Game 69, 2015

Giants at Dodgers, 4:15PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

The Giants have won 8 of the 10 games between the two teams so far this season. They’ll ask Tim Hudson, 4-6 with a 4.65 ERA, to keep the mastery going. The Dodgers are hoping their bats will come alive and they’re hoping that Carlos Frias, 4-4 with a 4.14 ERA, can stop the Giants.

Lineup when available.

77 thoughts on “Game 69, 2015

    • It’s hard to have any animosity toward Bochy. In a just world, this would have happened to a Pagán or Brandi Crawford.

      • No knock against Bochy just showing what a bunch of ungrateful players he has on this dysfunctional team!

  1. Woke up this morning, cuz what else am I supposed to do. Here, cuz misery loves company.

    • Then today is a very good day. Because the alternative to waking up….

      The bums will recover, I just know it.

      Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven instructing the workers laying the sod on the baseball diamond “Remember, green side up!” No idea what that has to do with this, but I just love that quote, and reading Jon’s article brought that to mind for some reason.

  2. Maybe these are the sluggish dog days of August, which have come 2 months early. If we get through them here, perhaps we don’t face them there. (That last sentence sounds a bit Dr. Seuss-ish.)

    • They are definitely going through some kind of funk.
      We can only hope this is the lowest point and everything gets better from now on.
      BTW, Dave, you definitely have regained the presidency of the Optimists Club. 🙂

    • unfortunately, your old one is more applicable to what this team is doing now.
      that other change came to make it more positive, so Package`s Woo Hoo, if anything.

      I wish I would’ve seen all these additional posts when I checked in last night … probably should’ve refreshed the browser.

  3. Oh man. Checking in late again. Doesn’t look like it will be Dodgers day again today.

  4. When will it end? (Glad I had my grandson to play with today. Eased the sting of yet another futile game against a team I can’t stand.)

  5. Two HRs for each side — dodgers get the least for their buck and so far no situational hitting . . . which is a moot point when you give up 6.

  6. Well, there you go, A multi billion dollar owership group and they can’t buy any top tier pitchers. That’s right I said buy. The team already had Kersh, Greinke and Ryu but is unwilling to get anymore. Might as well be the Rays.

      • Like I said earlier, a multi billion dollar owership group will not buy any quality starters like Hamels, Price, ect. Some of you run down Ned from last year but at least he tried to get quality players.

        • So, you think the Dodgers could just call, say, the Phillies and buy
          Hamels for cash? Or buy another top tier pitcher from another club? Right now, just for offering enough cash?

          The club’s issues lately have mostly been on offense. Not sure Ballslinger and Frias can keep up their generally good performances–or if the club will trust them to–but they have performed better than quite a few “name” pitchers.

          It’s widely expected by knowledgeable insiders that the Dodgers will be active before, during, and maybe even after the trade deadline.

        • Have you even thought that it takes two teams to deal, that the teams those players are on might not want a strictly cash deal, they might want players, and that the owners of the teams are asking for more than the Dodgers are willing to give?

          • The Dodgers are not willing to give up ANY prospects and I don’t believe they can buy for cash any player. Of course you have to give up some players and yes it is more than the Dodgers are willing to give up. That is why there is no trades. My point is you must give up to get in some cases but what about Sheilds, Lester, Scherzer and others?????? They could have been bought. So far, no quality pitchers have been obtained and only Rollins, Kendrick and Grandal, plus pitchers Anderson and McCarthy. They let you think they will be open to obtaining players but never deliver.

        • Thanks to Ned’s efforts, Fausto, Correia and Maholm ended up in the rotation.

    • I expect the Dodgers to pick up another quality starter, but Ballslinger and Frías have both been far superior to last year’s Maholms, Correias and Carmonas.

      • Last year wasn’t about the Maholms Correias and Carmonas. If you recall the Dodgers had Kersh, Grenike, Ryu, Beckett and Haren. The team never got to where they only had a 1 and 2 like this year. Ya think theres a need???? Besides that crowd from last year will never even get close to the number of games pitched this year by scum.

        • They lost Beckett for the season, Ryu missed time as well, and Haren was mediocre. There is no acquiring a top starter at this point, but I expect they will do so. Ballslinger and Frías have been more than serviceable, though it would be better to have only one of them in the rotation.

    • The batter appeared to move his shielded elbow into the path of the ball instead of out of the way.

      • You must have seen the same replay Vinnie was talking about. The NBC radio guys (I was on the wrong station for a minute) were expecting the hitter to get hit pretty hard his first time up tomorrow because of that seemingly-deliberate HBP.

  7. Retrospectively, I wish last night’s game had been blacked out instead of tonight’s and tomorrow’s.

  8. Can’t blame the bats for last night’s game.
    Odd to say that, but gotta give ’em their due . . . when they’re due for props, rather than just due to come through.

    • Yes, on average we did better than the giants in hitting with RISP. It’s also possible to score without RISP. Wonder where our lumber has been recently in the dinger department.

      • I didn’t mean any stat other than the # of runs; they haven’t been getting many “quality offensive” games lately (since a “quality” game for a pitcher is 3 runs or less in 6 innings, I figure a “quality” game for the offense is 4 runs or more).

        Yes, it’s possible to score with an HR, but you shouldn’t have to count on that. You “should” be able to count on at least getting a sac fly or just putting the ball in play, or knowing when to tag up and take the extra base, etc. The small things. That’s how they won in the ’60s, wasn’t it? Of course, it helped to have someone like Maury Wills, who turned the SB into a potent offensive weapon.

        • As Jon has pointed out, we are 2-36 (0.56) as regards BABIP in the prior seven games, when the overall league average is around .280. Just not possible to make up for this in the ways that you offer.

          • I’m offering that they should at least be “average,” not 200 points below it. If they were, they’d be winning.

          • That average is the league average for balls put into play. Being more than .200 below suggests more than their share of bad luck over that stretch.