Game 76, 2015

Dodgers at Marlins, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

The Dodgers’ lefty Clayton Kershaw (5-5, 3.33 ERA) gets the start against the Marlins’ Tom Koehler (5-4, 3.76 ERA). Kershaw’s last start was a quality one, but all three runs he gave up came on home runs, which he’s given up more often this year than in the past. He may catch a break, though, because Giancarlo Stanton may be sidelined after he hurt his left hand in Friday’s game. Koehler missed his last start with a stiff neck, but his previous one was a good one in which he held the Yankees to one run and three hits over seven innings.

Puig’s torn callus may have healed enough to let him start. It was well enough to let him pinch-hit on Friday and stay in to play the field after that.

Lineup when available.

158 thoughts on “Game 76, 2015

  1. Pederson, CF
    Kendrick, 2B
    Gonzalez, 1B
    Puig, RF
    Grandal, C
    Ethier, LF
    Callaspo, 3B
    Rollins, SS
    Greinke, P

  2. From former DTer nsxtasy, Dee Gordon’s month-by-month OPS:

    Apr 2015 .902
    May 2015 .806
    Jun 2015 .698

  3. I officially call for Mattingly’s head. I think we have talented players. I don’t think Mattingly has what it takes to get their best performance. I know, it’s easy for me to say it… But it needs to be said. And done.

    • I am sure that at some point the FO will agree and terminate Donnie. I said it before the season started and during the season. At no time will the FO be accountable for the failure of the team if it does fail. I said that Donnie will be the fall guy and he will and he doesn’t even see it coming. This is not a rant about the FO.

        • I agree that Donnie did put pressure on the FO to resign him but there is also no mistake that the FO gutted and revamped the team after two reasonably successful seasons. Though they did not make the WS they were not far away in my opinion. The FO is so convinced that it made the right decisions that they will not be able to admit mistake in my opinion and they will dismiss Donnie. I am not Donnie’s biggest fan but I do not believe he is the whole problem as you can’t be an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.

          • OK, but should we consider this then to be a rant about the FO? Are they really any different than any other FO as regards the relationship with the manager and who the fall guy is?

          • No it is not a rant but an explanation of what I have said the whole time. Yes, I believe that Donnie is pretty much the same type of manager that is in the MLB but this FO is a whole lot different in my opinion.

          • Can’t agree, Package. This is a good team, better than last year’s, but they’re under-performing. If Mattingly can’t get them to play up to their capability, then he pays the price. Sic Semper Baseball.

          • One thing is certain, the Dodgers won 92 games in 2013 and 94 in 2014. I would not call a lesser season success. If you say those teams were not as good, how did Donnie get that kind of performance from those teams?

      • Except, of course, that this a better roster than last year’s, even in the absence of Ryu – the only player who’s really missed.

  4. What a disheartening, dismaying, disgusting display. And Kershaw slips below .500 once more this season. We’re 3-3 on this road trip, having lost the three games that Kershaw and Greinke have started and having won the other three. Bizarre. Should we be pleased that it’s Greinke’s turn tomorrow?

    • I am happy that it’s Greinke. He almost always gives us an opportunity to win.

    • Can’t see Zack being too eager to go out there manana — his performance last time was even better and he got nothing.

      • These are professionals. I doubt they worry much about things they can’t control.

  5. And, if you are scoring, Turner, Gonzalez and Ethier are coming up. (Also if you are not scoring.)

  6. I hope I am wrong, but I would not have pulled Howell for Garcia regardless of what side of the plate the batter is standing on.

  7. Maybe tomorrow we should have every batter wear a long red wig up to the plate, maybe they could hit then…

  8. Kershaw today: 7 innings, 7 hits, 1 earned run, 0 walks, 9 strikeouts. And he stands to be the losing pitcher.

  9. In his last 11 games, including today, Ethier is now 3-for-30, with three singles and no RBIs.

  10. No range for Rollins! Matter of fact, I think Hanley would have had that one.

  11. As always, gotta score to win.
    Of course, also can’t give runs away, so even with the meager 2 they’ve scored, LA “should” be leading.

  12. Mattingly has Puig hit for Hernandez. I would have had Puig hit for Rollins and move Hernandez to short.

  13. Looking at the video of Lincecum being struck in the pitching arm by the line drive, it could be broken. He jumped around in pain and the ball caromed to Posey at first who threw out the runner trying to score from third.

    • That would seem a real possibility, but the Gnats wouldn’t miss him much. He’s been pretty bad this year.

