Game 18, 2015

Dodgers at Padres, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

The Dodgers send newly-called-up Scott Baker to the hill. Baker is 2-0 with a 1.93 in two career starts against the Padres. His opponent will be Brandon Morrow. Morrow will be making his first career start against the Dodgers. He ranks fourth in the Majors in strikeouts per nine innings (9.29) since 2010. So far this young season he’s got no decisions in three starts, going 20 innings, giving up 17 hits, walking 5 and striking out 15.

Puig and Peralta may be headed for the disabled list, Puig with the hamstring injury and Peralta with a “dead arm”. McCarthy’s right elbow tightened up on him, which he says has been happening since his last start against the Rockies. He’s got an MRI scheduled for Monday.

Lineup when available.

83 thoughts on “Game 18, 2015

    • True, for a pen that will now be well-rested for the Gnats series (barring extra innings today).

  1. Shoot. That might be enough to bring the Pads home. Baker had been rolling up to that point.

  2. Baker – to state the obvious – has pitched really well today. Better than Bolsinger’s spot start even. But lack of runs and he is losing.

  3. Guerrero seems to know how to hit home runs. My only question – what is the Dodgers record in games that he does hit them?

  4. Baker stung by the HR but worked well against the rest of the hitters this inning.

  5. Have none of you Negative Nellies looked at the standings or the Dodgers’ winning percentage? So far they’ve won nearly twice as many as they’ve lost, and yet to hear some of you guys they’re on the bottom of the scrap heap headed for oblivion.

    Keep Calm and Carry On.

    • Or

      Keep Hitting and Cringe (with the bullpen) ???

      (Of course, we know they CAN be effective)

  6. First time hearing a game since Thursday . . . why isn’t Vin there? The good news is Steiner isn’t, but he’s worth having Vin for even 3 innings.

    Meanwhile, old friend Jerry Reuss is doing color today for the Las Vegas 51s.

      • Thanks . . . he must relish the rivalry up north, because SD is guaranteed good weather and a shorter trip!

        • Well, it did rain last night in SD, but I do expect tradition had something to do with the SF preference.

          • We got the same rain as SD last night — moisture is as welcome here as in CA.

        • I imagine he is doing it for the Dodger audience. Realizing that if he is broadcasting anywhere outside of LA/Anaheim, they would want him in SF.

  7. Guys like Friedman breathe their own gas. He did as well as he did, and it wasn’t great, because they drafted good players with their early round draft picks, and he used the available money wisely. Coming out here and being given the keys to the vault will take a bit of getting used to. He’s signing the same low dollar players he was before but that isn’t going to satisfy the fans or, eventually, the owners. He will have to learn to sign better players because better results are demanded here. He has to learn to replace those “I am so smart” thoughts with “I am so rich” thinking.

    • Actually, the challenge is to use your wealth wisely, and to plan not for just one year but for the long term by rebuilding the farm system, which was horrendously neglected under the McCourt regime.

  8. Autopsy report from pitcher park Petco HR barrage last night–

    McCarthy says he pitched thru arm pain and tightness, should have asked to come out in 2nd inning. Had been bothering him all week. But did he say anything? Of course not. Same old misplaced macho warrior mentality players seem to live by…play thru pain, whatever. Lucky it didn’t cost the team a L.


    Meanwhile, Padre Kennedy said video he watched after the game showed a mechanical flaw causing his pitches to be up…..yup, that’s right–up, up and away.

    Wonder if that kind of video is available to players during the game. Wouldn’t doubt it is for the Dodgers. Could be very useful in-game.

  9. Hey, when you buy pitchers off the scrap heap, you got to expect that sort of thing. This must be making Greinke lick his chops, at the extension he’s going to get from the Dodgers.