Game 16, 2015

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, Fox Sports SD

Zack Greinke goes to the hill to play stopper for the Dodgers after their unexpected and aggravating series sweep at the hands of the Giants. He’s 2-0 on the season with a 1.83 ERA on 12 hits, 2 walks and 14 strikeouts in 19 2/3 innings. He’ll face San Diego’s Andrew Cashner, who has lost two of his first three starts but has seen his ERA drop from 9.00 after the first game (which he lost to the Dodgers April 8) to 2.65 now. He’s striking out better than one man per inning while walking two per game.

Lineup when available.

74 thoughts on “Game 16, 2015

  1. Comcast and Time Warner deal has fallen apart. Any ideas on what this means for Dodger fans?

    • As a non-resident Dodger fan, it doesn’t bother me much personally, and I wouldn’t mind see Comcast go under – they’re the worst of the worst.

  2. Just got in — glad to see Zack was AGAIN the stopper — gotta keep him!

    I’ll read the comments later, but I second John’s comment below — glad to be back in the “W” column!

    • It was a really well-pitched and well-played game. They were good, but we were better.

  3. I lost cable just as the Padres loaded the bases in the 2nd. Obviously Zack got out of it without a run scoring. How did Puig get hurt?

  4. Wild game going on in Oakland. Scoreless through nine, each team gets two in tenth, Astros score three in 11th, A’s at point of tying up in again.

  5. Nice to get win number 10 on the season, Still hopeful they can go 13-8 this month.

    • Seems like he has taken a beating already though. They need to sit him for a while, but I think just put him on the 15 day disabled list now.

    • Very strong pitching and some wonderful plays on either side of 2nd base was the games story.

  6. Well timed DP! Greinke was on fumes but makes it through the 7th. Time for the pen to finish it off.

  7. Hi all. Major pitching duel. Crawford hammered that HR. Wrote late, so I’m eating late. See you soon.

  8. This game is tight. Great pitching and some good glove work.
    Would love to have a 3 run top of the sixth.

  9. It’s amazing enough that Pederson is being given a chance to play, too much to ask for Guerrero too. Uribe is toast, Ellis too. Too bad Grandal is off to a bad start but I think that will soon change. I don’t think the new FO will be inclined to hang on to over-the-hill players like Ned did.

    • While I think Guerrero should get more playing time, it’s premature to say Uribe is “toast.” He played extremely well the last two years, and is still an elite defensive player who’s off to a slightly slow offensive start. I hated Uribe’s signing at first, but he’s won me over with some caveats. I would not expect him to be back next year, but for this year he’s probably fine. Given his age, both Guerrero and Turner will get their share of time at 3B.

    • A little tough on a couple of guys who’ve done pretty good jobs for the Dodgers, aren’t you? Uribe’s first two years with us he was injured, but the last two years he played pretty darned well. AJ was injured parts of each of the last two years. Once he’s healthy he may get back to catching on a platoon basis with reasonable results.