Game 18, 2015

Dodgers at Padres, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

The Dodgers send newly-called-up Scott Baker to the hill. Baker is 2-0 with a 1.93 in two career starts against the Padres. His opponent will be Brandon Morrow. Morrow will be making his first career start against the Dodgers. He ranks fourth in the Majors in strikeouts per nine innings (9.29) since 2010. So far this young season he’s got no decisions in three starts, going 20 innings, giving up 17 hits, walking 5 and striking out 15.

Puig and Peralta may be headed for the disabled list, Puig with the hamstring injury and Peralta with a “dead arm”. McCarthy’s right elbow tightened up on him, which he says has been happening since his last start against the Rockies. He’s got an MRI scheduled for Monday.

Lineup when available.

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    • True, for a pen that will now be well-rested for the Gnats series (barring extra innings today).

  1. Shoot. That might be enough to bring the Pads home. Baker had been rolling up to that point.

  2. Baker – to state the obvious – has pitched really well today. Better than Bolsinger’s spot start even. But lack of runs and he is losing.

    • Not as well as Puig or Joc, and possibly not SVS either, but perhaps better than Crawford.

          • So? A walk’s as good as a hit, and he gets lots of those. I’d lead him off.

            He’s also a fine defensive CF, something the Dodgers have lacked in recent years.

          • You don’t think somebody who gets on base nearly half the time would be a viable leadoff hitter?

          • Unfortunately, his high walk rate is a function of his place in the batting order… Leading off, many of those walks would become strikeouts, hirs, or ground outs. Maybe that would make Package happy, although groundouts leading off a game or following an out by the pitcher would not be productive at all…

          • That may be partly true, but his minor league track record suggests he walks a lot even when he’s in the middle of the order.

          • No athlete anywhere, especially at the highest professional level, “loves” to fail. Absurd thing to say.

          • Well, he must love it, he does it 41.1% of the time. If he didn’t like why wouldn’t try and correct it. It is more than the minor leagues.

          • Yes, Joc has struck out 21 times, most on the team. Noted veteran Jimmy Rollins has struck out 17 times. Joc has walked 15 times, also leading the team (Grandal is second with 9). He has the third-most hits on the team, behind only A-Gon and Kendrick. A-Gon has 20 more ABs, Howie has 15 more.

            He’s a rookie, package. He’s learning. Willie Mays was hitless in his first 23 ABs as a Giant back in 1951. It’s a hard game.

          • I certainly hope he brings his s/o rate down. I hope he succeeds and becomes what many think he will be. All the better for the Dodgers, however, I don’t believe in excuses and I would expect him to cut that figure down a bunch. His minor league rate was also extremely high.

          • He’s been a regular player in the big leagues for 18 games. Don’t you think you’re expecting a bit much? Who do you want him to be, Mickey Mantle or Mike Trout right off the bat?

          • In Package’s defense, Pederson lowering his strikeout rate can ONLY increase his on base percentage and make him a better player. There is no negative here if he does it. And Package knows he’s a good player, this is just his left-handed way of complaining about the FO, like someone here we know and love takes every opportunity to complain about the Giants and every player whoever even thought about playing for the Giants. This is the Toy Store, after all.

          • K rates are usually calculated using PA. His is 30%, which is certainly on the high side, but no big thing when associated with an OBP of .462.

          • It is a big deal if he strikes out instead of hitting a sac fly or hit the ball to the correct side of the infield to move the runners along or score. I wouldn’t think you of all people wouild think s/os are OK.

          • It’s relative. He gets on base 46% of the time he comes to bat. Would you be willing to trade that for 36% of the time, if it meant that he lowered his K rate from 30% to 20%? I wouldn’t.

          • It is not about a tradeoff Bob, its about his strikeout rate being way to high!!

          • No, just saying that I can live with the Ks if he can continue to get on base and hit with power.

