Pre-season predictions

Anybody who wants to make a prediction about the Dodgers finish this year, here’s the place for it.

In the previous post Howard Fox said “2015 prediction: final record 85-77 due to lack of pitching consistency, miss playoffs by 1 or 2 games, Donnie fired the day after the season ends, Padres win the World Series.”

Who’s next?

7 thoughts on “Pre-season predictions

  1. 93-69. The Dodgers and Padres split the season series, Dodgers win the division and the Padres win one of the NL Wild Cards. Dodgers meet the Pads in the NLCS, beat them in seven games, and go on to face the Mariners in the World Series. At that point the Magic 8 ball says “Ask again later.”

  2. 94-68 and they’ll win the West. The playoff challenge will come from Washington and it may depend on which team makes the best trade deadline deals. Washington currently has better pitching, but the Dodgers lineup is more solid top to bottom.

  3. 92-70, win the division (still thinking about the rest) Will update soon 🙂

  4. Opening day 25-man roster: eleven pitchers (four starters: Kershaw, McCarthy, Greinke, Anderson; seven relievers: Baez, Garcia, Hatcher, Howell, Nicosia, Peralta, Rodriguez), two catchers (Ellis and Grandal), seven infielders (Barney, Gonzalez, Guerrerro, Kendrick, Rollins, Turner, Uribe), five outfielders (Ethier, Pederson, Crawford, Van Slyke, Puig).

  5. I’ll say they finish 94-68, win the division and make it all the way to the World Series. And then heartbreak will happen. But Vin announces he will come back for 2016, so that’s good news.