Game 98, 2015

Dodgers at Mets, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

In Zack Greinke’s absence (no official word yet from the Dodgers about any newborn child) rookie Ian Thomas starts for the Dodgers against Jon Niese of the Mets. Thomas came over from the Braves with Callaspo in return for Juan Uribe in a six-player deal at the end of May of this year. This will be his first major league start after 23 relief appearances. Niese has been excellent over the past two months; he’s gone at least seven innings in five of his last seven starts while compiling a 2.00 ERA. Overall he’s 5-8 with a 3.36 ERA.

Update: Congrats to Mrs. Greinke and her husband Zack: 19″, 6 pounds, 5 ounces baby boy!

Lineup when available.

60 thoughts on “Game 98, 2015

  1. 7 pitch 9th inning for Ravin, 6 strikes. Do that consistently and he’d have a spot in the pen.

    Course, it was the Mets, down 5 going in.

      • Maybe he was trying to and got luckier.

        IIRC, a lot of recent contact off him has left the park or been XBH.

  2. Barnes sure looks like a kid. Doesn’t have that grizzly catcher look yet.

  3. Just finished my first draft of the latest manuscript! Yippee. A win would be icing on the cake. Go Blue.

  4. I am sorry but Mattingly should have left Thomas in there. Why let that bullpen take charge of a game that should be won easily??

    • There’s a case to be made there, but I don’t think Thomas has gone very deep in games.

    • With 81 pitches maybe could have gone another inning. While that would be more or less “normal”, this guy has only recently been starting and in the minors. Have to give it to the pen at some point.

  5. Link, saw your question about who was the human rain delay too late. But you answered it.

    Also. pretty sure I heard Don Sutton as broadcaster refer to Alejandro Pena that way during a game long ago. Pena gave new meaning to “deliberate.”

  6. Some years the Mets are helpless v starting LHP. The tradition continues tonight v Thomas.

    As of July 9 they were 12-20 against left-handed starters this year.

  7. Read somewhere fairly recently the Dodgers might have been considering Niese. Oops…

  8. Team scoring matches inning so far…1,2,3. On pace for 39 after 9. Wonder what’s the most a team ever scored in 9 innings? Not that the record is in danger.

  9. Puig! Need to run up the score and hope the pen holds on. (kinda feel for the guy, whose wife is expecting).

  10. Neise is also a late withdrawal due the same reason as Grienke – Via espn (couldn’t paste the link for some reason)

    • update – they have just updated the tweet to say, no that’s not correct and he will still pitch

  11. Word is, everyone on the Padre roster is available. OK, how about Price and Kimbrel for Crawford, money, et al? Now WBBsAs will tell me why that is a dumb idea. He does enjoy that…

    • Nobody wants Crawford, though he has some limited value to the Dodgers, and that Pads can get a much better deal for Kimbrel. The Padres will not trade Price to the Dodgers in any event, because Price is not a Padre.

      • Guessing he might have meant Shields. In any event, would imagine that the Pads are looking to go in a different direction now that their original strategy has not worked. Probably looking for prospects. Not sure that Dodgers want would want to be saddled by Shields’ contract, but it’s an interesting proposal.

  12. I wonder what our overall record is in games started by spot starters who are called up from the minors, which will be the case today, or in games started by someone from the bullpen who is then followed by other relievers.

    • Can you tell a pitcher by his spots? Ballslinger and Frias had spot starts and then stuck. Their combined record is 10-8.

      • Ballslinger has been a find. What surprises me – and still concerns me – is that he throws so many curveballs but surrenders few homers. The more you throw, the higher probability of a hanger, I would think.

      • I saw your point, but I consider B and F part of the regular rotation. I am referring to the likes of Baker, Beachy, Huff. I am heading out to a local game. I will try to track this down later.

        • My point is that the record you are searching for is likely to be negative, in that if the spot starter had done well, he may have stuck in the Bigs like Ballslinger/Frias. Neither was part of the rotation before they got their spot start.