ALCS Game Three, 2015

Kansas City at Toronto, 5:00PM PT, TV: FS1

The home team Jays hope Marcus Stroman can continue his good work in the postseason; he’s made two starts, struck out nine and posted a 3.46 ERA. Since they’re down 2-0 in the series, he’d better. The Royals ask Johnny Cueto to pitch like he did in Game Five of the ALDS (8 innings, 2 hits, 2 runs) rather than the way he did in Game Two (6 innings, 7 hits, 4 runs).

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      • I’m just announcing news, not commenting. 😉

        Besides, I doubt that Canadian politics excites the majority of readers of this blog enough to cause arguments.

        • Well, it kept me away from watching or commenting on baseball tonight. So, yeah, hold me back from violating Rule 5…
          I will say I am surprised by the fact it will be a majority government, but it is probably helpful to have a functioning parliament rather than a cobbled together one.

          • In baseball related news. In 1993 Canadians went to the polls and voted out a 9 year old Conservative government and replaced it with a Liberal government.
            1993 of course, was the last time Toronto won the WS. That won’t stop me from cheering for KC this year however. (I was also cheering for Philadelphia in 1993 – but called the Joe Carter HR off of Mitch Williams.)

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