Game 19, 2015

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

This is a rematch of the pitchers in last Tuesday’s game against the Giants. Brett Anderson gave up nine hits in only four innings, giving up four runs and taking the loss, 6-2. It’s small consolation that five of the nine hits were infield singles. Tim Lincecum went six innings and got four double plays behind him, giving up one run and five hits and getting the win.


In other news today the Dodgers traded LHP Xavier Cedeño to the Rays for cash.

In late news, Brandon McCarthy has a torn ulnar collateral ligament and will probably need Tommy John surgery. Scott Baker will stay on the roster and Adam Liberatore will come back up to fill McCarthy’s spot.

96 thoughts on “Game 19, 2015

  1. I’ve noticed that when I click an email notification to get to the site that comment shows up at the top of the comment stream, no matter whether there were more after it or not. All I can suggest is refreshing the screen. That solves it for me.

    • I tried it on “best” and “oldest” first, and then went back to newest. Your comment appeared on top until I refreshed it, and the Galt-Package combo jumped to the front again.

  2. Is there a glitch in this site, Link, that now moves older comments to the top overnight?

  3. There were some frustrating moments, but last night’s game was ultimately satisfying.

  4. Not that I was here long, but I take my leave for tonight. I’m directing a conference for 50 university students all this week and need to be up early tomorrow morning.

  5. 3 more outs! Don’t know who pitches the ninth but it’s the bottom of the lineup they’ll face.

  6. Just tuned in and happy to see the Dodgers ahead. What’s the word on Crawford? I see he left the game early tonight.

  7. espn play by play said McGhee fouled out to centre, gee Joc must have run a long way!

  8. Not only does he walk Crabfoot a second time, but Dodgers lose opportunity to keep hitting off Lincescum.

  9. Meanwhile, I’m blacked out tonight, and get Steinered again after the third. Thanks, MLB and SNLA.

  10. On my way to the stadium. Bad news about McCarthy, but I really liked the look of Libertore, so I guess we’ll see. Go Dodgers! (Taking my son this time…)

  11. So….Alex is tearing up the league, hottest hitter in baseball, playing well afield, so DM sits him. Makes perfect sense to me. And Grandal is anchored in the middle of the lineup. Manager of the year I say!

  12. Last post, today at least. I apologize for talking so much today. Volume only, not content.

    • Nothing to apologize for as far as I’m concerned. Likely most others likely feel the same.

      Fire away.

    • If there’s something you don’t like, feel free to say so – within the context of the rules.

  13. It’s too bad today’s baseball players play for money and not pride. There was a time, not too long ago, when San Diego’s new closer would have had to cover first base a lot as angry batters ran up his back with their spikes. They would absolutely have considered this ridiculous Gargoyle stance he assumes while looking in for signs, as “showing them up” and making a travesty of the game. I think he does it just to make them think of something other than hitting. And it works.

    • From an SD source: “Kimbrel said he used to keep his arm behind his back, but that became too painful five years ago when the right-hander had biceps tendinitis. So he started holding it out to the side and things evolved from there.”

  14. The “I Hate The New Front Office Club” is accepting applications for new members.

  15. No surprise to some of us but McCarthy has torn UCL, usually meaning Tommy John Surgery. So now we have Kershaw and Greinke and 3 losses. Let’s hear it for that great FO and their reclamation projects.

  16. “The Dodgers signed journeyman outfielder Mike Carp to a Minor League contract and assigned him to Triple-A Oklahoma City”


    Emphasis on “journeyman.” Why do that when you’re building depth with up and comers?

    Maybe the FO is infected with the disease “rosterus changesus daily” and just can’t help itself. 18 of them Sunday, right? And now, Cedeno.

    Wonder where you go for rehab for something like that? Is there a cure?

  17. Why isn’t Guerrero in tonight’s lineup? I thought the plan was that he’d get more starts with Puig on the DL. Here’s how Mattingly was quoted in the L.A. Times after Guerrero went 2-for-3 yesterday with a homer to raise his batting average to .500: “A guy that’s swinging the bat, you’re going to find a place to play him.” I’d disregard the lefty/right stuff and start him in place of Crawford in left.

    • Guerrero will get more playing time, but Mattingly’s not going to throw a still-productive Uribe under the bus (at least not yet). I often disagree with Don, but he’s handling this right so far.