Game 93, 2015

Dodgers at Nationals, 10:35AM PT, TV: SPNLA, TBS, MASN

Two of the best pitchers in the game this season have at it: Zack Greinke (8-2 with a microscopic 1.39 ERA) for the Dodgers versus Max Scherzer (10-7 with a 2.11 ERA) for the Nats. Greinke has a 35 2/3-inning scoreless streak (the HR in the All Star Game doesn’t count). Scherzer has a different kind of streak: he hasn’t walked a batter since June 14.

Some interesting things about these teams:

Over the past two seasons, the Dodgers and Nationals have been two of baseball’s best teams after the All-Star break. In 2013 and ’14, the Dodgers were a league-best 85-48 (.639) from the Midsummer Classic forward. The Nationals were 83-53 (.610), third-best.

Another thing we Dodger fans might not have realized: since Adrian Gonzalez came to the Dodgers in mid-2012 no one in the NL has knocked in more runners than he has. How many? 296.

Lineup when available.

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  1. Admittedly wishful thinking here. But if the team did land Hamels or one of the other FA stud starters, and IF Zack re-signs or doesn’t opt out (unlikely but possible), how’s this for starters next year…..Kersh, Zack, Hamels, Ryu, McCarthy/Anderson/pretty much anyone?

    Sound like a WS-winning rotation?

    • Urias says hello (hola). I can see Zach wanting $30-35 million and at least 5 years at 32 years of age. He has the sort of stuff that can serve him well as he ages, but, if I had to bet, I would say that we need to savor him now. I can see the FO perhaps picking up an innings eater, if they can’t get Hamels for a reasonable amount. And then looking at other options in the off season.

  2. Bob H got to see some very enjoyable games and some great Dodger pitching, along with a potent 9th inning offensively today.

    After he rehydrates, maybe he’ll tell us about it. ;-])

      • Nice thing about the heat, despite partaking in numerous beverages never had to leave my seat. Sweated it all out!

    • Just got back. What a joy with the pitching the last two games. Zach got a game score of 86 today, following Kershaw’s 90. Nats are clearly undermanned with injuries (Clint Robinson batting cleanup!).

        • They basically only have their number 3 hitter Harper out there, Span (1), Rendon (2), Werth (4) and Zimmerman (5) out. Escobar hits OK for a second baseman, but is playing third base.

  3. Crawford to be activated tomorrow, who goes? Dodger Digest thinks it might be SVS because he has options. Personally, I think I’d rather have been playing SVS over Puig. Maybe Callaspo, maybe a phantom injury. Grandal no broken bones, but putting him on DL doesn’t help, we’d still need to add a catcher. Maybe something will happen with Guerrero…

    • Akex G. said recently in so many words that to get more PT he’d accept a buyout of that onerous clause in his contract, either from LA or an acquiring team.

      Dodgers have made it plain he’s not in their plans. So sitting him like they have and getting him to react this way may have been what they tried to orchestrate.

      Wonder what kind of hitter he actually is. Not the one who terrorized the league early on, but also not likely the one who has cooled off so drastically of late.

      • I’m glad he’s seeing the light. I like him but it is obvious we don’t need him, with Seager and Olivero waiting for roster space and our over-filled outfield. But I’m betting on the FO to come up with something creative to solve our problems…

  4. Dodger Insider @DodgerInsider
    Combined July ERA for Kershaw and Greinke: 0.19. One run in 47 innings.
    1:38 PM – 19 Jul 2015

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  5. Greinke definitely out pitched Scherzer.
    And I’m so glad that the Dodger’s bullpen out pitched the National’s bullpen today!

  6. Good start to the 10 game road trip. Be great if they could win 4 or 5 more before heading back to LA.

      • Or Hamels from Phil since his contract runs 2 more years. But, oh, what he’d cost.

        Not likely Urias or Seager, but beyond that…

        Still, prospects are prospects. Most don’t have a lot of impact.

        • “Can you say crapshoot, Class?” I can’t even remember all the sure things who weren’t. Joe Charboneau, David Clyde, even some Dodgers. Greg Brock was going to help us forget Steve Garvey. Right.

          • Smoltz for Doyle Alexander. Ernie Broglio for Lou Brock. In the Dodgers’ own history, DeLino DeShields for Pedro Martinez. Paul Konerko for Jeff Shaw (although we got a couple of good years from Shaw, I’d rather have had Konerko for 15 or so).

          • Dodgers had Karros at the time, so it didn’t look as if there were room for Konerko. In retrospect, shoulda traded Karros.

          • Without Doyle Tigers probably don’t win their division. He went 9-0 and they won it by two games, so wouldn’t include him in a list that has Ernie Broglio and DeLino DeShields.

  7. If only baseball was transitive. That is, the Dodgers got 7 hits and a walk against Scherzer. Therefore, they should do that much or more against any of the Braves pitchers…

  8. So many base runners this game for the Dodgers. Felt like half the game the bases were loaded.

  9. Anyone know how much Zack’s velo fell off as the game went on? That’s not his game, but just wondering how much the heat & humidity drained him as things went along. Almost has to have.

  10. Greinke’s season ERA down to a cool 1.30.
    I wonder how much his career ERA has gone down during this scoreless streak?

  11. Phew. Feel like the Dodgers got away with one there – pitching Greinke that inning.

    • At some point, I’m guessing he will. I certainly don’t think they should trade him – but can see why some people – out of pure frustration with him – could suggest it.

    • When he gets so over-eager, believe I’ve seen him do better after watching from the bench for a game.

  12. Greinke’s next start is against the Mets – who are not the highest scoring team. He could get to potentially 50 scoreless innings through that game. And then the chase would be on.
    Still a long way away, but getting closer.

  13. Yes. Now it is up to the bullpen to hold them over the next two innings. No 2 run home runs allowed!

  14. Didn’t come thru there. bit you could have won a bet over the winter that Dre would hit cleanup for the Dodgers in a meaningful game on July 19, 2015. As it stands, his double led to the only run so far.

  15. Puig has batted 3 times today – all three times struck out swinging. And he has batted with a total of 6 batters on base. If the Dodgers don’t win, he is the batter with the most opportunities to do damage. Hopefully, one run will be enough this afternoon.

      • Yep, it took a Nats screwup to score. But at least Dre was on 3rd because of the bunt.

        If DM is going to call them, nice when one helps out every once in a while.

        Think I’ve read where the revered Joe Maddon calls a bunch of them.

        • And then Callaspo gets a single which would have driven in Ethier anyway.

  16. If this was mid to late September, it’s possible that this game could decide the Cy Young Award.
    It still might.

  17. I see Clayton Greinke is dealing, as usual.

    He’s like a surgeon out there, carving up hitters, striking out a bunch.

    Nats not even making much contact. And helping with a TOOTBLAN.

      • Zack Kershaw is more like the Terminator than a surgeon, overpowering and striking out those who dare face him–or are compelled to do so. Hitters just had no chance yesterday, very little so far today.

        Aces 1A and 1B,