Game 30, 2015

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

Clayton Kershaw makes his fourth try to win career number 100 this evening, weather permitting. He’s won six straight against the Rockies and has a 1.62 ERA over those games. He’s 14-5 with a 3.11 ERA in his career against the Rockies and is 7-3 at Coors Field, posting a 4.58 ERA. His opponent will be Jorge De La Rosa, who has 45 lifetime wins at Coors, more than any other pitcher in the history of the stadium. De La Rosa started the year on the DL, however, and he’s 0-2 with a 9.00 ERA after coming off it.

In outfielder news, Yasiel Puig tweaked his hamstring in a rehab game with Rancho Cucamonga Friday night.

Lineup when available.

The weather is not looking good, unless you’re a skier/snowboarder.

Continued rain today will increase the possibility of flash flooding throughout the urban corridor and plains. Residents should be on alert for flooding in their vicinity after heavy rains pass over. The far eastern plains could see severe weather with increased heating. Chances for large hail and tornadoes increase by this afternoon. For the mountains, the snow level will be around 9000ft lowering to 7000ft by this evening. Areas above 9000ft could see 2 to 6 inches by this afternoon with another 4 to 10 inches overnight. Mountain roads will be slushy and snow packed by this evening.

Okay, lineup for today’s game:

The weather is forecast to be in the low 40s with a small chance of rain.

No explanation given for Ethier’s absence in right field, nor for Uribe’s absence at third base. It could just be that the Rockies’ pitcher De La Rosa is a lefty.

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  1. Woo-HOO!!! (File this under better late than never.) I was driving to Joshua Tree – ten day writing/research retreat,but I hooted and hollered on the road. Just managed to get to the final out before my radio gave up. It’s Game-day from now on, I’m afraid.

    • Make that 17-0 with five or more runs. Great to win a game in which Kershaw allows five runs and we come back from a 5-2 deficit. Bullpen continues to be a very pleasant surprise.

  2. Don’t want to jinx this game – but Dodgers yet to lose when scoring 4 or more runs.

    • Dodgers are 16-0 when scoring five or more runs.
      Dodgers are 3-10 when scoring three or fewer runs.
      Dodgers have not scored exactly four runs in any game this season.

    • just came back to the screen, wow if it is at all possible, he is a better player and more helpful to us than last year

  3. Baseball so loves records— I wonder if this is the first time a pitcher with Christian name Christian replaces another pitcher with Christian name Christian?

  4. Thank you Baez – and Kershaw thanks you as well for stranding all three runners.

  5. I’m really glad that bloop shot did not drop in. Way to hold on Hernandez!

  6. May 10th 2014, the Dodgers were 20-18. Made playoffs.
    May 10th 2013, the Dodgers were 13-21. Made playoffs.
    May 11th, 2012 the Dodgers were 21-11. 2nd place finish.
    May 10th, 2011 the Dodgers were 17-20. 3rd place finish.
    May 10th, 2010 the Dodgers were 15-17. 4th place finish.

    So basically, where a team is at on May 10th doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot. Don’t know why I cared about May 10th but just felt like looking it up.

    Or perhaps, maybe May 10th is statistically significant and I took way too small a sample size to see that.

    • Because Joc was not leading off. Ellis lined out and Kershaw grounded out.

  7. I’ve been following orders and just resting all day after an illness which has hung on at least 11 days . . . checking in after the 2-0 lead to see this doesn’t help!

        • Thanks to all of you. I went to the doctor Friday. There weren’t any major symptoms, but it had hung on soo long. He said he’s had several patients with the same symptoms and many lasted several weeks. He gave me meds and I thought it was shock therapy — $135! When they used my primary insurance, it was “only” $61.
          Not one to just do nothing — especially when I have several deadlines facing me — I went the “just rest” route, watching extras to “The Social Network” and “The Dark Knight Rises” . . . and, of course, checking in on the Dodgers between coughing fits.

          Great bouncing back, but my concerns about Kersh are not going away.

    • Sorry to hear you have been dragging the last week and a half. Hope the rest is a good tonic.

  8. Guerrero with the scorching line drive. Right into the glove and Gonzalez gets doubled up.

  9. Not that it is up to Kershaw to provide the offense, but I thought it was strange that he swung at the first pitch from De La Rosa after De La Rossa walked 3 guys in a row right before that at bat;

  10. Joc’s next at bat: 10 to 1 on a ground-out; 5 to 1 on a single; 3 to 1 on a flyball out; 4 to 1 on a strikeout; 2 to 1 on a homerun. get your bets down…

    • Nibbled to death by ducks. The two-run single that made it 5-2 was a chopper over Kershaw’s head and then over the bag at 2nd.

  11. I wonder if we will find out that Kershaw has some kind of a physical ailment and that he has kept it to himself. We have seen this before with other Dodgers.

    • I’m with you, Scoop.
      It’s one thing for him not to continue his “superhuman” dominance.
      It’s another thing for this result time and time again of late — no lead is too safe . . . yes, even going back to October (we have to, because it was soo shocking).

    • Babip coming in was .352 and FIP of 2.83. I am guessing that (un)luck is a major component.

