Friday Night Giants

Vinnie does his one-and-only game from Camelback Ranch tonight on SPNLA.


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    • Completely leaves Kershaw out of Cy conversation, while pimping Matt Harvey (fine pitcher, but still recovering from TJ probably means Mutts will treat him tenderly).

  1. Added a couple of links: Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf in the Non-Partisan Baseball Sites section and Tom Hoffarth’s Inside SoCal in the Non-Baseball Sites section on the right sidebar. Each of them has a current post about baseball books, just in time for the start of the season.

  2. Do you suppose Ned ever makes suggestions to the New Regime or is his function limited to lighting their cigars and going for coffee? You know, at whatever salary he’s making, I’d do that…

    • He’s like General Galtieri in 1982 who, after losing the Falklands War, went into “voluntary early retirement.”

    • With Watson and White, among others, gone, he is probably expected to provide insights on players acquired during his regime. Responding to questions, like: “What the heck were you thinking!?”

      • Don’t think Ned was getting those types of questions. If you have seen his performance over the past nine years I would say that this crowd may have their work cut out to do as well.

  3. Pre-release announcement: Molly Knight has written a book about the Guggenheim Partners’ acquisition of the Dodgers and the subsequent 2013 season. It won’t be out till July 14, but it looks like a must-read for Dodgers fans.

  4. Some might wonder why the Dodgers don’t just cancel the contract and deal with someone else to get their games televised. If you had some fool paying you $300 Million a year for the right to televise your games, even though he hadn’t the capability, I don’t think you’d consider cancelling either… I assume the overpaid, under-brained executive who advised TWC to offer that much money is currently unemployed. I hope he hasn’t contributed to the gene pool.

    • The people who made that deal must be more functional and nimble than others, therefore, better TV. This year will be as good as last year. Just kidding. I hope you get the games soon.

    • Interesting tidbit at the bottom there: the Angels plan to start the year with Andrew Heaney in the minors. He was the bait the Dodgers used to get Howie Kendrick, remember?

  5. With the split in today’s games, the Dodgers assure themselves of finishing above .500 in Spring Training. In other words, I’m done with ST and am restless for the regular season to begin. I want wins and losses to count for something.

    • Hey Dave,
      What are your thoughts for the regular season? Do you think we have enough to win the W.S.? I am worried about the bullpen.

        • Remember the Dodgers are a more functional, nimble, team. They are a better team than last year according to the FO. You are right, defensively they should be better. If that wins W.S. then we are home free. I have been worried the whole offseason.

          • I think they are a deep team but I have concerns about the bullpen and the middle of the rotation. I know most are worried about McCarthy and Anderson but I’m more nervous about the health of Ryu and even Greinke. My best guess is they win about 92 games and easily make it to the playoffs. After that, I think it is tricky to say. Probably NLCS, maybe WS.

        • IMO, all the movement in the offseason was window dressing. The issues the past 2 years, last year especially, were bullpen and manager. Those issues remain, although I think the pitching situation has gotten worse. After Kershaw and Greinke (if healthy), we got virtually nothing.

          • Not sure that “window dressing” is how most would describe the moves. In any event, our weakness has certainly been in the pitching department and the moves were not inspirational in that regard.

      • Going to depend on the health of the starting pitching. For some reason, Greinke worrying me.

        • I agree with you. Greinke and Ryu are certainly cause for concern. Couple that with McCarthy and Anderson who may or may not stay in the rotation due to injury or performance and boom the Dodgers could be in a world of hurt. FO should have brought in a proven starter in the off season.

  6. Spring numbers are worth just so much, but wonder how the Dodgers leading MLB in HR will carry over to Dodger Stadium and the other parks of the NL West. You’d expect dropoff from the current pace. No way the team is among HR leaders in regular season. But still…

    Wonder how much of a bandbox Camelback and other ST stadiums are. Dry air, high temps, etc.

    But some of the shots hit this spring would be out anywhere.

    • Keeping up this pace is unlikely, but the Dodgers may have more power than many people expected.

    • Half of those dingers by fellows not likely to play in the Bigs in 2015, so may say more about 2016 and going forward.

  7. I had my yearly fantasy draft a few days ago. I got Matty, Hanley and Dee. Hmm, nobody drafted Joc, and Grandal.

    • Saw one of those fantasy sites a couple days ago (ESPN?), which had both Matty and Dee in the top five of who not to draft. Matty because PETCO would cutdown on his power numbers and Dee because his babip at .422 was unsustainable. I understand the Kemp rationale, but wonder how many infield hits figure into Dee’s numbers. I saw in Baseball Reference that he bats almost .500 on bunts, for example.

      • Dee never impressed me as a great bunter, but I don’t have any numbers to back that up.

        • Dee has an OPS+ of 125 in bunts. Good, but certainly not great. He does had a babip on grounders of around .200. Doesn’t seem very good, but comes in at OPS+ 406, so he is about four times better than your average hitter in that regard.

      • Neither Dee or Matt were in my early draft picks and you are somewhat limited as you don’t know what others will do, however, I am happy to have both. 90 seconds between picks also does not help with choosing. My point was that neither Joc or Grandal were even selected.

        • Sure, I wasn’t judging your picks, just interested in their take on Dee and wondering what the numbers behind it looked like.

          • In our league, you get as much credit for SB as you do for hits, or I should say singles and with Dee batting 1st and Stanton, Yelick Morris, and Osuno batting behind him, I felt he would do well at my second base. I chose 2nd base later in the draft and Howie was gone but in our league his last year’s performance was not much better than Dee’s. Not sure which numbers you want? We use CBS sports fantasy projections for players but some numbers are established by our league. Point weights are determined by our league. For instance, a single could be worth 1 point or 1.5 points or whatever number is established.

          • Sorry, I meant the numbers behind the site’s evaluation of the sustainability of Dee’s bapib.

          • The fellow was using them to judge how often Dee might get hits and get on base to be able to steal in the upcoming season.