Game 45, 2015

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, SPSO, ESPN

Clayton Kershaw hasn’t yet found his Cy Young form this season. He’s posted a record of 2-3 with an ERA of 4.32, roughly two runs per game higher than his norm. On paper the Braves should be a team he’d be happy to face, as they’re collectively hitting a chilly .151 against him. He’ll face Julio Teheran, who’s got a 4-1 record and a 3.91 ERA.

Apparently there was a lot of discussion between the Dodgers and the Braves during which the Dodgers offered Juan Uribe for up to three minor leaguers, but it fell through when the Braves’ utility infielder Alberto Callaspo vetoed the deal for as-yet-unknown reasons. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement a player who signs a contract as a free agent can reject a trade if it’s before the calendar date June 15. There’s some speculation about his refusal to be sent to LA at the article behind that first link.

Offloading Uribe to a place where he could play regularly is a laudable goal, but for another reserve infielder? I suspect the Dodgers really wanted the three minor leaguers, several of whom were reportedly pitchers.

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97 thoughts on “Game 45, 2015

  1. I still can’t make any sense at all of last night’s trade, apparently no one else can either. Only good note I see is that Uribe can get some playing time, and if that is why they traded him, well and good. But why take useless players back in return? Why not simply “give” him to them for one low minor player to make it legal? If they can spin these players out for anything at all, I’ll be shocked.

    • Not useless, surely. Minor league roster fillers, bargaining chips for future deals, etc.

      What I’m puzzled by is why the Braves wanted Uribear, since they’ve got a third baseman about to come off the DL next week.

      The Braves’ MLB beat writer seems to think it’s a good deal for them.

  2. MLBTR says Callaspo received a “stipend” to change his mind. Good for him, the clubs pay a lot of money but they mess with peoples lives too. They can afford it and he deserves it, he contracted to play in Atlanta and now they change their mind. Best wishes for Uribe in Atlanta and let’s move Callaspo out quickly. Nothing personal, we just don’t need him.

  3. Well, it now looks like the Dodgers have only Puig and Agon left of the starters for last year’s team. Mission almost accomplished.

    • You forgot Ellis. This will be his last year as a Dodger player, next year he’s a coach or he’s working elsewhere. You know, these guys are good at house cleaning…

        • Ellis was a starter, but he’s damaged goods though he could still hang around as a backup despite his age (tougher on a catcher). His tragedy is that the previous regime chose to sign retreads throughout his prime years.

          • Maybe he should have taken some PEDs like the starter. He might still be the #1 guy.

          • Grandal manned up and served his sentence – unlike, say, B*nds, who had his “best friend” serve his sentence for him. You appear to believe in eternal punishment for youthful mistakes.

        • The phrase was “starters from last year’s team”. check it out…

    • On the other hand, they reacquired old friend Stults, which should please you.

  4. Stults will drive Donnie nuts. Even when he is “on” he is a nibbler. Still recall the 2008 game in Coors, with Dodgers leading 12-1 in the third. Stults had let in a second run with two outs, so Joe pulled him because his nibbling style was driving him crazy.

    • That isn’t a drive, it’s a putt. Actually, I think Mattingly is immensely more tolerant that Torre. Mattingly is a nibbling type manager.

    • I guess if we can trade them a pitcher who is recovering from TJ surgery, then they can trade us a pitcher who just pitched 34 pitches over the last 3 and 2/3 innings of tonight’s game. Still, it seems weird that they would be pitching Stults at all tonight if he was always meant to be part of this trade.

      • That is odd. Uribe is surplus, but none of the Barves’ players involved seems to be particularly significant.

  5. I’m still curious as to who the Dodgers will be getting back for Uribe/Withrow.

  6. Very sad to see Uribear go. For two years, he drove me crazy, and then he won me over, big time.

    • I disliked his signing from the first, but came around to respect him. He also seems to understand the business of baseball, so he won’t resent going elsewhere.

    • Certainly a low leverage guy, but of his eleven appearances only one terrible outing and a couple of less than effective ones. A vet who occupies the bottom of the pen.

      • The Los Angeles Dodgers should be able to do better than him. Of course I could probably add to that with a few others.

          • Bullpen fodder. Anyone better than him in the organization is probably best served getting work in elsewhere at this point.

  7. So happy to come home from a commitment and see this score. Kershaw! Offense! Let’s hope it continues.

  8. Don’t know if it is reasonable or not, but I’m concerned about how Kershaw will do in the 7th inning.

    • Not that it helped them then. And not walking him didn’t help them now.

  9. just checking in, what a difference between the craziness at the bottom of the third compared to the wonderful bottom of the fourth

  10. Okay – first hit for Atlanta. Let’s limit them to not much more than that.

  11. Don’t see the team very much. But If Alex G has that kind of plate coverage most of the time, he’s likely to hit a ton. Kinda like already.

  12. Kershaw at 47 pitches. I wonder where the next 47 or so will find us?

  13. If the Dodgers just forget about bunting, it might be a good thing. Lately ugly when they try to.

  14. Kershaw is off to a solid start. 5 or 6 more innings like that and then we may have something.

  15. Sounds like the Uribe trade is back on and perhaps completed. If true, I wonder who the minor league players are.

  16. Wonder whose idea it was to run 3 and 2. As said on the broadcast, Rollins is not as fast as he was, and the ATL catcher has a cannon.

  17. Couple interesting stats: Alex G has 8 HR in only 81 AB, a 1 in 10 ratio. SSS warning, but that’s a pace pf 50 HR in 500 AB.

    And there can’t be too many times a pitcher’s ERA has been lower than his WHIP, SSS warning again. Bolsinger has a 0.71 ERA and a 0.79 WHIP.

    • He’s been better than expected, but I wouldn’t put any money on that projection.

      • That’s why the SSS disclaimer. Not a prediction, not at all likely. Fun with numbers.

  18. Good to see Rollins now above the Mendoza line (now to try and stay there)

  19. Here’s my guess as to why Alberto vetoed the trade. Starting at 200, 250,300.350,400 450 PA, he gets 200k bucks each. If he comes to LA he probably would play very little or the Dodgers would cut him loose. If he stays a Brave he would probably get many more PAs. Just my opinion.

    • They would have cut him loose very quickly, but he might find another team, such as the Gnats (for whom he’d become an All-Star, of course).