits and drive in a few runs. And this seems to be Greinke’s year. I think he comes thru.

  3. I did a little research. Only eight times in their history have the Dodgers played in a winner-take-all post-season game. :
    1988 — Dodgers beat Mets, 6-0, in L.A. in 7th game to win the NLCS 4-3.
    1981 — Dodgers beat Expos, 2-1. in Montreal in 5th game to win the NLCS 3-2.
    1981 — Dodgers beat Astros, 4-0, in L.A. in 5th game to win NLDS 3-2.
    1965 — Dodgers beat Twins, 2-0, in Minneapolis-St. Paul in 7th game to win the WS 4-3.
    1956 — Yankees beat Dodgers, 9-0, in Brooklyn in 7th game to win the WS 4-3.
    1955 — Dodgers beat Yankees, 2-0, at Yankee Stadium in 7th game to win the WS 4-3.
    1952 — Yankees beat Dodgers, 4-2, in Brooklyn in 7th game to win the WS 4-3.
    1947 — Yankees beat Dodgers, 5-2, at Yankee Stadium in 7th game to win the WS 4-3.

        • Since you’re on a research kick, Scoop, how about this one: We know what happened for the Dodgers Oct. 15, 1988 — what’s their record since then on Oct. 15?

          BTW, thanks for the info.

          • First of all, you’re welcome. Some background: Given that through 1968 the post-season consisted only of the WS, it is safe to assume that no post-season game was played as late as October 15 before then. Examples: The 1955 WS ended 10-4, the 1956 WS ended 10-10, and the 1959 WS on 10-8. (However, the 1965 WS ended 10-14.)
            Here is how the Dodgers have fared on Oct. 15:
            1974 — Lost to A’s, 3-2, Game 3 of WS
            1977 — Lost to Yankees, 4-2, Game 4 of WS
            1978 — Lost to Yankees, 12-2, Game 5 of WS
            1988 — Beat A’s, 5-4, Game 1 of the WS (the Gibson game)
            2008 — Lost to Phillies, 5-1, Game 5 of NLCS (ending series)
            2009 — Lost to Phillies, 8-6, Game 1 of NLCS
            2013 — Lost to Cardinals, 4-2, Game 4 of NLCS
            Remember: Past results are no indication of future performance.

          • I’m assuming then that you didn’t see the Dodgers play in the WS in Oakland in 1988….I covered the WS in 1974 as a young sportswriter. It was painful, and I couldn’t even cheer in the press box.

          • No, I didn’t attend ’88 Series here. I attended all three losses in 1974, and five interleague games since then.

          • So much for my thought that after ’88 it was a magical day.
            Here’s to tonight being magical once again!

  4. Possibly the least poised half-inning of baseball I’ve ever seen.

    And Andrus is not a rookie, and not new to playoff pressure.


  5. The entire 7th inning has been really weird. First the Rangers score on a weird play and then three errors to load the bases in the bottom of the inning for a home run after a force play.

  6. Besides the fact that this year’s leading CYA candidate is starting for LA, the best omen for the Dodgers tomorrow is the date: the anniversary of Kirk’s blast in Game 1 of the WS.

    Remember where you were? All my siblings had gathered for a surprise photo portrait we later gave our parents for Christmas. My brothers and I were in my apartment watching the game and listening to Vin’s call, then we were screaming.

    • I was watching with an A’s fan friend and two Gnatfans who had dropped by to gloat. When Gibson hit it, the A’s fan jumped up and turned my TV, while the Gnatfans stared in stunned silence.