Game 143, 2015

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Kershaw v. Gray. One’s 13-6 with a 2.15 ERA, the other is 0-0 with a 5.17 ERA. His team is 1-6 in his seven starts since he was called up. Looks like a walkover, right? No bets. Kershaw could have an off night, and the Rockies have some hot hitters in Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez.

Here’s a sign:

The Rockies are 7-26 against left-handed starters and are expected to face three lefties in Los Angeles: Kershaw, Brett Anderson and Alex Wood.


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  1. I’m going to hate to lose Schebler but we likely will in the next year or so. We already have 3 left-handed outfielders on the 25 man roster and I can’t see any of them being moved, although I’d switch him for Crawford in a heartbeat. I can’t see anyone taking Crawford even if we sent Matt Kemp money with him. Ruggiano actually has a better chance of sticking (I know he is a free agent) because I think they will trade SVS this off-season. Not advocating it, just guessing.

    • Ruggiano isn’t an FA until 2017. SVS is pretty valuable to the Dodgers, even though he has suffered at the plate recently, in still hitting lefties hard and ability to spell Agon at first. He is going to arbitration, so he will cost the Dodgers substantially more than the current half million bucks, but probably less than a replacement might cost (don’t see anyone readily available on the farm). Why do you think he will be traded?

    • I don’t think Schebler’s ever been considered a top prospect, but neither was SVS, who once got DFA’s and any team could have claimed him. What we’ve seen of Schebler is encouraging, but hardly definitive. I don’t see them dumping him, in any event – both Crawford and Ethier contracts expire within a couple years, and that will probably be the end of their Dodger careers.

  2. Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Late!

    Watched the post-game show after cleaning off the Abby-dog’s paws. Nice to see Kershaw get another win and see another rookie HR. And the replay of A-Gon and his wrestling match with the fan in the box seats was amusing.

  3. This probably sounds crazy, but I don’t think Kershaw did anything to help his Cy Young chances tonight.

    • I think we’ve been spoiled by Kershaw. For most any other pitcher this would be a gem: 7 IP, 1 ER, 2 BB 5 K. And he lowered his ERA. I don’t think he hurt his Cy Young chances, but I think Greinke has the inside track.

      • Yes we have been spoiled by him – wonderfully and obviously. However, on one level that doesn’t matter or come into play in terms of this years battle for Cy Young. The competition is so tight that compared to Greinke and Arenetta (spelling?), this was not an award winning start. Kershaw has so many “hidden” stats (non-traditional) going for him but didn’t greatly improve on either the trad stats (k’s, era, etc) or those more hidden ones (k/9, k’s/walk, xFIP).

        • It’s interesting that in many ways Kershaw has pitched better this year than last but likely won’t get the hardware to go with it. I realize that the only hardware that matters to him (and really for me as well) is the championship trophy/ring. However, the 12 year old fan boy in me wants Kershaw to keep racking up the Cy Young awards as well!

  4. I don’t think we are going to get much help from Cincy this week vs. San Francisco. The Reds are weak. They are trailing 3-0 tonight in the third.

    • And the Dodgers get Pittsburgh. Make it through the week with still at least a 5 game lead and then things even out schedule wise (whatever difference that makes).

      • I would like to be up by no fewer than six games when we begin the four-game series vs. the Giants two weeks from tonight.

      • Dodgers are at home this week for three vs. the Rockies and three vs. the Pirates. Giants are at home this week for three vs. the Reds and three vs. the DBacks.

  5. Can we give Kershaw a pass on the first inning and make the second inning the start of the game?

  6. I have to resign myself to being nervous from now until there are no magic numbers left. I’m at the game, and full of butterflies.

  7. Predicting we’re going to do well against a certain team or pitcher is a no-no, like talking about a no-hitter.

          • None of us here have an iota of influence over the game. Say, do, or think whatever you like, it won’t change the game one whit. I would think it presumptuous to think I could influence the gain, and I would certainly try to use it to my financial advantage. Mea culpa…

    • I think I understand the concept. It would allow one to exercise leg muscles without the stress of supporting body weight. If you can’t afford one of those machines, a bicycle does pretty much the same thing.

  8. Jon Gray, Colorado’s starting pitcher tonight, was the third overall pick in the 2013 draft. Kris Bryant of the Cubs was second, Mark Appel, a RHP, was taken first by the Astros.

  9. 2006 June Draft, First 15 Picks
    1. Luke Hochevar, RHP, Royals
    2. Greg Reynolds, RHP, Rockies
    3. Evan Longoria, 3B, Devil Rays
    4. Brad Lincoln, RHP, Pirates
    5. Brandon Morrow, RHP, Mariners
    6. Andrew Miller, LHP, Tigers
    7. Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Dodgers
    8. Drew Stubbs, OF, Reds
    9. Billy Rowell, 3B, Orioles
    10. Tim Lincecum, RHP, Giants
    11. Max Scherzer, RHP, Diamondbacks
    12. Kasey Kiker, LHP, Rangers
    13. Tyler Colvin, OF, Cubs
    14. Travis Snider, OF, Blue Jays
    15. Chris Marrero, OF, Nationals

    Among all 44 first-round picks that year, including compensation picks, here are the leaders in WAR: Kersahw 47.6, Longoria 42.8, Scherzer 30.0, Lincecum 22.6, and Ian Kennedy, 21st by Yankees, from Phillies, 10.4.
    Hochevar was drafted twice by the Dodgers, in the 39th round of the 2002 amateur draft, and in the 1st round (40th pick) of the 2005 amateur draft, but did not sign with them.

  10. The strange season of Yasmani Grandal:
    His first 9 games — 6-for-36, ,167 batting average
    His next 82 games — 74-for-247, .300
    His last 12 games — 0-for-36, .000
    Cumulative, 103 games — 80-for-319, .251

    • It will always be hard for me to understand all these lineup changes day after day, but hey if it works I guess it has merit.

      • It’s easy. You have a roster with great depth, and you play guys who have proved their abilities and sit guys who have proved inabilities (e.g., Ethier v. lefties) to give them the greatest chance of success.