Game 36, 2015

Rockies at Dodgers, 6:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Note the early game time. Since the two teams play again tomorrow, this isn’t the day before a travel day. I thus have no idea why it’s starting an hour earlier than usual. The Old-Timers Game is scheduled for 4:00PM.

It’ll be Zack Greinke (5-0, 1.52 ERA) for the Dodgers against Jorge De La Rosa of the Rockies.(0-2, 9.56 ERA). De La Rosa went only four innings against the Dodgers last Sunday, giving up five hits, five earned runs, six walks, and striking out four. With all of that, he didn’t take the loss in the Mother’s Day game the Dodgers eventually won.


Hmm. That’s a different outfield.

88 thoughts on “Game 36, 2015

  1. Well, I totally pictured tonight’s game would be about a 7-1 score. Obviously, I assigned the wrong numerical values to the two teams in my imagination.

    • Or maybe good pitching by Oberg because SVS also was made to look foolish. Game done.

  2. We have never won when we have scored zero runs, nor when the opposition has scored seven runs. Each has happened once to date.

  3. Worst offensive output of the year.
    They did better against Bumgarner.

    • And now we know why Mattingly tried to load up the line-up against De La Rosa. Donnie knew how tough he would be to hit against.

  4. Unless the Dodgers have a miraculous finish. this will be their 8th loss this season to a last place team (divisional last place, that is).

    • Not sure how you figured that, but in any event we are 6-2 against the Rox after tonight’s loss.

  5. Hey package – there is snow in the Winnipeg forecast for later this weekend – thanks to a Colorado low. Talk about Denver messing me up this long weekend!

  6. Ah well, maybe tomorrow… 5-0 Rockies. Rockies have more home runs than Dodgers have hits.

  7. Oh – Santos hoping to duplicate Jansen with 4 strike outs in the 8th inning.

  8. Here’s a question I have been thinking about for a while: What do people think the Dodgers’ rotation will be by mid August?
    Here’s my guess – Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Beachy, Anderson. I would love to throw Cueto in the middle of the rotation but I don’t think the Dodgers make that kind of trade yet.

    • Did you read the McCovey’s Cove blog that WBBsAs linked last night? Thought the fellow had some pretty good insights on this and other upgrading issues facing the Dodgers.

  9. I have always been partial to 3rd Base – played it when I was a kid in little league. Arenado is kinda a guilty pleasure this series for me. The guy can pick it.

  10. Maybe this is the inning that the Dodgers remember that it’s De La Rosa they are hitting against.

  11. Well, they’d better get their rear-ends in gear….
    Tonight at Dodger Stadium….
    – First 40,000 fans in attendance receive a replica ’65 WS ring….
    – Early arriving fans treated to the Annual Old-Timers Game…
    And, it seems like it was at that point that Donny Ballgame ‘pulled the plug’ on the festivities as he’s also made it ‘Saturday Night – Anemic Lineup Night’ for all those in attendance.
    Not a fan, Donny.
    PS – When the topic of the lineup came up in the pre-game show, the hosts’ … “just this side of petulant” commentary to the effect that DeLaRosa’s lack of early-season success makes this an ok idea…. Totally Jinxed it! – Obviously, somebody in the Rockies clubhouse was listening. 🙂

  12. Sounds like that’s going to be a Must C!
    Now let’s get on the board . . . the run-scoring way!

  13. Sounds like Greinke nearly tied it up with a home run of his own, but Blackmon tracked it down at the wall.

  14. I think that the second half of this game when the regulars come back in off the bench might go better.

  15. Cargo with another home run. Better the first inning than the ninth I suppose.

    • Only 25 Ks to go now….um, never mind.

      Actually, still on pace. They just won’t be consecutive now.

  16. Unusual lineups make me think of emergency catchers, for some reason. Interesting, to me at least, that Chris Hatcher was a C at one point. So he at least knows how to put on the gear.

    Highly, highly unlikely that ever happens, but the entertainment value would be high.

    • In high school, our starting catcher was our No. 2 pitcher. When we played a championship doubleheader, he pitched the first game because the coach figured catching then would wear him out too much to pitch game two.

  17. Looking at tonight’s lineup I am wondering if this is a split squad day.

  18. Both of Kershaw’s wins this season have come on Friday night home games against the Rockies. The Dodgers won the first 7-3 and the second 6-4. He went 6 innings the first time and 6.2 last night.

  19. I like how this is the infielders and second stringer line up. 2 of the 3 outfielders – aren’t they usually playing defense a lot closer to the pitchers mound?

    • “Skip, we need to stretch our legs some. Can’t we play the outfield today?”

      “Sure, boys. We got our best pitcher going, so I’m sure we don’t need our best hitter or strongest outfielders. What could go wrong?”