Game 74, 2015

Dodgers at Cubs, 11:20AM PT, TV: SPNLA

Every Red Sox and Cubs fan knows who Jon Lester is, while only Dodgers fans know who Carlos Frias is. Yet they have identical 4-5 W-L records this season. Lester’s not had a win in his last six starts, although he’s pitched well. Frias has lost three of his last four starts.

Expect changes to the Dodgers lineup, since it’s a day game and a travel day and Lester’s a lefty. Puig has an open callus on his left hand and is day-to-day.


Today’s #Dodgers lineup vs. Cubs:
Hernandez CF
Rollins SS
Turner 1B
Van Slyke RF
Kendrick 2B
Guerrero LF
Callaspo 3B
Ellis C
Frias P

98 thoughts on “Game 74, 2015

  1. Seen last night:

    “… but a main rallying cry against the Dodgers losing Kemp and Hanley was “what about losing all that right-handed power.” Updated through today’s games:

    Turner + Guerrero: 19 2B, 2 3B, 20 HR in 335 PA
    Hanley + Kemp: 19 2B, 2 3B, 20 HR in 585 PA

    And Joc says he wishes to check in representing left-handed power”

    Joc: 11 2B, 1 3B, 19HR in 299 PA

  2. On that game-ending play last night… I saw several replays on the televised game today. One play had me absolutely convinced that the runner was out. Then they showed another angle which convinced me equally well that he was safe. Bottom line, there are some plays that are so close, I would not want to say whether the Ump’s call was right or wrong. It was a good point that the reviews should be made by people with the technical ability to use the great equipment available to them, and not the Umps themselves who might have other axes to grind.
    Which brings up The Neighborhood Play. The Umps, with help from the players, have created a Pandora’s Box of problems there. On a big stage, World Series or something, it is going to create a real problem someday. The Umps, in an effort to save the infielders from possible injury, tend to call out the forced runner even though the infielder never actually touches the base. The Ump reasons if the ball is there in time and is handled cleanly, touching the base could be a dangerous formality, so they call the runner out anyway. There is a similar thing on many tag plays on the bases. Home plate is the only one where the rules are strictly enforced. Usually if the ball arrives early enough and is handled cleanly, the Ump will call the runner out when the infielder tags his body, even though his hands or feet actually reached the base before the tag. Once again, this is a courtesy to the infielder, shielding him from possible spike injury. Most runners accept this because they expect the same courtesy to themselves. Like the Neighborhood Play, sometimes managers will challenge this but, by and large, most of the time nobody complains because there’s no favoritism, all teams and players benefit from it.

    • some smart manager will continue to go along with this until it happens in a game 7 in the playoffs or world series….then comes the challenge, a rally is sustained, he is a genius…until then, you are right, everyone will let it go

      • I assume that it would happen in any “meaningful” game. As long as there are still umps reviewing in NYC, rather than the “nerds” that Maddon calls for, they are more likely to not overturn “neighborhood” plays.,

        • I hope you are right, to keep the playing field even, so to speak. But all is takes is one huge game, and challenge, and the replays incessantly showing the middle infielder no where close to the bag….

          • Yeah, sure to happen. Hopefully the announcers will try to “educate” the casual fan.

          • funny! the announcers will educate the fans based on their biases….”Rollins has always done that and never been caught before, he is living off his reputation, maybe now he will be a little more diligent in taking care of the little things”

  3. So, there I am, a couple days ago, railing on all things bad about the Dodgers. I close out my comments with the old “now they’ll probably run off a 20 game win streak” finish.

    18 to go…..

  4. I have to stop thinking of the Cubs as the perennial doormats. They’ve got just two fewer wins than the Dodgers after this split.

  5. Who would’ve thought that a 4-game split would have wins from the games Kersh and Zack did NOT pitch?

    • Not expected was it. But perhaps the Dodgers have some vibes going on the road and with the bats…

  6. Someone may’ve already commented on this, but I was shocked — shocked! — to see that if LA was in the Central division, they’d be in 4th place! (Moving up if they keep this lead.)

    • I noticed that the other day as well. Just put them in the NL East instead. Back in first place!

        • Honestly, don’t know.
          But I’m still shaking off the game I attended in SD when Yimi got between the two fielders going for the popup, causing the error, then giving up the 2-run HR which not only blew Kersh’s chance for the win, but put LA behind.
          I’m all for redemption and he’s achieved that, so quit while you’re ahead.

    • Too bad the front end of the trip is so cloudy. It’s not usually like that. Can’t really appreciate the big sky. Other than that – wow! If only all cross country trips were that quick!

      • Google says it’s 22 hrs 45 minutes straight through. I don’t believe it. There’s a whole bunch of mountains between the coast and the plains.

        • You still talking from Winnipeg to Vancouver (or Van to Wpg)? Probably just around 24 hours or so at minimum.

          • I hadn’t realized Saskatchewan was between you Manitobans and Alberta. I hang my head in shame.

            That’s a LOT of flat country before you get to the Rockies. I’ve driven through Iowa and Nebraska and then into South Dakota and south through Wyoming, but it was a long time ago and I’d forgotten what all those plains look like while on the road. One level horizon out in front of you for miles and miles.

      • Also, they certainly didn’t take the direct route across the number 1 hwy, but went north across Saskatchewan and then back down south across Alberta – then north again to Banff.

  7. On to the 8th. It would be great if the Dodgers could bring this one home without having to use Jansen. I’m sure he could go three days in a row, but if he doesn’t have to that would be great.

    • Meh. Both times with two out. Run expectancy is triple and double with a runner at second in 0-1 outs. (now that’s a waste!). Given that runners can generally score from second on a single with two outs, run expectancy on second (.224) and third (.275) is not all that different.

  8. Made it home from work a bit early today. Good to see the Dodgers are still holding onto the 4 run lead.

  9. Odds on Frias making it through the bottom of the 5th? It looks like this will end up being another long bullpen game.

    • Haven’t heard them posting this at any of the casinos, but I might run down and put some $ down.
      Actually, several of the sports books have apps and you can make the bet from the convenience of wherever you are . . . at least I believe that’s how it works.

  10. Feels like last nights game. Score a bunch early, then lose their stride at the plate. As long as the results are the same, I will take it.

    • Agree with the results . . . and VERY glad they’re getting situational hitting, but still concerned they’re not hitting that much.
      Still, if it’s a W . . .

  11. Amazing throw from Guerrero, perhaps something he’s never done before in his career.

  12. Love it when you’re in the field and get the DP because the runner is in motion . . . obviously equally detest it when you’re batting.

  13. Oh man. I love the strong hitting Dodger team a lot. Let’s keep them around for the rest of the summer.

  14. Lester seems to have some of the same home run problems that have plagued Kershaw lately.

  15. Sitting both AGon and Joc does not make much sense. Playing A.J. actually does, though it adds a near automatic out to the lineup.

  16. From Eric S: “… A.J. Ellis gets the start at catcher. Ellis has reached base in seven of his last nine starts, hitting .280/.400/.360 during that span.”

  17. Like I said, low or no score today. Joc and Agon off, (that’s insane), Guerrero playing two games in a row? Must be a showcase. Ellis, Kendrick, Rollins, holes in the lineup. Why bother? Why not just catch an early flight and forfeit the game. Mattingly is an idiot.

    • Gonzalez lifetime vs. lefties .272, vs. righties .304
      Pederson (short) lifetime vs. lefties .241, vs. righties .237
      Makes no sense to pull both of them out.

      • ..and the other side of the coin, their replacements OPS against lefties this year: Quique .982 and SVS .832. Makes some sense.