Game 94, 2015

Dodgers at Braves, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, Sports South

Right-hander Brandon Beachy makes his second start of the year for the Dodgers after missing all of 2014 with Tommy John surgery and rehabilitation. He went 4 innings and gave up 3 runs in his first outing on July 11, walking 3 and striking out 2. He wasn’t very pleased with his performance:

“I’d like to tell you I feel really accomplished, but in this moment, I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do. I didn’t set out to pitch in a big league game. I set out to dominate a big league game,” he said.

Beachy will face Matt Wisler, who’s pitched well in 4 of 5 starts this season and compiled a 3-1, 3.10 ERA while doing so.

Tidbits: Carl Crawford is expected to be reinstated sometime during the series, which means somebody has to go down to Oklahoma City or get released or designated for assignment.

The Braves are 22nd in MLB in runs scored and 27th in slugging percentage. The Dodgers have a best-in-MLB team fielding percentage of .989 and only 38 errors, fewest in the big leagues.

Lineup when available.

72 thoughts on “Game 94, 2015

  1. So the game is over? Gameday is frozen in the bottom of the 8th. if we lost, and it sounds like we did, we have split our last 62 games after starting the year 22-10. I think we have enough to win a weak NL West, but not enough to sniff the World Series. Needed: another starter, a dependable reliever and someone who isn’t hitting much lately (Pederson/Rollins) to get going or be replaced in the lineup.

    • Bases loaded none out in the 9th, but Kendrick bounced into a 6-4-3 double play and one run scored. Then Adrian hit a sharp ground ball to first and that was the end of the game.

      • Thanks. It is so painful to watch this club squander scoring opportunities so frequently. Even when they have the bases loaded with none out, I am not even cautiously optimistic. The 9th inning Sunday was so refreshing and, lately, so rare.

        • Digging around a little, our performance with the sack full is significantly worse than our average OPS (.683 versus .758), but we are actually somewhat better with RISP (.777). However, this club is significantly better with the sack full than the team in 2013 and 2013 (.475, .460), when we would moan around here when we got the bases loaded.

    • If I had to choose what we might need in the playoffs, it would be another good arm in the pen.

    • By the way, Scoop, we loved Passionfish in Monterey, and it was also surprisingly affordable – much cheaper than the Old Fishermen’s Wharf, where we did not go. Pepper’s was closed on Sunday, when we would have lunched there.

      • Delighted to hear that you liked Passionfish and that is maintaining its fine reputation. I was out of town, but my wife said there was a huge thunder and lightning storm Sunday morning. Such weather is extremely unusual here. Regarding the Dodgers-A’s game of Wednesday afternoon, August 19, I wasn’t able to find an e-mail address on the web site you referred me to. Can you help? It would be fun to meet you at that game. After all these years on this blog and Jon’s before, I am yet to meet any of my fellow bloggers/huge Dodgers fans.

        • If you read the “about me” bio, you will find my email address.

          We were in Monterey a week ago, mild sunny weather every day with no wind. Went hiking at Point Lobos and Pfeiffer Big Sur, then drove up the coast and had an early dinner at new Peruvian place in Pacifica (Puerto 27).

    • Well, we did score 5 runs (4-11 RISP, only 7 lob). The pitchers had a lot of opportunities to shut down the other team.

  2. Well, time for some more ninth inning magic. Need some solid AB’s here again tonight.

  3. Joc has sent a couple of hard liners to extreme left field the past couple of days.

  4. MLB freebie of the day, it says. Turns out I’m blacked out, only 4 hours from Atlanta. Of course I will hasten to charter a plane and do my best to take in the rest of the game, naturally doing my “consumer” duty via spending megabucks at the stadium while there.


          • Not now. Took a few postgrad courses there years back and worked briefly in the university PR office.

            Far better school than generally realized. Not uncommon for faculty to stay for years, like your friend.

            Who is he/she, if you’re comfortable saying? Or email answer if you prefer.

    • Don’t get me started on that team and its willingness to move to the suburbs where its nice well-behaved fans live, rather than remain in its 27-year location downtown in the “poorer” part of town.

      • I always liked the downtown stadium. They really had the public transit working well or at least for me and my family. I took the MARTA and the buses from my hotel.

        • The new one’s going to be in a nice wealthy neighborhood right between I-75 and I-285, and it will cost the County some 392 million bucks. “The Braves will contribute the remaining $230 million, which can be increased up to $280 million at the team’s discretion.” Any bets on whether the team kicks in the additional $50M?

      • Actually, yes. Should have remembered they often have Braves games.

        Didn’t miss much. But never give up until it’s over!

  5. Braves announcers annoyingly providing advice to the Braves players. Geez.

    • That falls under the category of “Having your cake and eating it too”. Barnes covers their bottom and they don’t lose Grandal if he’s OK. The ‘ol phantom injury play…

      • I don’t think they’d put A.J. on the DL for no reason, especially since he’s played well lately. Barnes is a genuine prospect, but not on the Grandal level.

        • No doubt you’re right. If Grandal’s injury turns out to be a more serious thing than now thought, they’d have to scrounge up another catcher. They wouldn’t risk that.

          • You never know, he might turn out to be the starting catcher and happy days are here again.

          • Mattingly apparently said that Grandal is Barnes’s backup tonight, so it doesn’t sound that serious,

    • Not the Dodger C most likely to land on the DL after yesterday. Tough break for AJ.

      This exchange between AJE and Greinke when AJE had to come in Sunday:

      “I’m just going to follow your lead here,” Ellis said.

      “It’s pretty easy,” Greinke responded. “All of my stuff is pretty nasty right now.”