Game 29, 2015

Dodgers at Rockies, 2:40PM 5:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA

The Dodgers’ Brett Anderson was a member of the Rockies last season, but injuries to his finger and his back cut his season short and they let him depart at the end of the year. Anderson is 1-1 with a 4.21 ERA for the Dodgers. His opponent will be Eddie Butler, who’s 2-2 with a 3.81 ERA.


Kendrick gets a day off and Turner plays second in his place. Adrian Gonzalez celebrates his birthday but doesn’t get the day off, and the Dodgers got their pink Mother’s Day gear today.

54 thoughts on “Game 29, 2015

  1. I looked in on the game on my phone from the Fillmore, and thought the results most satisfactory – you don’t expect Brett Anderson to get a complete game and give the bullpen a full night of rest.

  2. That call at the plate which ended the fifth could have gone either way, I think. The review umps in NYC felt the video evidence wasn’t strong enough to justify overturning the out call, but from what I saw the runner could easily have been called safe.

      • Very true. But I also thought that Gonzalez might have avoided the tag at home in the first inning. So perhaps it all evens out.

    • I think the Umpire’s desire to have a complete (official) game and get in out of the rain was a big factor in how he saw the play.

  3. Bill plunkett reports that puig is out of rehab game with hamstring tightness

  4. Guerrero singled in a run, Gonzalez stopped at third. Then there was a Coaching visit to the mound. Then somehow, while Ethier is at the plate, Gonzalez is tagged out at home. What happened? Wild pitch? Attempted steal? No explanation on GameDay.

  5. Believe this came from… Definitely wasn’t the plan to have Frias, Wieland, Huff, Bolsinger, and Baker start a fourth of the club’s first 28 games.

    The Dodgers were 3-3 in the first six of those. Frias is the only one with a victory (the bullpen getting the other two) and the composite ERA of the fill-in starters is 5.28.

    (Those stats may not include Frias’ last start since he’s now 3-0. Which if not would bring the group ERA down slightly also.)

    Anyway, larger point is those aren’t terrible numbers for backend of a rotation, tho you’d always hope for better. And that’s with guys spot starting in what amounts to kind of an extended spring training/audition, involving travel from OKC and extra stress from knowing they’re likely to go back down.

    Good that they show some flickers of promise and that they’re not a collective dumpster fire–tho without Frias they might be smouldering. Wonder if Lee’s next up?

  6. Chutley just made another out and sits at precisely .100 (9-for-90 on the season). It’s the half-Mendoza.

    • Don’t take this the wrong way, but how do you decide whom to hate?

      • What’s hate have to do with it? It’s merely interesting.

        Actually, I’ve always thought highly of Utley as a player, and wished he had been a Dodger. Not any more, though.

        • No, they all go “Over-The-Hill” eventually. There are some players I dislike and it has nothing to do with how they play against us. An example is Hunter Pence; I disliked him from the first time I saw him, long before he became a Giant. Don’t know why, I just do. Others too. And some I like, no matter how well they play against us. No explanation.

          • I can think of a few players I liked and wished they’d played for the Dodgers. I always liked the Cardinals’ second baseman Tommy Herr, but he played at the same time we had Lopes, so we had no need for a different player there.

    • Should I be surprised they’re warming up now? I don’t know from nothing…

      • Contemporaries, but the Kingsmen were from Portland (though they played a lot around the Seattle-Tacoma area). The Sonics played for us on a boat in Puget Sound.

  7. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, Chutley is 0-for-2 and his average sits at .101. With another two hitless ABs, he’ll be at .099.

  8. You might want to check that start time, Gameday says 8:40 ET, which makes it 5:40 Pacific for me. The 2:40 must be your time, huh?

  9. Butler’s been shaky, walking nearly as many as he K’s. If the Dodgers display their usual patience, they could have lots of baserunners tonight.