Game 112, 2015

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MASN

Brett Anderson (6-6, 3.06 ERA) tries to right the ship for the Dodgers after their three-game sweep at the hands of the Pirates. He’ll face Gio Gonzales (8-4, 3.75 ERA), who’s won his last four decisions but hasn’t made it past the fifth inning in any of his last three starts.

Dodger fans get a chance to see Bryce Harper, who’s having an MVP-caliber year so far with 29 HRs and 69 RBI to go along with a slash line of .335/.463/.656.

Lineup when available.

213 thoughts on “Game 112, 2015

  1. Mattingly, post-game:

    “They’ve got some guys that are a tough matchup for Brett,” Dodgers
    manager Don Mattingly said. “Tonight was a game we felt like we never
    really had a chance to win.”

    Gee, Don, why’d you bother putting a team on the field then?

    Seriously, what the heck?

    • Guessing that it’s the organization’s way of protesting the scheduling of 8pm Sunday game on the opposite coast. Not sure why they punish the fans, should have let people in for free. With Zimmerman and Werth back in the line up they are a southpaw’s nightmare.

    • Don’s rhetorical skills are roughly comparable to his bullpen management abilities.

  2. Anyway, night all and we will get them tomorrow. RBI basically guaranteed it. πŸ™‚

  3. Gonzo in the lineup tomorrow, and Turner back a few more days after that. Need Puig and or Joc to lift their heads a bit in terms of batting. Need the offense to win a few more 7-6 type games perhaps. Best bullpen might be the Dodger offense for the next little while – if they can get it going.

    • They are not the best (close to the worst), but I think that we can only really blame the pen for one of the four losses and, even then, Donnie’s handling of them was a contributing factor.

    • I have never felt worse about Mattingly. Not even when he didn’t pull Kershaw during the play-offs.

  4. Have a great night guys….. Now, I’m off to hang with a little 3 yr. old daughter… and read her some bedtime stories. Always fun. Lots of laughts…..
    Until tomorrow! – RBI called it… the start of a winning streak… spear-headed by Mr. Grienke.

    • Who’s slated to pitch for us tomorrow?

      (not that it matters to starting a string of wins) πŸ™‚

    • I hope so. I really felt like that last night. Before the game I felt so positive the Dodgers were going to take that last game against Pittsburgh and keep on winning. Then I thought that last night’s lose would make them “mad” and they would play with some passion tonight. However, this is baseball not soccer (or hockey or football or basketball) so it doesn’t always work like that.
      But yes, I hope you are right.

    • Oh – I thought you were being very positive there for a second. You have “better” end. I thought you were either hoping for an alternate universe (a la Berenstein bears) or willing to wait a very long time until things got better.

  5. According to Gameday Peraza walked. And then Peraza came up next and walked again. Trippy.

  6. I see our boys are being very nice hosts to the visitors from our Nation’s capitol…..
    They’ll never want to leave. πŸ™‚

      • Hey, RBI…. It’s nice to be able to hop on here two nights in a row.
        I hope all’s been well with you….

        Now, if we could just find a way to get you out to Chavez Ravine tonight. ….
        With a name like, “RBI”… you’re totally needed in that Dodger dugout!

      • Jonny seems to show up at certain times to vent (although he actually doesn’t do that anymore). These are not usually not good times, so hard to say that I am happy to see him.

    • They just got swept by the Rox at home (and lost 2 of 3 to Snakes). People here have been as miserable as us. (bullpen implosions)

  7. i wonder what the Dodger/MLB record for most consecutive games wherein the bullpen gives up a home run? Seems like the Dodgers are on a bit of a run in that category.

  8. Call me snarky, but I’m thinking this might be our first four-losses-in-a-row of the year.

  9. How much of this game do we attribute to the team getting in very early this am?

    • Actually so surprised to see a reliever do that well coming back out for a second inning. Relief pitchers coming back for another inning have not done well for the Dodgers this year.

  10. Serious question: Is there anyone on Mattingly’s coaching staff besides Honeycutt who was a pitcher?

  11. I do think Turner coming back will give the Dodgers a bit of a spark. Peraza is no Kendrick but could add some zip as well. The starting pitching will work itself out. The bullpen needs some fresh arms from Trip A – Liberatore, Ravin, perhaps. Dodgers season is not quite down the drain yet.

  12. Bad history on August 10: Twenty years ago tonight, the Dodgers forfeited a game to the Cardinals at Dodger Stadium when the fans refused to stop throwing their gift baseballs on the field in protest of the umpiring.

  13. Seven straight batters reach base before we pull the pitcher? I haven’t seen something like this ever happen to the Dodgers ever . . . unless you consider last night.

  14. Downside of not having Joc in CF (though at least one would have scored on the sac fly)

    • I believe that’s my cue. Just reading/putting my son to bed. Been listening and many this another dog of a game for the boys in blue.

  15. Oh, so now Honey goes out? And no one warming up. Because we have no one to help him out.

  16. This site has as much energy tonight as the Dodgers. I don’t think the players or the fans have recovered from last night’s debacle.

  17. Four and a half innings in an hour. Kind of like Koufax vs. Gibson. Well, not exactly.

  18. I think the Dodgers will make the playoffs where we are likely to face one or more of the six teams who have winning records besides us. Here are our 2015 marks against each of them:
    Washington 2-1, Chicago 2-2, New York 3-4, St. Louis 2-5, San Francisco 3-9 and Pittsburgh 0-3. That’s a cumulative record of 12-24.
    That is not something to write home about. However, in 1988 we were 1-10 against the Mets in the regular season (there was one rainout) and we beat them in seven in the playoffs.

