40 thoughts on “Freeway Series opens with bang

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  2. 2015 prediction: final record 85-77 due to lack of pitching consistency, miss playoffs by 1 or 2 games, Donnie fired the day after the season ends, Padres win the World Series

  3. From Jon’s post on opening day roster–

    “In my 14 seasons blogging about the Dodgers (I’m staring at that “14” in disbelief), this is the deepest team they have brought to Opening Day. Not every question has been answered, but no team has ever been bulletproof. The bench and farm system are as rich as they’ve been since, well, the 1900s. Even starting the season with their No. 3 starter and No. 1 reliever on the disabled list, it’s striking how much talent the 2015 Dodgers have to draw from up and down the line.”


  4. It seems like much longer than a year or so ago, I was watching the opening series last year down here 🙂

    • Amazing the amount of territory behind home plate in those days, now filled with (premium) paying fans.

  5. And another tie game to end ST. Next stop, Opening Day and some real baseball. I’m calling the Dodgers to go 13-8 in April. Anything more is a bonus, anything less than say 11-10 is a bit of a rough start to the year.

  6. SVS is on fire. The Dodgers need to find ways to get him regular at bats for a while. If they are putting the players on the field based on performance and not pay scale – do they start him over Crawford to begin the season?

    • And CC drives in 2 right after I said that. Must have heard what I suggested and started to feel the heat. 🙂

    • SVS has been on fire for a while. Essentially led the team last year (246 PA) with an OPS+ of 157. Turner at 155 (322 PA).

  7. Nat’s are kinda banged up Nothing major, but it means that old friend Clint Robinson made the team, as well a Uggla!

  8. Listening to Casey Stern and Jim Bowden on XM radios MLB first pitch. They feel the Dodgers will be an 86 to 88 win season finishing 2nd to the Pads and they also feel that San Diego’s GM has done better than our famous Andrew Friedman. Funny thing is they felt all of the Dodger moves were outstanding when they first occurred and they felt than the team would win the division. Funny how the spin changes.

    • The Pads will be greatly improved, but the Dodgers and the Nats (gnot the Gnats) are head-and-shoulders above everybody else in the NL.

    • One of my buddies is trying to lure me on a motorbike trip from the Bay Area to Fairbanks to watch midnight baseball in June.

        • Will do. We can go see the As, so you get your money’s worth Or take in game at the Stick.

          • You mean The Phone Booth To Be Named Later. The ‘Stick is currently being demolished.

          • I don’t like the Phone Booth, and rarely cross the Bay Bridge except to catch a flight. I actually prefer the Mausoleum or even what remains of the ‘Stick.

          • Yes, I meant going to see the ‘Stick demolished. No desire on my part to go to the Phone Booth.

          • I actually enjoyed going to the ‘Stick. You could buy a cheap ticket and then move down into the boxes with no opposition from the ushers. And for most of the ‘Stick’s life, the wind made games more interesting than the Gnats did.

          • My memoires of the ‘Stick are of the only series televised back n the day. It’s blank and white, with trash swirling in the wind, a chain-link fence in the outfield and fans bundled up.

  9. From what I can see, that was Puig’s ball all the way. He shoulda called it, though.