Kershaw Day

Not only does he get the start today against the Rockies, but Baseball Prospectus published several stories about the new daddy in their March 9 blog post. Look in the “Today at Baseball Prospectus” section on the front page.

Update: Headline: Time Warner Cable ‘Actively Pursuing’ Talks to Finally Lift Dodger Blackout

Nonsense. The article says TWC is trying to sign the other distributors up without lowering its $4.90 per subscriber fee. So what concession has TWC made to them? Looks like none to me.

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    • Interesting contract for Alex Guerrero that Boras and Ned cooked up. Not really sure how it works, so good to see that he might pan out and actually deserve a place on the 25. Kinda like a bonus baby thing, I suppose, but where his payments are spread out over four years, on top of the $10 million up front.

    • The most interesting thing might be the link to Jon Heyman’s story at CBS Sports suggesting the Dodgers offered to pay 1/2 of Ethier’s contract to a team willing to trade for him and getting no takers.

      • I think the O’s would be a good fit and Dre could use that short rightfield porch to up his power numbers, but I think its the years that keep other clubs from biting, particularly as they see him in decline (putting a lot of stock in last year, his first under 100 OPS+ for a guy with a career 120 mark, and the lagging power). Maybe some takers from the AL at the trade deadline, if he can show that he still has it.

        • Better keep Dre. Joc is not a sure thing and you never know when the injury bug bites. I know the FO wants Joc in there quick but it might be a good thing that there are no takers right now.

  1. Looks like the Dodgers might land the All Star game in 2018 or there about. That is a little good news. I can’t remember the link, sorry.

    • I am not worried as the current leadership does not sign anyone with known value. Instead they hire people they think might overcome problems or injuries. I do believe the new FO is assembling an extra large team of maybe 35. They will keep 10 in Oklahoma and the balance in LA. They will slide them in and out at will in my opinion. Any small injury or poor performance could result in a new player coming in very quickly. No time to work out a problem in LA.

      • To me, I think that they are looking at what the system might be undervaluing, in this case players that have been injured, and using our resources to outbid other teams and taking risks to enhance our depth.

    • This wasn’t meant as a FO criticism, it means I personally have become convinced that Olivera is probably injured and at this point in his life/career has questionable skills and is not nearly worth the money is asking.

  2. More from Jon on relievers, after 4 pitchers sent to the minor league side:

    “The Dodgers still have six non-roster relievers in camp, to go with 11 on the active roster, not to mention a few swingmen. Here’s the breakdown:

    Righty relievers, no options: Chris Hatcher, Brandon League, Dustin McGowan, Juan Nicasio, Joel Peralta

    Lefty relievers, no options: J.P. Howell

    Righty relievers, can go to minors: Pedro Baez, Yimi Garcia, David Aardsma, Mike Adams, Chad Gaudin, Ben Rowen, Sergio Santos

    Lefty relievers, can go to minors: Daniel Coulombe, Adam Liberatore, Paco Rodriguez, David Huff

    Righty relievers on disabled list: Kenley Jansen, Chris Withrow

    More on this at Jon’s place, if interested.

  3. Here’s a thought none of us want to have: What are the odds Kershaw ever needs Tommy John Surgery? I know I’ll cry that day and I won’t be the only one. Here is an article ( on the increasing rate of surgeries. I’m not sure what year it was but 1/3 of the pitchers on Major League rosters had had it. One third! It almost seems like a certainty these days. And the more pitches a pitcher makes, the more likely to have the injury. With Kershaw’s Consistency and going deep into games, he is really at risk. Pray not.

  4. Noting the huge lack of posts, no one, except possibly the owner, has any right to complain about someone else’s post. If you don’t have anything to say, you have no right to criticize what someone else says. At least he’s keeping the site alive… Package 206, the floor is yours.

      • As the robot in the movie said, “Need input”. Don’t you think it odd that so many of your “posters” post only to complain about someone else posting. They themselves can’t think of a thing to say, other than to complain about what someone else is saying. Sorry people, my brain functions, I’m always thinking something, good or bad. I expect I’ll be abouts as popular here as Strontium 90 so I guess this is my swansong. I’ll try to find a heartbeat here before I go:

        • Oh dear, my lack of film knowledge betrays me again. What movie was that?

          I have no doubt things will improve, including the tone of the conversations here, once the season begins. Then we can argue about Don’s pinch-hitting choices, or his relief choices, or his bunting habits, or any number of other things.

          Keep Calm and Carry On. 😉

          • I’m still here. I think we are all in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment, waiting for the real stuff to begin

          • Then we can argue about Don’s pinch-hitting choices, or his relief choices, or his bunting habits, or any number of other things.

            Funny how all of those things too are complaints.

          • It seems as though the FO has accepted Donnie as the Dodger’s manager. Wonder if that will be the case if Donnie does not win? I think not.

