Game 57, 2015

Cardinals at Dodgers, 5:00PM PT, TV: ESPN

The Cards and Dodgers play Sunday Night Baseball. It’ll be Zack Greinke for the Dodgers versus Lance Lynn for the Cardinals. Greinke’s last game was astonishing because it was the first bad one he’s had all year: he gave up ten hits and five runs to the Rockies over six innings. Even with that aberration, he’s 5-1 with a 1.97 ERA on the year. Lynn is 4-4 with a 3.03 ERA on the year. His last start was his best of the season: he went 7 2/3 scoreless innings against the Brewers.

Matt Carpenter’s bruised triceps makes him day-to-day for the Cardinals.

Lineup when available.

Turner hitting cleanup? I’ll bet he hasn’t done that since high school!

142 thoughts on “Game 57, 2015

  1. Counting the playoffs, it sure seems when the Dodgers have a national audience, they don’t do well.
    Anyone with #s on that?

    • Probably more to do with who they are playing in order to rate a national game, rather than the extra glare of the network cameras.

  2. Just saw that the Nationals are 2-8 over the last ten. Wonder how their fans are feeling?

    • Was at the park on Saturday, when they lost to the Cubs. No one calling for the manager’s head, yet. Mets took over first place in the division today.

      • Hopefully, the Metropolitans swat the Gnats well enough to keep that spot over the next few days.

    • The last 10 for the Dodgers are the worst of the stretch, but they have a losing record since May 13th.

  3. There is too much talent on this team to lose as much as they do. You can’t fire 25 players, so maybe you change the manager. No, he can’t hit or pitch for them, but it’s his responsibility to get them to perform better. So everybody’s at fault but only the manager can take the rap for it. We’ll see pretty soon.

        • That would be a valid argument except Ethier, Joc, Turner, and a bunch of kid pitchers stepped up and played fine. They did everything that could have been asked of them, but the club lost. No DL excuses.

          • The argument may be that those guys are capable of keeping you afloat for a while but that, after a certain time, their limitations become more obvious.

  4. No more Cards til the playoffs. Be interesting to see how different our team is then from now.

    • Of course, we have had winning seasons against the Cards from 2010 to 2014, but didn’t help us much in the playoffs.

        • I remember that, but I don’t remember if their losses were like this.
          Going back to the playoffs, the Dodgers could’ve/should’ve won almost every one — but they found ways to lose, including the incredible one where Kersh had the huge lead.

          • They pretty much killed us, the Mets, scoring 4.5 per game against our 1.6.

    • Don’t wanna be Debbie Downer, just Robert Realist . . . we know this Dodger team has talent and we’ve seen how well they CAN play. But we’ve also seen how poor they can play and how they can manufacture defeat from seeming victory. The big question is which version will show up more often through the rest of the regular season.

  5. Something tells me the D’Backs will be welcomed relief for the Dodgers.

    • If only. They seem to be heating up themselves and approaching .500. Sandwiched around being sweep by the Cards, they have won series against Miami (four game sweep), Cubs, Brewers and Braves, before splitting with the Mets this weekend.

  6. Well, Grandal is 0-4. I really do think Ellis could have done that good.

      • Yes. But also am I right that he hasn’t pinch hit the last few games? I could be very wrong. ( And of course, the minute I wrote this, he came in to pinch hit.

        • Oh. Yes, there is a discussion on this earlier in the thread, including questioning whether perhaps he is injured.

  7. Our offense has completely disappeared. Even Adrian looks terrible at the plate right now.

  8. Came home from a Crime Writers Conference, to see the meltdown. There goes the RBI theory!

  9. What a waste . . . again.
    It’s as if the Dodgers can’t stand the pressure of playing quality teams and find ways to lose.

  10. Apart from the abbreviated start, Juan has been pretty good this year. Where is Baez?

  11. I like Nicassio here but wish he had just started the inning – matchup or not.

  12. After all the comments about how bad the lineup was last night (at least, I thought it was bad) tonight’s felt like a dream. However, either way you slice it, the Dodgers still have only scored 2 runs.

  13. Graphic just flashed up: Cards scoreless last 14 innings. Maybe the Dodger hitting woes rubbed off.

    Course, CK and Zach do that kind of thing a bunch.

        • Forgot to tell you that Grandal grounded out weakly to 2nd base on his second ab.

          • So, his average is now only double A.J.’s.

            You need to have some perspective. There’s a big difference between a young player who makes a one-time mistake, owns up to it, and accepts his punishment, on the one hand; on the other hand, there are those who deny it and cover it up such as ARod, Bonds (who got his “best friend” to do his time for him, and Melky (who created a fake website to try to weasel out of it). Those are the villains of this saga.

  14. OK, where’s Alex G for about the 3rd straight game? There was some mention of his grimacing after hitting an OF wall the other day as well as some less than stellar LF defense–maybe not too surprising since he’s always been an infielder.

    He may be hurt and the team doing its usual close-mouthed thing about injuries. Otherwise, given the stick he swings it’s unlikely his defense is bad enough that he shouldn’t start at least every other day–someplace.

    He may be the best argument the Dodgers have had for the DH–other than HanRam and ManRam before him….

    • Except for his game-winning slam, he’s hit poorly in recent weeks. It’s a judgement call whether to play him or not, though so far he appears to be an adequate 3B.

