Game 101, 2015

Athletics at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN, CSNCA

Here’s an interesting note which may or may not be taken as true (that’s why they’re called rumors): the Dodgers may listen to trade offers for Yasiel Puig. That’s the hook for the entire post, and there’s not much else there other than what we already knew: the team is unlikely to give up either Seager or Urias but it wants/needs starting pitching. The author thinks it unlikely they’d move Puig, and in fact the same site reported two days ago that the team had assured him he wasn’t on the block. However, that same day Ken Gurnick of MLB reported there had been no such assurances.

I can’t see trading Puig. He’s an excellent outfielder with a lot of potential upside and he’s cheap. He’s being paid $4.5M this year and the Dodgers control his future for three more years for just $19.5M. That’s less than one Crawford-year.

In other trade news of note within the division, the Rockies traded Troy Tulowitzki to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes and three pitching prospects. Since neither team needed a shortstop, why they swapped them must have had more to do with money (Tulo’s owed $113.7M over the next five years) than anything else. None of the other three teams in the division have made any deals yet, at least not ones made public. The next time we see the Angels they’ll have old friend Shane Victorino with them, as he was traded by the Red Sox today.

In tonight’s game it will be Brett Anderson (5-5, 3.33 ERA) going for the Dodgers against his former team, which trots out ace Sonny Gray (10-4, 2.30 ERA). Anderson says and the team agrees that his Achilles tendon is fine now after causing him to leave his last start early. Gray has cooled off some recently. He’s 2-1 with a 3.95 ERA and .232 opponents’ batting average over his last six starts after going 5-3 with a 1.37 ERA and .190 opponents’ batting average over his previous nine starts.

Lineup when available.

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  1. Every dead-serious, life-or-death trade rumor could use some levity. This from
    Dan Kolko, on-field reporter for Washington Nationals broadcasts on MASN and MLB Network correspondent:

    Dan Kolko @masnKolko

    Now not only are the Marlins not playing music during Nats BP, loud fart noises are coming through the speakers. I swear, I’m not kidding.

    4:28 PM – 29 Jul 2015

    Perhaps this trade has upset the Marlins’ whole system terribly, and that’s the medical problem.

    [comments in poor taste through laughter, slinks off]

  2. Keep watching MLBTR. Some are saying there is a medical problem holding up the trade, others say the Dodgers are trying to find a taker for Morse, and yet others say the deal is far from complete. It’s a mess and a mercy killing would be the best solution.

    • One mention that trade may be much bigger than reported and involve a third team. Who knows?

  3. Poor Matt Kemp now that he has heated up (OPS 1.009 over past 20 games) the Pads are expected to be in a sell off. He’ll be playing for a rebuilding team over the next 3-4 years.

  4. Jim Bowden suggests (MLBTR) this may be a three way trade, another club involved. I dislike what I’m seeing so much, I’ll blindly vote for it being a three-way. What could be worse….

  5. The Dodger’s now have Leake and Price on their radar according to the Dodger website. Hmn. Eney, meany, minie, moe, guess which one will probably show??

  6. Grant Brisbee weighs in:

    Grant Brisbee✔

    Dodgers will pay Carl Crawford, Brandon League, Brian Wilson, and Dan Haren as much as the Marlins will pay their roster for rest of year.
    11:16 AM – 29 Jul 2015

  7. So what we’re actually getting is TWO months of Latos, a year and a half of Morse which will cost us about $12MM and whom we need like a hole in the head, and a Draft Slot. I guess I’m stupid but that doesn’t sound like a very good deal to me… Are you sure Ned’s not still in charge?

    • Not sure we want more than two months of Latos. His underlying numbers are at about career levels in tems of FIP, K/9 BB/9, so makes for an adequate temporary number 3-4 starter. Paying money probably means we got away with giving up prospects with less potential (haven’t seen who they are) as well as the draft pick.

