Game 41, 2015

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

The last time the Padres’ Andrew Cashner faced the Dodgers, Adrian Gonzalez whacked three home runs while he was pitching. Cashner’s been better since, although his record doesn’t show it. He’s 1-7 this season but he’s got a 3.24 ERA. He is 1-4 with a 2.22 ERA lifetime against the Dodgers and 0-2 this year.

He’ll face Zack Greinke, who lost his first game of the season last week against the Rockies even though he only gave up one run in six innings. This will be his third start against the Padres this season, and he’s given up one run in 13 innings so far. In nine career starts against San Diego, Greinke is 5-0 with a 1.58 ERA.

Bill Shaikin of the LA Times asks “What happened to the Padres?” as he looks at their 20-22 record this season and compares it to the high expectations the team had going into 2015. And what can we expect of this series? Shaikin says if you’re cynical you’ll say the pitchers will win. “The Padres have not scored in 14 innings. The Dodgers have not scored in 31 innings.”

Lineup when available.

84 thoughts on “Game 41, 2015

    • Needed that one! Weathering this downturn. 4-6 in last ten is same as other division leaders, StL and Mets (of course the Mets lost their division lead). In the younger circuit the Yanks went 2-8 and Rays took over division lead.

  1. KK-enley!
    The long national nightmare is over . . . or something like that.

  2. In terms of chants, having fans yell “Let’s go home team (Dodgers)” seems far more appropriate, sensible, exciting and intelligent than having fans yell “Beat away team (LA).”

  3. What a shame Zack isn’t eligible to get the W if LA wins.
    Still, it’s better than taking another hard-luck loss.

  4. Alright – we have 200% more opportunity to score a run (if my math is correct).

    • And I think my math is wrong – we have (at least) 2 full batting innings to their 1.

  5. Greinke is going strong this evening but may not be around for a decision in this game.

  6. If Dodgers score here – they would miss tying the LA scoreless innings streak. The record is 36 innings and they are at 35. Brooklyn record is 41.
    Pressure is on!

  7. Grandal may be out for a few games. Out now because of getting hit in the mask several times tonight.

  8. Grandal’s fly out was mildly Steinered.
    Darned if I didn’t get my hopes up for half a second.

  9. Waiting for the Dodgers to score a run somehow becomes more exciting the longer it goes – just in the sense that statistically it has to happen soon but it feels like an illusion, a mirage, a dream until it does.

  10. Reading that Harang might be the target. So we don’t have to argue Cueto/Hamels. (I believe that he is the owner of The Dodger record for Ks in a row).

  11. Let’s hope Zack once again lives up to his reputation as the stopper.
    I would normally say that it still depends on the offense except he wields as powerful a bat as any other Dodger has these last 5 games.

  12. Another game I’ll get to see. One good thing about getting the Giant and Padre feeds instead of the Dodgers, they booth have much better looking “token female” broadcasters than the Dodgers. Come on, FO, theres a trade that would be popular…