          • Have to disagree here. Years ago I stumbled into Dodger Thoughts looking for information on a favorite player, Hee Sop Choi, and I apologize if I offended anyone with my attempt to spell his name. He was a controversial player, what they called a Three True Outcomes type player. He walked, he struck out, or he hit a home run. I thought he walked and hit enough home runs to be an asset but Ned and Jim Tracey didn’t see it that way… I’m not worried about Joc’s strikeouts, his batting average is, well, better than average, and he walks a lot so his on base percentage is well above average. There are times when a fly ball or a properly placed ground out is advantageous, but I wouldn’t dream of replacing him with a nice little fellow with maybe 3/4ths of his ability who almost never hits a home run nor walks and grounds out a lot. If you can arrange to replace him with a Matt Kemp about his age, I’m all for it. I really like Matt Kemp.; Nothing against Grandal but I personally would not have traded Kemp and I’ll never forgive the Geeks for doing it, although I know what they were thinking, about his age and his future health. Makes good baseball sense but not very fan pleasing. That’s why I would have sent Ethier or better yet Crawford and ALL THEIR SALARY rather than Kemp. Sorry for taking over the microphone.

          • John, my whole point was that Joc’s S/O rate is too high. I was never talking about trading one area for another. Joc’ s S/O rate is too high and should be worked on.

          • I really question that the coaches are working on the problem because Joc has had the problem at least the last couple of years if not his whole career.

          • I wasn’t thrilled to see Kemp’s bat go. But clearly he was the only big-contract Dodger outfielder who was tradeable. The FO didn’t get rid of him just as a salary dump, but getting out from under most of his remaining contract factored in, I’m sure.

          • Exactly! Ethier’s contract exceeded his perceived value, and so did Crawford’s. Kemp looked like he had value left as long as he stayed healthy, which is why there were takers for Kemp and not for the other two.

  3. It took Donnie some time to figure out to play Puig every day and I guess it will take some time to get him to play Guerrero. He may be a little slow.

    • Every manager since time began has resented (been jealous of) the younger, better players, has favored the veteran players, his generation as it were. I suppose it’s natural. If Wally Pipp hadn’t got sick….

      • Uribe has a track record, has been fine the last two years, and is an elite defensive 3B. Given his age and injury history, though, there’s a good chance Guerrero’s playing time will increase.

      • You actually think that Donnie isn’t starting Alex because he resents him?

    • You just made this up. Puig was called up on June 2, 2013 and he started the next day and for the next 9 games. Didn’t start the next, but appeared as a PH. He then started the next 30 games before getting a rest (but again appearing as a PH). This was how it was for the rest of the season, with the handful of games he didn’t start appearing as a PH in any event.

      • Actually I meant it took him a while to bring him up from the minors where he was on fire as he had been in the spring.

        • But that is on the GM. Here you are talking about the manager Donnie and using the Puig example to say that he is slow. He might very well be, but this wouldn’t be an example.

    • Apparently it has been decided he can only play third base, so I understand their reluctance to bench Uribe, but Guerrero, on his worst day, has to be better than Crawford. He should be out there every day till he stumbles. Of course that would impact Van Slyke too.

      • In the spring and in the minors he played some LF, and very recently took grounders at SS. I think they might use him some in left even if it means CC plays a bit less. But the team seems terrified of him at SS, even if he came up playing there.

    • Agreed. DM should find a way, 3B or LF, to get that bat in the lineup every day. He’s hitting like Puig did at first, and I’m a big believer in riding a hot hand. Of course he’ll cool off as the league adjusts. Then the question will be can he adjust to their adjustments? Puig struggled to do that for a while.

  4. Guerrero seems to know how to hit home runs. My only question – what is the Dodgers record in games that he does hit them?

  5. Baker stung by the HR but worked well against the rest of the hitters this inning.

  6. Have none of you Negative Nellies looked at the standings or the Dodgers’ winning percentage? So far they’ve won nearly twice as many as they’ve lost, and yet to hear some of you guys they’re on the bottom of the scrap heap headed for oblivion.

    Keep Calm and Carry On.

    • Or

      Keep Hitting and Cringe (with the bullpen) ???

      (Of course, we know they CAN be effective)

      • Time to start inquiring about how Beachy is progressing. He might make a good 4th/5th starter. And/or some of the guys from Triple A, like we have seen already this year.

  7. First time hearing a game since Thursday . . . why isn’t Vin there? The good news is Steiner isn’t, but he’s worth having Vin for even 3 innings.