      • Not sure we want even 1 start from Latos? His numbers are not good. C’mon Bob, Lato’s 4.48 ERA isn’t even worthy of a 4th starter. Maybe 5th in a pinch.

        • I was looking at underlying numbers, but as well underneath that 4.48 ERA is his 2.96 ERA in seven starts since returning from injury; 1.80 in last three starts. He is a backender, as you and I both predicted.

  8. ANOTHER handful-of-hits-or-less game.

    They better hurry up and get that bobblehead of we fans cuz there’s a whole lot of shaking heads going on anyway.

  9. Tomorrow’s headline: Sonny Gets Blue. (I am trying to keep my sense of humor).

  10. Well, I think WBB is captivated by Steiner. Don’t know where RBI is and both Bobs check in from time to time. I think the others are waiting for bats to come alive.

    • For some reason by browser hadn,t refreshed, so it looked like no one had commented at all

  11. Meanwhile, I see Pederson remains in the leadoff position with similar results.

  12. I was listening to the Giants’ pre-game shows — they are interminable, but I was in my car. Tonight’s Cain start was considered an important one for how the team may approach the trade deadline. So, this apparently poor outing by Cain may motivate Sabean to go after a front-line pitcher, which has already been rumored. Sabean has a track record of acquiring talent close to the trade deadline. Hamels is in his sights, it is reported.

  13. Hi all. When the ASG break started, I was involved with a heavy work project, then the real world interfered – some really nice, some very bad . . . and not sure how faithful I will be in checking in this next week.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the “second half” play shows the Blue continue to play where they left off: teasing us with their potential but ending up at .500. Equally unfortunate, the Giants don’t realize this is an odd-numbered year and they are on fire.

    Hopefully something will happen before this trade deadline to ignite the Dodgers.

    Go, Blue!

    • Nice to have you back. Dave from Winnipeg should be checking back in soon again as well.

      • Thanks, Bob. I’m heading to your corner of the world this weekend. My brother was at the “lights out” game (leaving after the 2nd one). I don’t think we’ll get to the park, but I always love visiting D.C. — even more now that it means I get to spend time with my nieces: 4 & 3.

  14. Bad news, we are down by 1 early. Good news, Brewers up by 2 with only one out

  15. I just realized tonight’s game is a blackout. One more reason to hate interleague play.

  16. Well Donnie has taken the Dodgers best hitter out again. Guess his knees are acting up again. Yea, that is what it must be. Hopefully, Turner will be well again tomorrow.

    • I think the strategy is preventative in nature. If Alberto is going to sub a couple times a week as they have been doing, it’s probably best for it to be against a righty. This, despite the fact that Justin, himself, hits righties better than lefties!

      • I like Alberto fine and he has played some good baseball so far for the Dodgers but I cannot understand why Donnie changes the lineup so much??

        • Wanting to rest Turner and Grandal at least twice a week, and Rollins, Agon and Howie every week or ten days, as well as platooning with SVS, Ethier and now CC.

    • Not exactly.

      Eric Stephen

      Justin Turner sent to emergency room earlier today after infection on leg
      Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela

      Don Mattingly said Turner had a pimple on his leg Sunday, took antibiotics, showed up today much worse

  17. Pederson CF
    Kendrick 2B
    AGon 1b
    Grandal C
    Puig RF
    Ethier LF
    Callaspo 3B
    Rollins SS
    Anderson P
    Lineup Courtesy Rotowire

  18. Prediction, Dodgers will either: trade an outfielder and utility player for another outfielder and utiliity player….or…..and outfielder and utility player for a starting pitcher…..and go into the playoff with an inferior bullpen either way

    • I predict that they pick up some support for the pen and maybe a “lesser” name starting pitcher.

        • Wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t. But I would expect them to pick up a front line starter in the off season, once Greinke leaves.

          • ..if Greinke leaves. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him stay on a renegotiated contract.

          • I predict that if the Dodgers get a top frontline starter they will let Greinke walk but if they don’t sign another top starter they will renegotiate his contract.

