Game 135, 2015

Dodgers at Padres, 5:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD, MLBN Free Game

The Dodgers send Alex Wood (9-9, 3.67 ERA) to the mound to make his seventh start for them since coming over from Atlanta at the trade deadline. He lost his last game to the Cubs, but since Jake Arrieta threw a no-hitter against his team that’s not exactly a surprise. His opponent will be Tyler Ross (10-9, 3.27 ERA). He won his last outing, giving up three hits and no runs in seven innings.

The lineup is a little more familiar today:

Giants at Rockies, 5:10PM PT. Peavy v. Bettis. The Giants have lost seven straight and are 8 games in back of the Cubs for the second wild-card spot.

117 thoughts on “Game 135, 2015

  1. It’s a small pleasure to be pretty much unconcerned with what the Gnats do any more, but I’d still like to see BadGums get gnocked around Coors today.

  2. One pickoff, one called strike three call and then a one pitch pop out. Wow! That is very effective pitching!

  3. SF winning 5-1 in Colorado. I guess they might not lose every game for the rest of the year.

  4. Pitchers man – some times it takes them 30 pitches to get through an inning, other times only 7.

  5. Pitchers duel so far but I’m thinking the hitters break out in another inning or two.

  6. Better health and regular PT no doubt helped Dre do much, much better this year. But hadn’t realized that late last month he’d hit.396 (23-for-58) in August, highest in the majors in that span. Ethier’s average had ballooned to .299 — his highest since 2008

  7. Old DT commenting friend KT (KMT now, I think) continues to attend games at DS despite back issues and be generous with extra premium seat tickets at times. He seems to have taken his game experiences to a whole new level as shown by excerpts from recent comments on another blog:

    –“I finally brought the 2013 Carl Crawford #25 jersey that he signed on the front as I got him to sign on the number he was talking to me and said are you going to try to get me to sign something for you every night and I told him I’m good luck last night he went 2 for 4 and tonight he led off with a Home Run…He smiled at me when he was going to take the field in the bottom of the 1st”

    –“I told the ump yesterday that when he was called over he was ready to throw someone out before he even talked to someone and that that attitude was totally wrong…he acknowledged my point”

    So, he has a new pal in CC…and so far has not been run by an ump. But you never know. ;-])

    • KT has always been an autograph/memorabilia hound for his kids. Wonder if the little one, who used to watch the games on his knee in front of the television, is attending games now.

  8. Saw an opinion that after his last woofer of a start Latos missed a great opportunity to keep his mouth shut. Instead he publicly dissed what he called DM’s quick hook, claiming he was getting his release point right his last 2 IP (over what was pretty much 4 innings of batting practice).

    In light of Latos’ showing as a Dodger, Eric Stephen retorted: “Could make an argument his release point should be September 4.”

    • From ESPN:

      Latos (4-10) was frustrated that he was lifted for a pinch hitter in
      the fifth inning after he had pitched two scoreless innings.

      “Not being able to get deep in games, being on a quick leash, it’s hard to
      get into a rhythm whenever you get yanked out real fast,” Latos said. “I
      guess I kind of put myself in that situation as well. I gave up four
      runs early in the game, I kind of settled in, put two zeroes back on the
      board and kind of found my release point. By the time I do that, I’m
      already out of the game.”

      Then, from a later ESPN column:

      Mattingly said Latos asked to speak with him in his office Friday afternoon to clarify those comments. The Dodgers acquired Latos from the Miami Marlins in the three-team, 13-player trade they completed shortly before the deadline.

      “That’s a conversation between him and me,” Mattingly said. “I’m just managing
      to win a game. At this point, you’re not trying to develop. I understand
      what he’s saying. For him to get a rhythm, the more he pitches,
      probably the better he’ll be. But there’s a time luxury right now that
      we don’t have.”

    • Latos, a free agent-to-be, will not be a Dodger next year. Given the potential fragility of starting pitching, though, I feel confident that he will be on the roster through game No. 162.