Game 140, 2015

Dodgers at D-Backs, 6:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

Alex Wood (10-9, 3.51 ERA) goes for the Dodgers against Robbie Ray (3-11, 3.72 ERA). Wood had his best outing as a Dodger in his last start, going seven scoreless innings against the Padres. Lefty Ray’s record doesn’t show it, but of his 18 starts this season, 8 have been quality ones.

Lineup when available.

Stack the lineup with right-handed hitters against the lefty.

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  1. WBB, is it OK if I post the lineup?
    Crawford, LF
    Utley, 2B
    Gonzalez, 1B
    Turner, 3B
    Ethier, RF
    Seager, SS
    Grandal, C
    Pederson, CF
    Bolsinger, P

  2. Anyone read the Dodger Digest Wrap Up last night? It would’ve taken maybe 5 seconds. Guy don’t want to write a blog, he should just quit, not to try half-a**ed fake it….

      • Writer’s job to find something interesting to write. That was very unprofessional. I suppose that is the difference between owning a blog where you write when you want to and working for a an electronic or print organization where you are committed to coming up with a minimum story on schedule. What it does is lessen the visitor’s inclination to go there again.

        • Blogs are, almost by definition, non-professional. This one, you might notice, includes no game summary whatsoever.

          • We aren’t disagreeing, just not getting anywhere. I’m back to my original thought, If he wasn’t going to write about the game, why bring it up at all?

          • Just as a point of interest, I don’t bother with a summary on the theory that everyone reading saw or heard the game. Also, I have other things I’m required to do at the same time games usually end. Cleaning up the kitchen after cooking and eating, for some.

    • Guerrero hit a game saving almost walk-off except it was an away game 2 out top of the ninth grand slam against Colorado on I believe June 1st. Dodgers won 10-9.

  3. Guerrero pulls up lame running to first and grabs the back of his leg. Likely hamstring injury. Rollins in as PR.

  4. The D-Back pitcher has made the third out in each of the first two innings. That can’t be a very common occurrence. Get Elias Sports Bureau on the line, quick!

  5. Who are people rooting for – if anyone in particular – in the race for the 2nd AL Wild Card spot – Texas, Minnesota, LA?

  6. 10-0 DBacks. Time for Netflix.
    Not really but man, could use the story telling of Vin Scully to get me through this game.

  7. Worst outing of Wood’s career for sure. 8-0 and the Dodgers are getting their clocks cleaned.

  8. Yikes – I leave for a bit to put my son to bed and I return to see it’s basically a blowout already.

  9. Yes, we have an 8 1/2-game lead (great link to Fellini’s movie the other day, WBBsAs), and yes our magic number is 15, but as a lifelong Dodgers fan I have a tendency to worry. Here’s what I am worrying about: While our starting pitching has been great lately (and all year with Greinke and Kershaw) and our relievers have improved, many of the players who led us much of the season are slumping or on the DL, e.g. Gonzalez, Turner, Grandal, Kendrick, Puig and Hernandez. Rollins has not had a good year. Utley has been no better than OK since we got him. Ellis has improved. Van Slyke has had a couple of good games lately. Pederson is not hitting much for average but is outstanding in centerfield and walks a lot. Will Donnie do the right thing and include at least a couple of the new faces who have sparkled — Seager, Schebler, Ruggiano — on the post-season roster (assuming we reach the playoffs) or will he be the conservative skipper he has been most of the season? I know several of you have addressed this earlier today.

    • It may not last, but Chase as a Dodger has a higher OPS+ than Howie, 124 versus 109. So not sure where this idea comes from that Utley is not performing (several commenters below) or yours that he is no better than OK. That said, it is certainly true that the most recent upturn in offense has been led by the newly acquired vets (including Utley) and call ups.

      • Of course, choosing players because of how they have done over a three week period is always a bit risky. Choose a different three weeks from earlier in the season and you have Alex Guerrero as your starting left fielder.

      • I’ll be honest and say the numbers surprise me about Chase. I think I somehow lumped him in with Gonzalez, Turner and Grandal as a guy who was slumping/underperforming.
        I’m happy to be corrected and hope it continues close to that level.

    • I guess the long and short of it is to get the injured guys (Kendrick, Rollins and especially Grandal, Hernandez and Puig) healthy. The best would be to have the most possible healthy options in which to make up a playoff roster. If they make it, he adds a bit superstitiously.

    • As of today, I think that Seager makes it. Schebler loses out to Dre and CC as a left handed hitting outfielder. Ruggiano would need to make it over Puig/SVS as a right handed hitting outfielder. Let’s see if he keeps it up!

  10. So over at DoDi, Dustin lays out his picks for the Dodger postseason roster (playoffs not a lock yet, but here’s hoping). For position player he says it comes down to Puig (if healthy) vs Seager, but I would rather see it come down to Seager vs Utley – and I would chose Seager. If healthy, either Hernandez or Peraza can back up Kendrick (who has to be back long before then, doesn’t he?). Which then leaves Seager to back up/start over Rollins at short or Turner at third. Basically, it comes down to rather having Seager at third over Utley. I don’t see Chase making the throws from there as easily as Corey.

    • Totally agree with you. But the baseball reality is the old guy, whether he can play or not, will get the slot over the young player. Has always been this way.

      • Yes – sigh – but I even showed my work and everything so it feels like the Dodgers should agree with me.

      • In fairness, Utley has played well since becoming a Dodger. Seager is clearly a star of the (near) future, but he could also tank quickly. His AAA numbers were decent but not truly impressive.

        • Utley has played decently. Seager has played better. Either of them could play well or badly in the postseason. I am always in favor of the old folks getting out of the way and letting the young show what they can do. I believe that is the natural way of things.

          • Good news for you: You won;t Nor will I. That job goes to Friedman, who will probably surprise us by selecting Heisey instead of the others….

          • It will not be Friedman’s decision. It will be the result of consultations between the front office and the field staff, including Mattingly.

    • I think the real trade off, if healthy, is Puig versus Peraza, and at this point see no contest. Peraza would be a third string 2nd baseman and pinch runner,

      • Hmm, if it does come down to those two then it seems like the Dodgers are in pretty good shape. Because in the infield I would rank both Seager and Utley ahead of Peraza – even given his pinch running capabilities.
        Again, all of this is dependent on a healthy Puig.

        • Yeah, I think that the fellow who wrote the article set up the wrong trade off to get people excited.