          • Find it hard to imagine, in that he will probably want more years, at least five, than the FO is willing to give (and a Kershaw size contract). I think they try for Hamels again.

          • He won’t get a five-year extension on his existing contract from anybody, I don’t think. Three, maybe.

      • meaning we lose to St Louis in the playoff again….assuming we even make the playoffs….

        I shudder to think what will happen if we miss out…..

  19. Why would they trade Puig? Because he was signed by the previous administration. It’s all about having your name on it, man…

      • I think John Galt is referring to the administration of Friedman and co. Although Kasten was there for a couple of months before signing Puig I don’t think he fits under this administration. The old one is the one that had Ned and Logan White and others not the one with Friedman. It is Friedman that I think wants to rid the team of players before he arrived.

        • He fits alright. At the top. He is the one that got rid of Ned. They respond to Kasten, he doesn’t respond to them.

          • As I said, this administration consists of more than Kasten. You can believe that. So you think Kasten calls every shot??

          • Actually, what you said is, “I don’t think he fits under this administration”, whatever that means.

          • According to Molly Knight, Logan dealt directly with Kasten in signing Puig.

          • Or what you say: Puig will be traded (and perhaps Kershaw) because they were not acquired by the FO. Nothing will stop them in their evil plot to rid the team of players acquired before them, even if it was Kasten and Walter signing them up (Agon, Turner, Greinke).

          • It is not an evil plot. It is called an ego trip by Friedman. He wants any and all credit for any success the team may achieve.

          • My guess is that they operate within an overall strategy agreed by Walter and Kasten. I don’t believe that includes getting rid of players just because they didn’t acquire them, let alone players acquired by Kasten and Walter.

          • I think Walter and Kasten believe that Friedman has the master plan and would do pretty much whatever he suggests.

          • Okay, here’s my stupid question for the day (I allow myself one every day):

            Package, if you despise the front office so much, why are you still a fan of the team?

          • I do not despise the team at all. Yes, I know I criticize different players some times but I have a loyalty to them. Even Grandal. I just have no use for this FO because they seem not to care who they get rid of and to me, I think it gives them great joy. I also do not think they are getting the best players that are available. Link, they don’t have to be cheap but they certainly appear to be choosing that route. I have been a fan for over 50 years and even if they finish last. I will be a fan.

          • I don’t think anyone chooses to be a fan (a real fan). Somehow you are chosen, it is thrust upon you and you really have no choice.

          • I was born and raised in Pomona. In 1955 as a small boy growing up, the Dodgers of course were in Brooklyn and they got into and of course won the W.S. for their 1st World Championship. I followed that 1st W.S and was hooked forever. When the team came to LA in 1958, that was like heaven for me. Been a fan ever since. What about you Bob?

          • Became aware of the Dodgers at age five living in Hawai’i in 1959. Move to the Inland Empire in 1960. Really caught fire in 1962, when the nuns at my school were big Dodger fans. First game at DS was in 1965. Moved to the East Coast in 1978 and have followed them from afar ever since. I see them when they come to DC and last year when they were in Baltimore and past two years have gone to Wrigley to see them (also once in Mexico City back in 2003).

          • Berdoo. (father was stationed at Norton AFB and then later at George AFB).

          • I believe that Kasten is far more proactive than that, given his background and experience.

          • Galt is right, this administration, specifically Friedman wants to rid the team of all the players that were there when he arrived. He wants only those who he got with the possible exception of Kersh and I am not sure about him.

    • Highly unlikely they would trade Puig, barring an absurd offer – Hamels straight up, for instance? The Dodgers do have outfield depth, but none of it has Puig-level talent.

    • Just a chip for something else? Blue Jays need pitching, no? Otherwise, DH for Tulo might make sense (with Dioner Navarro is their current DH) and go with slick fielding SS from somewhere. Just guessing as I await the Dodgers game and who they get (see that Rangers may inside track on Hamels as they are ready to give up top line prospects).