Game 149, 2015

Point of fact: up until this Pirates series the Dodgers had won seven consecutive series. They’ve been playing very well. Sometimes we don’t realize it.

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

Brett Anderson is 9-8 with a 3.35 ERA and hunting win number 10. The lefty hasn’t won that many since his rookie year of 2009, thanks to injuries. He’s made four starts against the D-Backs this season, going 1-0 with a 3.00 ERA. His opponent will be Jhoulys Chacin, who’s 0-1 with a 2.95 ERA in the big leagues this season. He was signed to a minor league contract by the Diamondbacks in June. He pitched for the Rockies for six years amassing a record of 38-48 and an ERA of 3.78.

Lineup when available.

The grand experiment of putting Chase Utley at third base begins.

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  1. Lineup for tonight’s game

    Ruggiano LF
    Kendrick 2B
    AGon 1B
    Van Slyke RF
    Seager SS
    Ellis C
    Heisey CF
    Guerrero 3B
    Wood P (11-10 3.63)

    Lineup courtesy Rotowire

    Really, don’t they think its about time to settle on a lineup for the playoffs and give the ABs to folks who are going to play and not guys like Heisey who probably won’t make the roster??

  2. I think an interesting project for next year would be to keep a chart giving the hitters and the pitchers a score in each game. Only two grades, “P” for pass, and “F” for fail. The number is three. If the pitchers hold the opposition to three runs or less, they get a “P”. More than three is an “F”. The hitters get an “F” for scoring three runs or less, a “P” for four or more. I think the hitters this year would have a lot of “F”s, and the pitchers might have more “P”s than actual team wins because of all the low scoring games they have thrown.

        • I would call it average. Indeed, very average. The Dodger’s average is 4.1, which is also the NL average. It suggests two things. One, the importance of pitching, where LA is at 3.6. The Cards for example actually score less at 4.0, but their pitching (and defense because it measures run prevention) is at 3.2. If you look at the top seven teams in run prevention you will see StL, LAD, Pitt, SF, NYM and Cubs. It also suggests that a “good” offense as commonly measured by OPS+ does not necessarily translate into more scoring. I believe that Jon looked into at one point. The Dodger offense, as measured by OPS+ is and has been for much of the season the best in the NL. If I recall, he suggested that luck (bad) had something to do with it. But, it could be more fundamental. While we are first in OBP, we are next to last in number of hits. Our being second in BB shows that a BB is not always equal to a hit when it comes to scoring runs. We do make up for this a bit in that we are second in slugging, i.e., we get more out of our hits.

  3. Judging from the comments, everybody was frustrated all night long. I’m glad I was cooking, eating and cleaning up, I think, even if I did have to empty the dishwasher at 5:00PM since I forgot I’d turned it on yesterday.

  4. Bed time for me. I won’t be able to watch or listen until an hour or so into the game tomorrow. Go Dodgers!

    • good point, but some other options are “Something was missing”, ‘Maybe’ or “it’s the hard knock life’

  5. For those of you who remember this from two years ago, I may have to resort to painting my toenails blue again, and sooner rather than later.

  6. Anderson really didn’t get it done tonight. I sure hope Wood comes through tomorrow night again. DBacks playing really tough right now.

  7. Vin should have just prerecorded the phrase “little chopper to (insert infielder)”. It would have saved his vocal chords a lot of work.

  8. Vinny is also being funny, but even he isn’t making me laugh. I may need to stop posting, lest I violate further rules.

  9. After that bunt in the air fell untouched I would say that AZ has had all the breaks, but they were called out for running outside the baseline that cost them a run.

  10. Vinny: Diamondbacks eliminated and loose as a goose. Meanwhile Dodgers haunted by seven. Supposed to be a lucky number.

  11. Dodgers on a negative roll of scoring first and losing. Tonight would be the third game in a row and their last four losses. Statistically that means nothing but it is still a bit frustrating.

  12. Too bad it wasn’t Latos pitching. Then we could have really had something to collectively grumble about.

  13. Anderson is going to give up one more run before he leaves the game, that is his M.O. The question then becomes whether or not the Dodger offense can make up for that as well as any subsequent runs the bullpen allows. My guess is…Not tonight.

  14. Being killed for two straight games by solo homers which, I realize, are better than two-run homers, three-run homers and grand slams.

  15. Adrian has 87 RBI this year. He’s gone over 100 every year but one since 2007, and in the one he missed he had 99. That’s 1053 for his career. He’s 13th among active players.

    Top five:
    1.Alex Rodriguez

    2.Albert Pujols

    3.David Ortiz

    4.Adrian Beltre

    5.Miguel Cabrera

    Miggie’s only been in MLB 13 years.

    • Yeah, one more hit would have made it 4-0. Or if the home run had been later in the sequence of hits.

  16. The cutoff man fell down catching the throw from the outfield. Ethier might have scored had they sent him.

  17. In the life is good category: I have the Dodger game with Vin announcing on tv. Lying on my couch and joining my favourite Dodger community online.
    And yes, I might have some ice cream later this evening.

  18. The Giants are idle today. We play Arizona. Starting tomorrow, the Dodgers and the Giants each play 13 straight days through the end of the regular season, Sunday, Oct. 4, including the four in San Francisco next Monday through Thursday.

