Game 138, 2015

Dodgers at Angels, 7:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSW

Kershaw versus Heaney. The prime-time pitcher versus the rookie. Heaney, briefly a Dodger last winter, is 6-2 with a 3.18 ERA. Kershaw is 12-6 with a 2.18 ERA.

Kershaw will want to be wary of Pujols, who is hitting .440 off the Dodgers’ ace and has a .563 on-base percentage, the third-highest mark by anyone with at least 10 at-bats against him.

Lineup when available.

Load up with right-handed hitters!

137 thoughts on “Game 138, 2015

  1. I don’t want anyone to leave unhappily. I do wish that the subjects of Joc’s strikeouts v. Kemp’s defensive liabilities, Kendrick’s abilities v. Dee Gordon’s, and Grandal’s one-time suspension could be avoided, as well as the motives of the Dodgers’ front office. The mention of any one of those things immediately stirs up the fire in people who feel differently than the original mentioner.

    Let’s just all try to enjoy the season we’ve got with the players we’ve got, please?

      • I hope this isn’t gasoline but gentlemen can disagree on any issue. The key is to be nice to each other. When we realize the other person is not going to change his mind, and we aren’t either, it’s time to drop the subject and back off, not say something to make him more angry. It’s a lost cause for both of you. WBB, we’ve clashed on several occasions. Yet I consider you perhaps the most intelligent and have the broadest interests of anyone on the blog, but you certainly have your faults. I think you are essential to the continuation of the blog, if we want it to remain an interesting place to visit. I hope it will continue in a more polite manner.

  2. Cubcasters are acknowledging Koufax’s perfecto today (while also recalling Hendley’s opposing one-hitter).

  3. Good Morning Everyone
    In light of Scooplew’s comment last night regarding enjoyment of commenting on the blog. I have decided to discontinue my commenting for now. It was never my intent to make anyone not enjoy commenting. Even though I do not think that I alone caused this action, I feel that I am a part of it as it has caused 2 of my favorite commenters (RBI and Dave) to have the same sentiments. I am very sorry. Unfortunately opposing opinions are not the best form of commenting here. Best of luck to the Dodgers and all of you.

    • Hate to see this, Package. I agreed with their sentiments, and while I don’t know who they had in mind as bullies, I’m pretty sure they didn’t want the victim punished. If you leave, another victim will have to be selected. Double shame. These two have the most to offer here with their baseball knowledge and active minds, they just need to be nice to people.

    • It is disappointing when someone consistently ignores Rule No. 8, especially with no evidence to back it up.

    • Package, my intention was not to have you leave the site! I really enjoy having you here – you are a favorite of mine. But I haven’t enjoyed the ongoing bickering. It’s always the same basic argument, and no, you are not the only participant. It takes two, and in some cases three or four, to dance this particular tango. Sniping is the norm on blog sites, and ours is still relatively mild. But I came to DodgerThoughts years ago precisely because of the rules, and friendliness, and high level of baseball IQ. I have changed from a fan to a knowledgable fan because of all you guys. I love the history. I love the passion. I love the sometimes contrary opinions. I just don’t love the repetitious arguing and attacking about the same few players and decisions, over and over. It’s like siblings poking each other in the back seat when you’re trying to drive and enjoy the view. A view which, somewhat to my surprise and joy, is pretty great right now. I hope you stay and enjoy the rest of this crazy ride with us! Who knows? Maybe we’ll take it all the way. (Though my old team, the Mets, are scaring the hell out of me right now…) That’s just my long-winded two cents on the subject.

    • Just reading this now and feel very sad. I haven’t always agreed with you package, but I recall asking you in the off-season last winter why it was that you held the opinions you do. You said it was because you want the best for the Dodgers and just want to see them win. I knew from that point on that whether I agreed or disagreed with your point of view about the team and how it was run, etc., that I liked you as another passionate Dodger fan. And I have certainly appreciated some of the non-Dodger chats about food, weather, life that has mixed into our conversations. I’m sad that my comment last night about the back and forth arguments was not more clear about it not reflecting my appreciation for the people behind the posts. I feel sad that the comment instead had the effect of pushing you away. I will miss chatting with you if you do go and hope you will have a change of heart and return.

      • RBI, I miss ya’all also and I am considering returning. I just needed to clear my head and decide how to proceed as some think attacking commenters is OK. I have trouble not responding to that kind of response from some. I just don’t want to offend the good folks on the site and their enjoyment and excitement for the Dodgers.. Thank You for your friendship and concern.

  4. Every time Baez pitch I mentally call him By-Bye Baez. Tonight he went bye-bye and not the hitters.

  5. Glad to see ths infield d really come through in the 8th. Seager had a routine play for the 3rd out but good for him to have that chance to get the errors behind him.

  6. I have been a contributor to this blog for many years. I enjoy the fact that we share a passion for the Dodgers, through thick and think, and we engage in meaningful exchanges. Lately, however, I feel that some of us are violating three of the precepts of this site, specifically:
    2. personally attacking other commenters

    3. baiting other commenters

    4. arguing for the sake of arguing
    That is detracting from my enjoyment.

    • And it seemed like such a delayed call. Usually the balk call is instantaneous to the balk movement itself.

    • I would say one more inning (7th) but knowing Kershaw he will want to pitch the 8th as well.

  7. Said it last night and I will say it again tonight: The Dodgers have owned the middle innings (5,6,7) over the last week or two.

  8. Seager looking so comfortable hitting line drives. And fielding. And throwing.
    Basically looks quite at ease in general.

  9. Not often you get back to back double play balls. Utley messed up the first one but got the second.

    • Would like a bunch more so that he doesn’t have to stay in any throw more than 100 pitches.

  10. Heaney at 75 pitches through 4. Kershaw seems to have gotten over his first inning blip – not just the HR, but lots of missed location on his pitches.

  11. Kershaw strikes out Trout for the 3rd out. During that at bat, he threw over to try and pick Calhoun off first base. I know it’s great picking runners off, but I’m not sure I would want to face Trout again right away the next inning. It’s like having another half AB to have to try and get him out.

  12. Crazy lineup tonight.
    How bad does Washington feel after blowing a 7-1 lead to the Mets?

    • I am happy that it looks like there are going to be many different teams in the playoffs this year (such as the Astros, Mets, Cubs, Pirates). It makes the playoffs much more interesting

      • Not that I’m rooting for them, but don’t forget the Blue Jays. Royals still seem “new” as well. I have a friend who is convinced it will be 1985 all over again: Jays vs Royals in AL and Cards vs Dodgers in the NL.

      • been a bit crazy at home and at work, but I always keep an eye on the scores. Liking our ever increasing lead in the division, as well as our better play of late