Game 124, 2015

Dodgers at Reds, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

It’s a battle of lefties as the Dodgers’ Alex Wood (8-8, 3.79 ERA) goes against the Reds’ rookie John Lamb (0-1, 6.35 ERA). This will be Lamb’s third big league start and second against the Dodgers. On August 14 he went 6 innings against them, giving up eight hits and five runs, four of them in the fifth inning including a three-run homer to Adrian Gonzalez. Wood started that game for the Dodgers and went 6 1/3 innings as the Dodgers won 5-3.

Lineup when available.

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  1. followed the game on and off while at work (work filter lets me do that!). Much better news (on both counts)

  2. So back to where we started (2.5 games up) before the road trip began. That didn’t take much.

  3. Make this weather go away! It’s been raining for several days and my pool is full to within two inches of the top!

    Yabba dabba doo for the win!

    • We’ll take all the rain you can spare. I think we average less than 5 inches. Sure do miss all that good California rain. (Yeah, I know, you live in Hawaii…)

  4. We win! A little sad that after having to slog through last weeks losing games, I wasn’t around to enjoy this one. But – that looks like it was a pretty solid win (against a bad team). Whatever – we’ll take it!

  5. Might prefer Juan to give up a three run home run and get Kenley for the 4 out save.

  6. Old friend Chris Capuano was just touched for a six-spot, all earned, by the Astros in the top of the 7th at Yankee Stadium. He allowed three hits, walked four. Capuano’s ERA is now 7.71. He is 0-4. The Astros, behind Keuchel, lead 15-0.

    • Wood had thrown 88 pitches, but despite giving up a two-out single in the 6th, seemed in control. The Dodgers bullpen is like Russian Roulette, except that three or four of the six chambers are loaded.

      • Don has to do something to try to justify his position. Wood did have a slightly poor strike-to-ball ratio, but he was not in trouble and had a comfortable lead.

      • Donnie appears gun shy with Wood. In a couple of his outing things have gone south pretty quickly on him.

  7. Prediction: We will need more than three runs to win this game. Wood is probably good for one more inning, two if we are fortunate.

    • At least he has a chance to steal. He is not being a baby and screaming my shoulders hurt. Poor Baby Grandal!!

      • No, A.J. just manages to injure himself in walk-off celebrations. Get serious, Package – do you think injured players should hide their problems and make it worse?

        • I give you credit WBB. You will make a case for any player no matter what they have done or not done. You definitely amaze me. By the way, you will also make a case against any player whether they are good or not should the notion strike you.

  8. Dodgers batting averages in the last seven days (not counting tonight): Ellis .600, Puig .364, Ethier .333, Hernandez .250, Gonzalez .211, Utley .154, Rollins .136, Crawford .077, Turner .056, Guerrero .000 (5 ABs), Pederson .000 (7 ABs), Grandal .000 (8 ABs), Van Slyke .000 (10 ABs).

      • Yes, the bullpen has been a problem, but the hitting has been no bed of roses. The Dodgers have scored 49 runs in their last 14 games; the Mets have scored 49 runs in their last four games.

  9. Going out for a farewell dinner for a colleague. Hopeful to see some good news when I get home. No score predictions from me tonight since my 3-2 guess for Sunday’s game was unfortunately so near and yet so far.

  10. Listening to MLB on XM radio for over an hour discussing the Dodgers. Jim Bowden and Casey Stern. Both agreed that Donnie was not the problem and the FO had completely missplayed the off season moves as well as the trade deadline moves. Nice to know that some people believe most of what I have been saying.

    • Mattingly may not be THE problem, but he is A problem. The dying offense is the current problem.

      Bowden is hardly a credible source. He lost his GM job at Washington because of corruption, moved to ESPN, and probably has a grudge against Stan Kasten because of that:

      Here’s the sort of “analysis” you can expect from ESPN these days:

      • I told you in the off season Donnie would be the scapegoat. Now you are trying to manufacture reasons why he now is a problem. Many people do not believe Friedman is the best thing since sliced bread. He is running the most expensive franchise in baseball like a small market team. His moves make no sense and now let’s jump on Donnie. Donnie is not my favorite manager but you now blame him for the inefficiency of the FO. Give me a break.

        • Donnie may be good in the clubhouse – no small achievement – but his game strategy and especially bullpen management are appallingly bad. If he goes, he won’t be missed.

    • I still like the Gordon trade a lot. I still like the Kemp trade as well. I also liked the idea of McCarthy and Anderson at the time, but losing McCarthy – and of course Ryu – has definitely hurt. Anderson has pitched alright. I’m glad they picked up 2 starters instead of just one at the deadline – and 2 relievers as well – but that clearly hasn’t worked out as hoped.

        • Just saying it hasn’t worked out as hoped to this point. Not that it can’t/won’t.

      • I should add that I’m award of the injury risk with McCarthy and Anderson. McCarthy got injured and Anderson hasn’t as of yet.

  11. Link:
    You asked the other day if there was a worse way to end the game than with a
    strikeout and if there is, you didn’t want to know about it. There is. And forgive me for sharing it. It was on April 21, 1978 — I remember this one and I researched it to get all the gory details.

    The Dodgers were playing the Astros at Dodger Stadium and had blown a
    lead of 4-0 but led 6-5 heading into the 9th inning, when the Astros
    scored three runs on a homer by Joe Ferguson to take an 8-6 lead.

    Bill Russell singled to lead off the bottom of the 9th and Reggie Smith followed with a single, moving Russell to second. Ron Cey then hit a liner to first baseman to Bob Watson, who stepped on first to double off Smith. Watson then spun and threw to Roger Metzger at second who beat Russell to the bag to complete the triple play. I remember the look on Cey’s face. It was like “what the heck just happened?”

    Three outs, end of inning, end of game.