  19. Is WAR a cumulative statistic? Can a player’s career WAR go down if he has a bad year?

  20. I wonder what Ellis’ percentage of first pitch called strikes is. That seems to be his MO.

  21. Rollins ss
    Peraza 2b
    Van Slyke 1b
    Puig rf
    Hernandez cf
    Callaspo 3b
    Guerrero lf
    Ellis c
    Anderson p

    Lineup courtesy Rotowire

    Is Donnie trying to lose his 4th straight?

    • “Enough of those 6 different pesky 3-game losing streaks listed on Baseball Reference. I want a manly 4 game one. Overcoming that will put hair on the chest of all my young ball players.”
      Or something like that.

    • Stacking the line up with righties. Agon and Grandal weekly rest. I thought you wanted Quique in the line up?

  22. Dodgers have done pretty well after most of their 3 game losing streaks this season. Choosing an arbitrary end point of 6 games they have gone: 4-2, 4-2, 5-1, 2-4, 5-1 after each of their 3 game losing streaks up til now.
    Note – it is a fairly even split whether the end point was followed by win(s) or loss(es).

    • If you total the wins and losses, including the five 3 game losses, they were 20-25 over that 45 game period. Not too good.

    • Give that man a cigar! Love this quote: “Historically speaking, it was one of the worst managerial outings ever.” He says exactly like Package and I have been saying; Instead of using brains (which he is supposed to have) and money (Which we know they have), he is letting his ego call the plays, to win “his way”. And for those “housemen” out there who will protest, “But we’re leading by 4 games”, I say “B S, We ought to be leading by 20 games”. Not making it to the ‘Series last year and year before are on Colletti and Kasten, this failure will belong to Friedman. Rip away…

      • Actually not so sure that you and Package are on the same page. Package feels that Donnie is a good manager, who won in the past but is now saddled by less than impact players. You seem to think that Donnie is doing a bad job managing and that we should be up by 20 games given the talent we have.

        • I’ve never thought Mattingly was a good field manager, but the argument is that he handles players well – which is an enormous part of the job description. He’s particularly bad at bullpen management. I wouldn’t mind seeing him go, but I fear the conditions that might bring about his departure.

          • The thin talent in the pen puts an even greater premium on how they are managed. I think that you are right in terms of his liabilities in that regard. Honey should know better, no?

        • I feel Donnie is middle of the road as managers go. I am just saying that he is the same guy he was last year, he just has a lot of different players but also is working for a different crowd.

      • So – the failure of Colletti and company was not making the Series – but the failure of Friedman and company is not being an additional 15 games in front? Doesn’t seem like you are making a fair comparison. How can you judge one based on playoffs and another on regular season? If the Dodgers don’t make the playoffs at all, or if they don’t make it to the WS – then you have a more logical comparison.

        Now, that being said – I don’t agree with everything that this FO has done. In last night’s thread I grumped about trading away Uribe/Oliveria even though Turner is so awesome. I compared Johnson to a Ned pick up (you can make of that what you want). For the most part, I would say well done but not for everything. Ain’t one of us that is perfect.

        • Making that comparison is what the FO did when they were trading players away. The said the team was a collection of talent and not a cohesive team. Obtaining those players were to play better in the post season and get to the world series.

          • Exactly. I agree with you. Which means that we have to wait and see if the Dodgers make the playoffs – and then if they get there how they do.

            I realize the Dodgers were swept in the series. And last night’s game infuriated me to no end. However, I still think they will make the playoffs – with some bumps and bruises along the way.

          • We agree. I think the team will make the playoffs but it will be a fight and very painful unless somehow the FO gets some really good players.

    • It is very true that the Dodgers didn’t pick up big name/big salary frontline pitchers for either the bullpen or as starters.
      However – If the Dodgers (and many of their fans) didn’t feel they needed to upgrade 40% of their starting rotation and get 2 new starters, and if they didn’t feel like they needed to get at least 2 new arms for their pen and finally, if they didn’t feel like they needed to keep many of their top minor league guys – perhaps then they would have gotten either a big name starter or top reliever.
      But to try to get both a top starter and top reliever, or – more to the point, multiples of both categories – that would have been difficult. It would have been awesome if they had but not realistic.

      • You would also think that the FO would know that not strengtening the rotation would put more innings and pressure on the pen. I guess not.

        • So you would have preferred one of Price/Cueto/Hamels to the Latos/Wood combo we got? Because I think the Dodgers did try to strengthen the rotation exactly by getting 2 starters instead of just 1.
          Or do you think they should have gotten 2 of the 3 from Price/Cueto/Hamels?

          • I like the idea of 2 starters or if they had gotten Wood and maybe a Price/Cueto/Hamels . I know they probably would not have gotten 2 impact starters. I don’t like Latos at all. I will however support him as he pitches for the Dodgers.

  23. Took in several of the Nat games against the Snakes and the Rox. Harper is scary good.

      • Not a polished all around player like Clutch, he is only 22, but he has a heavy bat putting up Ruthian numbers for much of the first half and carrying this injury plagued team. For much of that period he was the only one of their top five hitters in the line up.