Game 152, 2015

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 12:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

This is another battle of lefthanders. Clayton Kershaw has won nine of his last ten starts with a 1.17 ERA during that stretch. He’s 14-7 with a 2.18 ERA overall. He’s only pitched against the D-Backs once this season, back on April 11, and they got five runs off him in 6 1/3 innings. His opponent will be Patrick Corbin, who’s 6-4 with a 2.99 ERA. He lost to the Dodgers on September 13, giving up eight hits and two runs in six innings. That was the Greinke game in which Kenley Jansen gave up a 3-run HR to Saltalamacchia in the ninth with two outs, making it a lot closer game than it had been.

Lineup when available.

134 thoughts on “Game 152, 2015

    • Gotta believe that they are being cautious to an extreme with Yasiel, given the previous experience.

  1. Speaking of Aces, is it correct that Zack is missing this entire rotation?
    Also, any word/rumors re Dodgers making him an offer before Free Agency?

    • Probably not something you want to be doing at this stage of the season. Engaging in negotiations can lead to misunderstandings and attention being diverted away from the playing field.

      • Good point.
        I’d hate to see him leave. Other than that misguided tackle in San Diego which sidelined him, I’ve been impressed with all he’s done as a Dodger.

  2. Every win is good, especially at this time of year, but this was a GREAT win.
    I heard the bottom of the 5th, then followed the rest on Gameday while at a buffet.
    The bats woke up for one inning and they made it count!
    The bullpen didn’t give up any runs.
    A comeback win and in a game when the Ace was not Ace-ish. This wasn’t a postseason-quality team, but all nice indicators.

    • A very special win indeed.

      (What is the best buffet in Vegas these days? I expect to be there soon.)

      • “They” say the M (first one you hit if driving in from SoCal) or one of the fancier Strip hotels.
        I like the Station casinos buffets — they market to locals — because they’re more easily accessibly . . . and they give discounts. (Full disclosure: gourmet food is wasted on me . . . and of the two, I prefer quantity over quality. 🙂 )

  3. I have to say I hope they don’t clinch in the next 3 games, so I can see the games. I usually get the Giant games.

  4. After all the games that Kershaw hasn’t won after leaving with a lead, how great it is for him to win a game in which he departed on the potential losing end.

  5. Magic number is now Duke Snider’s uniform number. Let’s hope it is Willie Davis’ at the end of play today.

  6. Ump not expecting that high curve ball from Kenley and called it a ball despite being in the zone.

  7. In the second half of the season, coming into today Hatcher has an ERA (17 innings) of 1.56. Kenley in 27 innings is at 3.00.

  8. Man I’m sick. Just fell asleep on the couch with jacket on and a blanket and still shivering.

  9. With that out, Goldschmidt is now hitting .397 against the Dodgers this year, .450 at Dodger Stadium. Won’t miss not seeing him the rest of this season.

  10. Nice managing of the relief pitchers by Donnie in the top of the 7th. Goldschmidt leads off the 8th with the Dodgers up by at least three.

  11. I had to take care of some business when we were down 3-0, and then I come up for air and see we scored half-a-dozen runs . Reading all the comments, this one from RBI while we were losing stands out: “I think our guys will rally.”

  12. Vin: “A very interesting game. They’re all interesting, but every once in a while you get one that is kind of like a short story, and this is one.”

  13. If someone that didn’t know the standings watched this game, you’d never convince them the Dodgers have virtually sewed up the Division and the ‘Snakes are also-rans.

  14. Kersh was laboring as it was . . . hope his fruitless stint on the basepath doesn’t make it worse.