          • Added to this will be the lineup. Last year’s pretty much wrote itself. This year a bit more up in the air (the the extent that Donnie has publicly said that he would seek FO input).

          • Donnie doesn’t know that he will be fired if he doesn’t win no matter if he got input or not. I also think there is a possibility that Ned will go too if there is no W.S. championship.

          • Well those are certainly prime candidates, certainly no one from the new FO, but much would depend on the circumstances, I believe. Ned is sort of on the periphery of the FO, so no great shakes. For Donnie, would depend on whether the FO thought that he was correctly using the pieces that the FO acquired.

          • Unless I am reading it wrong, the FO thinks they have the best team known to man. If they don’t win, someone will pay.

          • I am sure that they are happy with what they have done, but a lot of what you hear is the noise of media fawning over them.

        • John, Thank You for your concern on my posts. I think some here don’t get the fact that they do exactly what they don’t want me to do. State an opinion. Unfortunately some will find a post or someone else’s opinion to back up their position and then when I respond differently, I get called out or blasted for it. I know I don’t agree with many of our posters on what has happened with the team’s moves this offseason. However, if I disagree, I don’t do it to rub another the wrong way. It is truly my opinion. I am not sure that is the case with everyone. To give opinions that are known to disagree with someone and then disallow someone to respond is wrong in my opinion. I may disagree with someone but I will defend their right to say it to the death.
          Link, if you would prefer that I not post here, I will accept it.

          • Post as much as you like, package, please. That goes for everybody.

            Like I said, I can’t wait for the season to start. When it does we’ll have something other than the front office and its moves to discuss.

  5. TWC was counting on about $5 per subscriber from the all of the millions of cable and satellite subscribers in SoCal to help pay back the huge fortune TWC gave the Dodgers. Just a guess but I think at least a million Dodger fans would gladly pay $8 a month for the games. A far cry from the tens of $MM they are trying to collect. Here is the thought they have to keep in mind: Cut your losses. Losing $40MM a month is much better than losing $50MM.

  6. This may be good for a few smiles–

    I have only a few comments ever at Dodgers Digest. But couldn’t resist when I saw this in a post there today about a quiet ST and the likely opening day roster:

    “Ethier’s continued existence may still be confounding but it’s unlikely to change soon.”
    So I chimed in:

    foultip 6 hours ago”Ethier’s continued existence may still be confounding”

    I know Ethier needs to go elsewhere, but isn’t this a bit drastic?

    ” but it’s unlikely to change soon.”

    Did a hit man blow the job or something?
    And got this response:

    Mike Petriello moderator6 hours ago@foultip If we consider Ethier’s job to be a hit man, then yes, he blew it.


  7. Just got my tix for Dodgers when they come to National Stadium! July can’t come soon enough. Meanwhile, I will be scouting the Nat’s for us.

  8. Just for the record, I won’t mind if the Dodgers don’t sign Olivera. I’m not a doctor but just a glimmer of UCL problems scare me off a player. And of course his major league hitting ability at this point is pure speculation. Factor in that we really don’t need him and passing on him is a forgone decision for me.

    • Now I hear rumors of a $77MM bid. Figures. I’m really on a different page than this FO.

      • I guess it is his alleged injury that makes him so attractive to them, they have a thing for those kind of players…

        • I agree with you. I don’t get it either. One other thought is that it seems like we hear that the Dodgers are interested in this player or that player but nothing ever happens. Go figure?

          • It could easily be that nobody from the Dodgers expresses interest at all, but outside media or even the players’ agents claim the wealthy LA team is interested to pump up the dollars or the story.

          • Could be a Dodger CYA move but more likely player’s agent using rumor to drive up other clubs offers. Net effect is long term escalation of salaries. I would like to see clubs openly announce it when they have no interest in a player. I don’t suppose the poor over-paid players would like it much, though…

          • Its all a game I guess? Some clubs want to express interest that isn’t there and others stay real low key and jump in and grab a player quickly.

    • Yasiel’s advanced fielding stats in CF last year were better than Trout’s.

  9. Yet another tie game. Kershaw gave up a home run but pronounced himself happy with his work. Ethier had an RBI single and Scott Schebler homered for the Dodgers.

    Young Mr. Schebler (age 24, so not all THAT young) has progressed quite nicely through the farm system. I confess I didn’t know much about him at all until this spring.

    • Kid has moved up a level each year and been improving just about each time, particularly on k rate, which is still a bit high, though he certainly does have power.

  10. These types of players very seldom come along. Kershaw is a class act and is right up there with Koufax as my favorite Dodgers. He is also a person that kids can look up to and strive for that same excellence. I am happy that I can witness his success.

  11. I’m gonna miss this one because I’ll be off watching king penguins on Tierra del Fuego.