    Meanwhile, old friend Jerry Reuss is doing color today for the Las Vegas 51s.

      • Thanks . . . he must relish the rivalry up north, because SD is guaranteed good weather and a shorter trip!

        • Well, it did rain last night in SD, but I do expect tradition had something to do with the SF preference.

          • We got the same rain as SD last night — moisture is as welcome here as in CA.

        • I imagine he is doing it for the Dodger audience. Realizing that if he is broadcasting anywhere outside of LA/Anaheim, they would want him in SF.

  8. Guys like Friedman breathe their own gas. He did as well as he did, and it wasn’t great, because they drafted good players with their early round draft picks, and he used the available money wisely. Coming out here and being given the keys to the vault will take a bit of getting used to. He’s signing the same low dollar players he was before but that isn’t going to satisfy the fans or, eventually, the owners. He will have to learn to sign better players because better results are demanded here. He has to learn to replace those “I am so smart” thoughts with “I am so rich” thinking.

    • Well, the bottom line is how does the team finish? If they don’t do well, I hope I don’t hear a bunch of excuses because we were assured that the team would be better. Plus the team had injuries last year and still won 94.

    • Actually, the challenge is to use your wealth wisely, and to plan not for just one year but for the long term by rebuilding the farm system, which was horrendously neglected under the McCourt regime.

  9. Autopsy report from pitcher park Petco HR barrage last night–

    McCarthy says he pitched thru arm pain and tightness, should have asked to come out in 2nd inning. Had been bothering him all week. But did he say anything? Of course not. Same old misplaced macho warrior mentality players seem to live by…play thru pain, whatever. Lucky it didn’t cost the team a L.


    Meanwhile, Padre Kennedy said video he watched after the game showed a mechanical flaw causing his pitches to be up…..yup, that’s right–up, up and away.

    Wonder if that kind of video is available to players during the game. Wouldn’t doubt it is for the Dodgers. Could be very useful in-game.

  10. Hey, when you buy pitchers off the scrap heap, you got to expect that sort of thing. This must be making Greinke lick his chops, at the extension he’s going to get from the Dodgers.

    • I would not be so sure of the extension. In case you have forgotten, this new crowd sometimes, well mostly is on the cheap.

      • Please note: The Dodgers have, by far, the highest payroll is baseball at $276 million ($60 million more than the Yanks):

        Clayton Kershaw is the highest-paid player in baseball, and they seem likely to splurge on prospects at July 2 without worrying about any financial penalties for doing so. These facts do not suggest that a bunch of penny-pinchers are running the team.

        • Excuse me but they are spending a lot on players that they no longer have. Paying Anderson and McCarthy is no money as they let Haren go and are paying him too. They big payroll is not evident sir.

          • So? That would suggest they were willing to pay an extra $22 million for those two on top of Haren’s $10 million or so. Whether or not it’s a good move is open to question – I wouldn’t have minded sticking with Haren for another year – but it’s not something cheapskates would do.

          • Plus paying 18 mil on Kemp. Paying Wilson and others I would have to research.

          • Indeed. It shows they recognize a sunk cost, and are willing to swallow it to improve the team.

          • I understand that but using the total figure of the team is not a true number of making the team better.

          • Highest payroll does not necessarily make the best team but, in this instance, the willingness to dump Wilson and spend elsewhere has improved matters.

          • Name one player the Dodgers got that upgraded the team over last year and they paid more than what they had.

          • Look at their careers. Dee is a one-dimensional player who can be fun to watch, and I hope he has a fine career, but he’s not much of an offensive threat. He’s the reincarnation of Juan Pierre, but with a better arm at a somewhat more valuable position.

          • Spending lots of money doesn’t mean it was well spent. We better stop this before we get gigged for not sucking up to the new FO, which can do no wrong.

          • I get so tired of hearing about the Dodgers huge payroll when they tore up the team and then spent to do so. I will not ssh to such foolishness. They caused the payroll to be up and in some folks opinion did not make it better.

      • True, but buying distressed merchandise can (maybe has) dig them a big hole, which will take more money to climb out.