        • One of the last times I think that I was truly not anxious about the Dodgers was sitting behind the A’s dugout in the bottom of the 9th inning in the fifth game of the 1988 World Series with Hershiser dealing. I still have my ticket.

  19. I have no problem with the Utley at third base experiment. Given his performance as a Dodger, however, I do have a problem with him continuing to bat near the top of the lineup. I’d rather see him batting sixth or lower.

      • I would have swapped Seager with Utley in the lineup or moved up Ethier to second and batted Seager fifth and Utley sixth.

          • Great minds, as they say.

            Hopefully, we will win tonight with the lineup Donnie decreed. I would feel much better with an eight-game lead and eight up in the (all important) loss column than seven and seven.

          • Right, we need to make hay against Arizona but it will be hard. I will feel better when its wrapped up. You never know about those Gnats.

  20. Crawford LF
    Utley 3B
    AGon 1B
    Kendrick 2B
    Ethier RF
    Seager SS
    Grandal C
    Pederson CF
    Anderson P

    Lineup courtesy of Rotowire

  21. One dumb Mattingly move yesterday I still feel bad about. Don’t remember the inning but bases were loaded, one out, Pederson at bat. The Genius pinch hit for him with the kid catcher, Barnes. The way Joc is hitting, I can understand hitting for him…IF you have a better hitter available. I would even have understood using Greinke to hit for him, but not Barnes. Joc is just about the most likely player on the team to hit a homerun. Darn good chance he might strike out. But if he grounds out, he’s not as likely to be doubled up at first as Barnes. And a run would have scored. We were probably twice as likely to score somehow if Joc hits versus Barnes.

    • Based on Joc’s BA, I would think he was more likely to strike out. I certainly don’t think with him batting that he is twice as likely to get a hit.

      • My point was that even without getting a hit, (with a fly ball, walk, or groundout), he was still more likely than Barnes to get the run in. And even if he struck out, the inning was still alive.

        • Joc’s MO is he either walks, strikes out or hits a HR. His HRs have been few and far between lately and he may have gotten a walk but he doesn’t put the ball in play all that often. Joc is hitting .218 and Barnes at .250.

          • “Putting the ball in play” is what killed the inning for us. A strikeout would have left us with another chance. And even if Joc grounded out, with his speed it likely wouldn’t have been a double play. Every advantage was with Joc over Barnes.

          • All that speed that Joc possesses has netted the Dodgers a grand total of 4 stolen bases in 7 attempts even though he has batted leadoff a lot. I understand why Donnie made that decision. Hindsight is always 20/20.

          • You may understand why Donnie made that decision (I wouldn’t be proud of that fact) but you haven’t any understanding at all of my explanation why we would most likely have been better off with Joc hitting rather than Barnes. I’ll let it die, no point in debating further.

          • Your explanation is that you feel Joc would have had a better chance of scoring a run than Barnes but I don’t understand why you think Joc would not have hit into a DP. I also don’t think that getting a SO is OK. Bet you didn’t think Barnes would have hit into a DP. Maybe he would have SO or got out but not a DP. Barnes is right handed and his average is better than Joc’s and that is why he was pinch hit by Barnes.

          • I have to respectfully disagree. Joc has been hitting better lately. Meanwhile Barnes has looked totally overmatched to me. I would have preferred just about anybody to Austin there, including sticking with Joc. The minute I saw it was Austin my heart sank and I thought “here comes a double play.” So in my case it was premonition, as opposed to hindsight!

          • I admire your loyality to Joc but respectfully disagree. Your premonition is pretty good so I understand your position.

          • We’ll never know what ol’ Joc would have done. But given his track record since the AS games, your point of view also makes sense.

          • You’re half right. Barnes’s average means very little in this case, but his right-handedness was significant. That said, Joc could easily have drawn a walk to get the Dodgers even.

          • I am just saying that if Joc is so fast he should have had more steals especially when I hear that his OBP is always good.

          • Would think that those of us who have seen him in around 140 games this year realize that he is fast. Have seen much less of Barnes, but understand that he is not your typical plodding catcher. Still Joc is surely faster than he is and has the step advantage of being a left handed batter.

          • That was Audit’s point and as I understood it you were trying to provide evidence to question it.

          • i am simply saying that he is on base with walks and such that he should have plenty of opportunity.

          • True but as many of you think that he has exceptional speed so I am suggesting that he should steal more often.

          • No or at least not early in the year. Julys .488 and Augusts 644 are nothing to write home about.

          • I think you are thinking of OPS there. Average OBP is somewhere between .325 and .350. Anyone who is around .400 OBP is very good.

          • I was thinking OPS, sorry. Joc’s July OBP was in the 200s, All is related to walks, I think.

          • I believe Joc’s is .353 OBP for the year is somewhat distorted by his early season success.

          • I can accept criticism. You are not offering any, just off the wall stuff. I told you that I had no opinion of Karros but you insist on describing what you think are my standards. You are trying to stir up hate and discontent, Sir.

          • As I said, you are not offering any. It doesn’t matter what I write or some others write, it is most always attacked. I know it will be attacked before I post it. I have even tried to agree with you and you attack that.

    • Yes, that really bothered me as well. Mattingly’s lefty-righty obsession sometimes causes him to check his common sense at the door.

    • I often disagree with Mattingly’s strategy, and probably would have left Joc in the game. It surprised me a little, though, that SVS could be healthy enough to start (and hit a dinger) Sunday, but unable to PH on Saturday.