    • With Puig back in the rotation getting him starts will be a bit more difficult. An obvious choice against lefties, but with Klayton going the other night I think that defense trumped at 3rd and LF. He has been hitting well, OPS 1.006 over the past two weeks. Don’t believe that an injury is the explanation.

  15. Tonight’s question from the Package is: Do you think Donnie sets the lineup by himself or gets help and do you think he decides who will play each game or gets help??

    • One vote for “Gets Help”. I can see choices that reflect his stubborn, out of touch with current capabilities thinking but there are other selections that you absolutely know came down from the FO. Heisey is a prime example. I’m sure he would rather play a more capable Ethier or Guerrero rather than Heisey, so we know he is beknighted by King Friedman.

      • Let me expand a little. Do you think that this happens on a daily basis or just sometimes? For instance, it is Donnie who moves Rollins up and down in the lineup or is he getting help? Or, lets sit 3 or 4 regulars instead of maybe one or two?

        • Are you watching on ESPN? They just discussed this. Friedman and co. provided Maddon a ton of data daily when they were at Tampa Bay to help him make out the lineup, Dan S. said. He assumed they do the same here, which explains, Dan said, why Turner is hitting cleanup. He’s got a .999 OPS split against right-handed pitchers. I looked it up, and that’s correct.

          • Yes, I am watching ESPN and I heard that conversation. I still wonder if it is just giving the information or if Donnie also gets hands on instruction also.

          • So I take it that you think think that Donnie just gets the info from the FO and uses it any way he likes?

          • True but this management trumps the manager every time in my opinion.

          • It is based on past and present moves by the FO. The fact that they will not obtain another GOOD starting pitcher. It is being arrogant to continue to put in retreads to a starting rotation that is 3/5ths depleted. I am sure Donnie would love another starter with Hamel like credentials.

          • That’s a whole different can of worms than the issue you first posed here above.

          • No its not. I think Donnie is required to let the FO have the final say on anything it wants including the everyday lineup and who plays on any given day. I also think that Donnie has very little input as to who is obtained on the team

          • Do you think a true baseball man like Don Mattingly would obtain some of the pitching that the team now and has had??

          • McCarthy has been hurt before and Anderson still has the jury out. C’mon man, you know the Dodgers could have done much better than those two.

          • I would think that Donnie might have been asked for input as regards certain players, certainly those on the roster, but don’t believe that he was critical in the decision making regarding the moves and players obtained. This is fairly standard. (But, again, this is not the issue you originally posed).

          • The FO obtains the personnel and Donnie manages it. All you are saying is that the FO is in charge of personnel, which no one would argue, but based on that you believe that they manage the personnel as well, but offer no evidence.

          • It would be hard to prove that without being in the room with those guys as you surely know but you don’t know that it isn’t happening either.

          • But is there something happening in terms of the line up that makes you suspect this?

          • Not sure what that means. One of the tasks of the manager is to put together the line up based on available personnel and knowledge (some of which might be provided by the FO). He is paid to win, so why would he put together a line up that he felt didn’t give him the best shot a doing so?

          • He might be required to use that info by management. I disagree, some managers have complete control of the everyday lineups and using of personnel. Every manager does not need to use every scrap of info provided by the FO.

          • Don’t believe that he is required to “use” information, but why should he ignore it?

          • I am not saying he shouldn’t use it if he feels it is warranted but being made to is a whole other issue.

    • I believe he decides based on available personnel, which is the responsibility of the FO.

  16. Tonight’s lineup looks much better except for Grandal. I hope Ethier does OK in left.

    • Of course. You’d rather start to somebody whose sole offensive weapon is the sac bunt.

      • Yea, that way I don’t have to worry about drugs getting in the way of actual, true performance.

  17. Gnats lose to Fillies. That’ll at least make the blackout easier to tolerate.

    • Well, hopefully Grandal will get a fix and be ready to play tonight. Hopefully he won’t have any errrors or passed balls.

      • I will say that Grandal should have signaled to Agon the other night to throw to first. He only did so half-heartedley when it was too late.

        • That would have been nice but the big blame goes to Agon, he should have looked. The runner might have fallen, or some other strange event. He didn’t do all he could do.

    • By the way, you spell Phillies with a Ph not an F. Just thought you would want to know.

      • Package, cheating is a big part of sports. If they eliminated all cheaters, each team would have only one or two players. Lying in trade talks and player signings, lying about pitch location, claiming to have made a tag or catch when they didn’t, lying about condition or ability. Cheating is the obverse of the sports coin.

          • He was convicted, served his time, and was released back into society. Unless he slips again he’s entitled to the same chance as anyone else.

          • He has the same chance but that doesn’t mean that everyone should just forget it.

          • Nor does it mean he should have it held against him forever. It takes more than one strike to make an out.

            Everyone most assuredly has not forgotten it. It’s just not the only thing they see when they look at a talented young catcher with a lot of potential.

          • How did you feel about Lo Duca and Gagne when they played for the Dodgers? Did you want to expunge their records once it was revealed they’d been using PEDs?

            It’s too easy to be an absolutist.

          • Didn’t have any use for either after it was determined they had used. Link, that is cheating!! That is why these PED users will never be in the HOF.