Game Six, 2015

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Zack Greinke went six innings and gave up two hits and one run in his first time out this season, getting a no-decision for his trouble. He’ll try to get a win tomorrow, one the Dodgers could use. They didn’t expect Clayton Kershaw to be 0-1 with a 5.84 ERA after two starts. His opponent will be Josh Collmenter, who had a rough outing in his first start of the year, going only 4 2/3 innings against the Giants and giving up 10 hits and four runs while taking the loss.

The Dodgers’ infield lineup is going to be interesting for this game. Justin Turner’s finger was spiked but required no stitches; he’s day-to-day. Juan Uribe’s hamstring tightened on him and he’s also day-to-day. I imagine Alex Guerrero will start at third base.


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  1. Nice to see Guerrero contribute yesterday. Along with van Slyke, they can replace Crawford and Pederson against lefties. No way he could be a worse outfielder than Crawford. Take his shirt off, he has DH branded on his back…

  2. Greinke….. very impressive yesterday.
    Had to be frustrating for D-Back fans to watch that one….

    • Who should be feeling very fortunate after beating Kershaw Saturday–or anytime for that matter.

  3. Without Hanley and Kemp, power is a problem. According to Eric Stephen’s summary, “Through six games the Dodgers have 14 doubles, three triples and 10 home runs. The 27 extra-base hits are their most in franchise history through the first six games of the season, dating back to at least 1914.”

  4. In Oakland yesterday, Fernando Rodney got a “win” after allowing four earned in the bottom of the ninth to let the game go into extras.

  5. Thanks for the input below.

    I just saw “Moneyball” again and was conscious of this FO vs. field debate as we (the audience) root for Billy Beane/Brad Pitt to exercise his will over manager Howe.

    • I suppose that this is debated in some circles, but really not a productive exercise to frame it in adversarial terms. The basis of advanced stats was to better define what it takes to win a ballgame that provides insights into things that may have been undervalued previously by FOs, managers and scouts (and fans!)

  6. LA led 5-0 when I walked to see a movie (HUGE disappointment — “Chappie,” from the same guy who did “District 9,” a movie I LOVED — but since it’s at the second-run theater, it only cost me $2 . . . and 2 hours of my life) . . . and I was STUNNED to see the final score.

    This bullpen is as scary as last year’s . . . unfortunately, they are “interesting” in the Chinese curse sense of the word.

    I’m not a Donnie detractor, but after viewing more comments here . . . and knowing that he and Honey are the common denominators from last year’s “interesting” Pen . . . and never a fan of the Torre “throw every pitcher you have at ’em” philosophy — perhaps it’s not just the fault of ineffective pitchers.

    • He pulled Paco utterly unnecessarily to give Hatcher – who had not pitched for nearly a week – a shot at it. The bullpen will be far more stable when Kenley returns, presuming Don can let Paco pitch to more than one batter.

      • Bringing in Paco didn’t make all that much sense to begin with, though perhaps he wanted to give him a full inning for once, but then decided against it. Giving Hatcher work in that situation is not a bad idea.

      • Could he now see Paco as a LOOGY even in the face of stats saying otherwise? Strange and dumb use of him so far.

  7. If you want an idea of how bad it could have been, look at the Mariners-A’s box score.

  8. Finally. Which is not what you want to say when you lead 7-0 going to the bottom of 9th.

  9. I do not want to see Goldschmidt again this series. I really, really don’t.

    • Not sure if it is necessarily a trust issue in that Donnie is into LOOGYs and sees Paco in that way and wants him available on a nightly basis.

  10. I love a quiet home crowd when the Dodgers are on the road. Chase Field sounds much less loud than last night.

  11. Not exactly what I meant when I was hoping for 7-0, but I’ll definitely take this option as well.

    • about as far away from me as you can get in Aus (top of Western Australia)

  12. Just doing some research and as best I can tell a team has scored in each inning 11 times since 1901. And all of those teams scored more than 9 runs – which is what the score would be if a team scored a single run each inning (or 8 I guess at home if the away team scored less than 8).

  13. just saw footage of Pederson’s HR, wow, it looked like he barely hit it and it carried a fair way. Also loved his cheeky smile when he got back to the dugout

  14. Because they are leading comfortably, I can be impressed that 1 double, 2 singles and 2 walks equals just one run.

    • I don’t think there has ever been a game where a team has scored a single run in each inning. It would be a cool line score to see!

  15. Well that worked for the Dodgers. This game is so much nicer to follow than last nights game. 🙂

  16. Can the Dodgers please end Goldschmidt’s home run streak today?
    So far, so good.

  17. I know it’s greedy of me, but couldn’t we get guys on base before we hit home runs? Hasn’t every one of Adrian’s five been a solo shot? And now Puig and Pederson’s are both solos too.

    • Except for Rollins 3 run hr on opening day – it really does feel like they have hit a lot of solo hrs.

  18. Wasn’t this team presented to us as better D and better ‘Pen?
    So far, we have a case for false advertising or bait & switch . . .

  19. We know the admonition not to waste . . . hope it doesn’t come back to hurt . . .

  20. Will be a long road season listening to this blabbering trio. I actually think I prefer Rick Monday and Kevin Kennedy (did you know he used to manage?) Never thought I’d say the words “I prefer Rick Monday.”

  21. Much ado about not much . . . but it still doubled the lead.
    Pressure on Zack to not have to depend on the bullpen — Dodger version of Groundhog Day?

  22. Mo had an interesting stat — only one of the 10 playoff teams last year were in a playoff position at the end of April . . . so there’s hope for a bad start!

  23. Hearing “Guerrero at 3rd,” anyone else thinking of when Pedro was there and he admitted he was thinking ‘Don’t hit it to me . . . and don’t hit it to Sax!” (back when Steve was airmailing his throws from 2B)?

  24. Only my 2nd time to tune into a game in progress this season — nice to see LA has a lead, sad to realize how impressed I am by that fact . . . but the season is young!

    Sad also to not hear Vin on the radio . . . isn’t he traveling to AZ?

      • Thanks, RBI.
        I’ve been happily distracted, spending time with a great woman . . . but keeping an eye on the Dodgers and thinking what you guys have been saying about them.

  25. There have been a lot of stone-handed third basemen who played in the major leagues. If Guerrero is merely adequate he’ll suffice until Uribe/Turner recover. I hope.

  26. Wasn’t sure they’d trust Guerrero to start. But he, Puig, and Grandal give the Dodgers three Cubans starting.

    So it’s D-backs v the One Third Cuban Dodgers today. ;-])

  27. Great time to score first for the first time. Have read that team scoring first in MLB wins a majority of the time but not sure of win percentage or even that it’s so.

    Fangraphs seemed to have the answer, behind a paywall.

    • Not exactly scoring first, but last year the Dodgers won at a .674 clip in games where they were ahead after the first inning.