  12. Kershaw still struggling to keep his era under 4.00. Seems like so many jam shots and flares against him this year.

  13. If Mattingly didn’t even think about hitting for Ellis, then he is truly a saint.

    • You don’t hit for your starting catcher except in a dire emergency, especially not this early in the game.

      • i don’t think that was the time to pinch-hit for Ellis, but I think it is the time to find another back-up catcher.

      • I said “think about it”. In addition to Grandal, he could use Turner, Hernandez, and Van Slyke if he had to.

  14. In the Phillies – Mets game:
    Billingsley(L, 0-2) 5.0 8 5 5 1 3 1 9.00

    Five innings, 8 hits, 5 runs, 5 earned, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, one homer, ERA 9.00

  15. Kept looking for a new game thread. Then remembered it is still game 30, with the same starting pitchers.

  16. Did they ever publish the distance on that huge home run Adrian hit in Milwaukee?

  17. Sitting Ethier v. a lefty makes sense, but putting Quique in RF v. lefty is odd when SVS is available.

    Meanwhile, today in Philadelphia, Billingsley has tied Kemp’s season HR total.

  18. I note that Puig’s setback garnered nary a moan here. Ryu on the other hand…

    • There’s all this talk about the offensive output being without Matt and Hanley . . . but it’s also been without Puig, for the most part.
      And they’re winning without him.
      So part of me DOES wonder what will happen when he rejoins the lineup.

        • The only thing that bothers me is previous talk about Puig’s attitude. But I believe they said he’s changed this year (e.g. showing up earlier), so we’ll see.
          We know we can always return to the status quo.

  19. Zach Lee allowed only 1 H in 5 IP last night but did BB 5. Has pretty good numbers. Don’t know why he wouldn’t get a shot at the #4 and #5 SP tryouts now underway.

    Pitching boxscore shows all OKC pitchers doing well following him, including old friend and groundball machine Ramon Troncoso.

    Based on Wx reports last few days, the Omaha Storm Chasers came to the right place in OKC.

    Lee this year thus far:

    One day he may star in a movie titled “Ouf of Albuquerque.”

    • Given that he had such difficulties last year, and that his service time is a potential issue, giving him additional work at AAA may not be a bad idea. The other AAA pitchers, Bolsinger and Wieland, have pitched respectably (though Wieland had a terrible first inning).

  20. From Twitter:
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    1 hour ago

    Tonight’s game has been canceled. A makeup date has not been set.

    • You hope they get tomorrow’s game in, but at least it wasn’t a three-game washout (as opposed to sweep).

    • Gave us a lot of good outings, seemingly out of nowhere, and then he didn’t.

      • Team seemed to lose confidence in him, for whatever reason. They left him unprotected, also for whatever reason, and White Sox grabbed him.

        Lost fellow reliever Shawn Tolleson pretty much the same way, IIRC.

        Whatever someone thinks of this FO, unlikely anyone catches it asleep or not having thought thru all the angles before it makes any move.

        • Both had pretty good 2014 seasons, which we could have used in our pen.

  21. Weather is good here but apparently wet and unpleasant in Denver. Chili weather. Anybody got a good recipe they want to share?

    • Ha! I used to make two crockpots full for a New Year’s Day open house we held for about fifteen years, but we stopped doing it and my recipe disappeared. Not that one was the cause of the other. At least, I don’t think so.

    • I make an East Texas chili heavily influenced by Louisiana. Cayenne based, so a little on the sweet side. Unlike your standard Texas chili, it has beans. Dark red kidney in this case. For a final Louisiana touch, it is served over white rice.

  22. 6pm their time has 100% chance of rain, dropping to 50%, then going to 100%.
    Score early and score often, and/or drag it out and wait for rain.

    I know pitchers like to stay on schedule, but aren’t these conditions bad enough to hold back your star player? Especially since he probably won’t go very deep, based on the wx.

    • I am led to recall what was quickly termed the “bizarro” game on Dodger Thoughts, where both Torre and Bochy decided to start with relievers thinking that the game would be called. But the rain let off and they brought in their starters around the fifth inning. Timmy for the giants, but for the Dodgers it was Bills throwing between starts. A lot of weird stuff happened during the game,

  23. Anyone see Centennial or read the book? I really enjoyed both, the book the most, of course. Could have done without all the geology and paleontology in the beginning…

    • Yes, and I loved them! I believe that was my second miniseries (belied its name — I believe it had as many hours as a drama has each season today) . . . and my first Michener novel.

    • I bought nearly every one of those Michener books starting with “The Source.” I still have them all, too. I should take ’em to the local used book emporium, because I’m never going to read them again. I enjoyed each one the first time through, though.

      • It hit me a couple years ago that I don’t need to buy novels to read — even at thrift stores — if I’m just going to give them away. So I became a fan again of the library . . . ironic, since that was my job during high school (public library) and I got my start in “show business” there: writing and performing puppet plays. (But they still made me shelve the books when the shows were over. 🙁 )

          • Same here. I need to get a good e-reader, tho, not just a tablet. I like to walk/read in daytime and tablets are not that good with the glare.

    • I’ve always thought Michener wrote nothing but pure potboilers, with no lasting significance.