  14. At The Phone Booth, Rox retake the lead over the Gnats. Now 5-3 in top of fourth.

  15. Only 64 pitches through five for Kershaw. At that rate, he would have 103 pitches through eight innings. Let’s get the lead, Kershaw pitches eight, and Jansen gets the save.

  16. Rockies lead Giants, 3-0, after two innings. Lincecum was removed after getting hit in the right arm with a line drive in the second inning.

    • Gnatfans are rejoicing. Lincescum has worn out this welcome there: “Blessing in disguise that Timmy got hit. He was probably get pulled though anyway shortly. He had nothing today. Nada. Time for him to disappear to the same place he did in the playoffs last year…….”

    • I was about to type my wondering if this season is the “Lincecumation” of Kershaw – but that is really a road no one wants to go down…

      • Many parallels, particularly how high they both were.
        In some ways, I hope there’s something physically wrong with Kersh, so it can be healed.

        • Not sure what the basis is for this statement. In Timmy’s first CYA year he has a FIP of 2.62 and a WHIP of 1.172. Coming into this game Clayton had a FIP of 2.76 and WHIP of 1.040.

          • Obviously it is a bit hyperbolic. But I wasn’t trying to compare Kershaw’s numbers with Lincecum’s numbers. I was trying to say that Lincecum started his career with good numbers, awards etc and then went down from there – that is, he didn’t sustain his own success. I was saying, perhaps this season is the beginning of that process for Kershaw.

          • I was saying the same thing — individual stats aside, it’s the fact of a 2-time CYA winner and a 3-time (with MVP) struggling.

          • Even comparing Clayton to Clayton, there is little to indicate this “Lincecumation”. First off, last year was historic for a pitcher and never likely to be replicated. But Clayton’s numbers this year (FIP 2.61 and WHIP 1.037) compare favorably with 2012 (FIP 2.89, WHIP 1.023) when he came in second in CYA voting (and many thought he should have taken the hardware home). And we know that Clayton has historically been a second half pitcher.

  17. Silver lining: Clayton’s drop off on the mound hasn’t really effected his hitting. Came into the game at OPS+ 28, as compared to last year’s 27.

  18. The Dodgers are in their 132nd year as a franchise in Brooklyn or Los Angeles. There are fairly complete records for all those seasons except the first two in 1884 and 1885. With 14 steals through 75 games, the Dodgers are on pace to steal 30 bases. This would be their fewest ever. The next fewest was 34 in 1924. The fewest since they’ve been in Los Angeles was 56 in 1967, led by Willie Davis’ 20 steals and Wes Parker’s 10.

      • Dodgers have been successful in only 41% of their attempts. It’s not proven to be a very useful tool this year.

        • The Dodgers are clearly focusing on hitting HR’s this year. (tongue in check kinda sorta)

          • At this rate, if the Dodgers were to meet the 1967 mark for SB, they would be thrown out 80 times.

          • I guess the thought above — certainly mine — is why not put Davey to work and get them running at a much more acceptable rate? . . . If he HAS worked with them and they’re not able to do it, that’s that.

          • That’s what I meant too. Davey’s a good first base coach, I guess, but a ficus plant could be a good first base coach if you could teach it to yell “Back!”

          • Agree — when he joined them, I didn’t think about anything other than improving the running game.

          • Without Crawford not real proven stealers on the roster. Joc and Puig have promise, based on speed, and I would assume that Davy has worked with them. For the Dodgers to reach an acceptable rate of success (say around 70%) they would need to steal about 40 more bases without getting caught.

      • I also wonder what Mr. Lopes is thinking. Forty years ago, in 1975, a year in which he led the league in steals with 77, he had 28 steals through the end of June.

  19. Reports out that Paco Rodriguez will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow to remove bone spurs. Projected to be out an additional 8 to 10 weeks.

    • Great story, Link — thanks!
      I loved how the writer calls Vinnie’s voice “medicinal.”
      And one commenter hates the Dodgers but gets MLB Audio just to hear Vin!

        • Hernandez is 1-for-2 in his career vs. Koehler, with a home run. Van Slyke is 2-for-4 against Koehler in his career, with a home run and a double. Go figure.

          • Perhaps because SVS has been on the DL recently, not overplaying him? Pure speculation, since it’s impossible to read Mattingly’s mind (if any).

          • Quique’s been pretty hot of late (OPS 1.034 in last 13 PA). I imagine that Donnie wants to keep him in the rotation for at least 3-4 games a week. SVS at .689 OPS hasn’t been exactly killing righties this year.

        • WBBsAS said: since it’s impossible to read Mattingly’s mind (if any).
          That explains most of Mattingly’s decisions. I don’t think they ever give managers logic tests.