Game 96, 2015

Dodgers at Braves, 9:10AM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN, SportsSouth

The Braves are looking for a sweep.

Mike Bolsinger only pitched four innings in his last start for the Dodgers. That was the game that was eventually postponed by power outages in Washington. He’s 4-3 with a 3.04 ERA in his 14 starts this season. Julio Teheran only went 4 2/3 innings in his last start for the Braves, giving up 5 hits and 2 runs against the Cubs and not figuring in the decision.

Lineup when available.

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  1. Speculation from Phil Rogers at

    “Samardzija is an excellent fit, for a couple reasons. He would immediately slot in as a strong No. 3 starter, helping save the bullpen, and he could wind up staying long term. Keeping Greinke beyond 2015 is problematic, given the near-certainty he’ll use his opt-out clause, and Samardzija fits the profile of the arms that Friedman will be chasing if Greinke leaves. Why not take him out for a test drive?

    As a rental, Samardzija probably won’t bring a top prospect in return. But the Dodgers have a variety of ways to make trades. The White Sox would love a hitter like Alex Guerrero, who remains a question mark despite terrific production, and the Dodgers also feature a deep stable of prospects that would interest the White Sox, including Cody Schebler and Austin Barnes. The return package could get bigger if the Sox add lefty Zach Duke or a young right-hander, like Jake Petricka or Daniel Webb”.

    His FIP is 3.60, so should do better with solid defense behind him, despite 4.08 ERA. Gives up a lot of dingers as well, however, and Cellular not considered to be hitter park

    Of course, Alex’s contract issue would have to be worked out (i.e, bought out).

  2. According to Rosenthal the Dodgers have the 2nd worst bullpen ERA at 4.55 since May 15. They are 2nd to the Tigers 4.63. Also, without Kenley they are 4.90 since May 15. This in and out bullpen is not getting it done. Also, the starters are past thin. What is this FO thinking? The team is running out of games and are not that far ahead in the standings.

        • This FO is as bad at dumpster shopping for pitchers as Ned was. I believe some of them are Ned’s old crew who merely changed their name… But quality, they can afford it…

    • I am going to guess that they are thinking to pick up some more pitching between now and July 31.

      • And in August, if opportunities arise and there’s still a need. Trickier then but doable.

          • I am assuming that we still have a better record, so that they would have a prior waiver claim.

          • Pitchers on waivers are not good choices in my book. I think we should shop higher level pitchers than that…

          • Of course, but we are talking about post July 31 acquisitions. Whether good or bad, all players have to clear waivers before they can be traded.

          • Part of the waiver game is for teams to waive players whom they have zero intent to let go, along with those they actually will deal. They want to see who makes claims, then pull back their keepers. But every once in a while something comes of it.

            What comes isn’t always good. In my book, one of Colletti’s bigger foulups was claiming washed-up pitcher Esteban Loaiza from Oakland. Oakland said fine, take him and pay him. So Ned did, $8 million annual contract, in exchange for basically nothing. He had one good start but lost his last 4, pitching badly. Next season came out of ST as #5 but fizzled and was DFAd. He fit right into the Ned acquisition profile–two-time former All-Star.

            I’m a lot more confident having this FO in charge of whatever trades of waiver deals are made. Pretty sure there won’t be any Esteban Loaizas, low as that bar is to meet.

      • Based on past performance, the FO will not pick up premier free agents or trade for proven winners. If they get a Hamels or Price or Cueto, I think it would be a big surprise. It looks like the team will soon be the LA Rays.

        • Would guess that Hamels is out of the question, unless we want to give up Seager and/or Urias. The other two would be FAs after the season, so the price would not be so high, so they seem like possibilities to me, but not clear yet whether their clubs are sellers or not.

  3. Hey friends. I will be leaving tomorrow for a trip to my in-laws in north western Ontario, and spending just over a week at the lake. My wife and son and I will be traveling there tomorrow and then after that I will be out of wifi range until the beginning of August.

    I am very much looking forward to going on vacation, but man – the timing: Trade deadline! Possible big league start of Zack Lee! Greinke scoreless streak! Kershaw no-hitter! (well, you never know – it might happen)…It could be a very eventful 9 or 10 days.

    Anyway, I hope you guys can keep the Dodgers in first place until August 1 st. I will miss hanging out with you all – but I am bringing some Elysian Fields’ recommended summer reading with me (Dave Margoshes) to enjoy while I am away.

  4. If the Dodgers can win the series against the Mets, they will have played 14 different teams over their first 100 games and have a losing record against only 3 of them (and be tied in 2 of the other 11 series). Not too shabby to be 9-3-2.

    • Also, by my quick count the Dodgers are 17-9-5 (W-L-T) so far in the 31 different series they have played this season. They have 21 series left in the regular season.

    • Tough to win a four-game series v. the quality starters the Mutts can put out there. It helps to have Kershaw and Greinke pitching the first two games, though.

  5. Kenley showed up 3 batters into this inning – or at least the Kenley we know and love.

  6. Just finished reading A Book of Great Worth. I was enthralled and loved the stories being loosely woven together. The style reminded me of Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio or Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles. Beyond the style, I thought the stories were very engrossing – loved the mix of nostalgia, drama and humour. My two favs were The Farmhand and The Book of Great Worth.

  7. Ok Nicasio. Now here’s hoping for a scoreless bottom of the ninth as well.

  8. Well done by Bolsinger. Important game for him to bounce back and pitch 7 great innings.

        • At this point he is tied for 10th best ERA in the NL, right behind Clayton. (though not certain he has enough innings to qualify)

  9. Reviewing my posts this morning, I realize that I am sounding like Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh.

  10. Teheran entered today’s game with an average of 4.5 strikeouts per start this season. He struck out seven Dodgers in the first three innings today.

  11. Anyone else out there besides me think it’s time to sit Pederson down or even send him to Oklahoma City to try to sort things out?

    • I don’t think it would hurt to sit him a game or two but not sure he should be sent down. I think he is going to work things out a bit but I don’t think he will return to the way he started the season.

      • I know that by some statistical analyses the strikeout is not considered as damaging as it once was, but he has fanned in about half his at bats since the All-Star break. I think it is demoralizing — at least for me — when he starts so many games by striking out. His walk percentage is also down significantly lately.

        • I too, do not like the SOs for Joc or any player for that matter. Nothing good comes from striking out whereas if the ball is put in play at least you have a chance for something. I do think that the SO will always be a big part of Joc’s performance.

      • He had a Ruthian April. If he returned to June level performance it would be great. July has just been dismal at the plate.

        • What type of batting line do you think would be acceptable for Joc avg/OPS ect?

          • Given his fielding, OPS+ 120 would be good for a CF, but I think we have greater expectations. For the season he is currently 128, with the combination of the good April-June and the dismal July.

          • I don’t think he can maintain a OPS+120 as those April numbers are really a huge outlier.

          • Hoping he can replicate the 140 for May-June. If he can just hit league average for the next two months he ends up at around 120 for the year. That should be doable.

  12. It’s too bad that we are facing Nolan Ryan today: five strikeouts and a pickoff in two innings.

    • Teheran having a down year, so far, but he has shown to be a quality pitcher (AS last year).

  13. Hope that Ballslinger steps up. His numbers are actually better than Anderson’s in a lot of areas.

        • Anderson said he felt better than he expected. There was no speculation as to the next start. They did not announce MRI results, but last night they said no tear.

          • He said yesterday that it is the one body part he has never injured, so he didn’t know what it was supposed to feel like.