Open Thread #9

CBS Sports is running a series of features on the best and worst events in each baseball franchise’s history, and it was the Dodgers’ turn on Monday. As Dayn Perry (the author) says in his opening paragraph, “it’s impossible to hit it all.” He did a reasonable job, I’d say. He picks two best teams, one for Brooklyn (’53) and one for LA (’63). He picks best and worst trades (guess what’s worst). Anyway, it’s food for discussion.

58 thoughts on “Open Thread #9

  1. Philly has been called the poster child for getting too old while chasing a window of opportunity.

    While maybe not quite as old, the Dodgers aren’t exactly young. And Dodger execs have said the team needs to get younger. Which of course will take a little time.

    But for now the 40-man shows 13 players over 30 or in their 30th year–and the starting infield will be ancient by baseball standards. (I don’t know how 13/40 compares to other teams.)

    Give or take a few months, Dodger opening day starting IF will feature AGon, 33; Kendrick, 32; Rollins, 37; and Uribe, 36. If AJ is behind the plate to catch Clayton opening day, he’s 34. Older players are more subject to injury, certainly to the grind of a long season, so IF depth will be key to this team.

    Relative ancients in the OF are CC at 34 and Dre at 33. Heisey is 31.

    Five pitchers round out the Dodger over-30 club. Greinke, McCarthy, Howell, and League are all 32; and then there’s the Ancient of Dodgers, Peralta, at 39.

    Let’s hope the 2015 edition of the Dodgers ages VERY well.

  2. BTW, found this list of possible FA pitchers for next year as plan B to Greinke: Cueto, David Price, Jordan Zimmermann, Doug Fister, Jeff Samardzija and Rick Porcello.

    • I’d rather keep Greinke, but Cueto and Price would be suitable replacements. The others are mid-rotation placeholders.

      • Wouldn’t stick up my nose up at Zimmermann. He is essentially the ace of the Nat’s recently displaced. Age 28, and in the top 7 CYA candidates the past two years, ahead of Greinke both times..

    • Just curious Foul Tip, where do you think the FO stands with Moncada and where do you stand? Should the Dodgers sign him?

      • This answers your first question better than I could–

        As to where I stand…I don’t mean to non-answer, but my opinion doesn’t much matter. The team is going to do what it’s going to do, and I try to stay even keel and analytical about player moves, or lack of, and hope for the best.

        That said, the two-year capped signing ban resulting if they do sign him seems like the kind of corner this FO would not box itself into for just one player, no matter his potential. Yet Friedman and Donnie showed up for his workout, which signals strong interest. Mixed signals, tough call.

          • Read closer. Didn’t say I didn’t have one, said it doesn’t matter. It’s more like choosing not to get emotionally invested in things like FO decisions that I have absolutely no control over or influence on.

            I read your comment as being back to saying that I and maybe others who don’t share your strong FO disapproval–instead waiting-and-seeing–just automatically love whatever the FO does. Wrong.

            Jury’s out on the FO as far as I’m concerned. I like most of its moves, wonder if the Kemp trade will come back to bite, and want to see it justify its great reputation by putting a team on the field every year which is in the hunt for WS titles.

            I think it has earned the benefit of the doubt, just going on reputation. If most of its moves don’t pan out, that’s a different animal. Be a while before we know that, maybe more than this year.

            I’ve said something similar to this several times now, and don’t plan to again.

          • You should have read my post more carefully. I only asked you what you thought the FO would do in the case of Moncado and I asked you what YOU thought they should do. You said it didn’t matter what your opinion was. OK I won’t ask you anymore. As I said you did not have an opinion or you did not want to share it. I said nothing about what the current FO has done and I don’t appreciate you saying I did.

          • If you say your comment didn’t mean to imply anything to do with the FO, that’s fine. I’ll take you at your word.

            But if you re-read it and then think back to numerous other past comments you’ve made, maybe you’ll understand how it could be interpreted as I did.

            That’s one of the risks of online commenting. There are no nuances like tone of voice, smiles or lack of, or other things….just words. Those can be easy to misinterpret, which is what happened here. Regrets.

          • I cannot be held accountable for what you read into my comments. You said it could be interpreted by others on the blog and went into a long comment about what has been written in the past which is certainly attacking me. How could you say what others think without reading in to it You continue to bait me with the FO because you know my thoughts. Well guess what? This time I did nothing to try and not treat you with the utmost respect. If I did not I would not have asked for YOUR opinion. If you do not want to give it then I will never again ask but to continue down the path of a sore subject with me is just flat wrong!! I referred only to Yoan Moncada and your opinions. I can’t help it if you cannot see if I am smiling or frowning. Based on my comments, I am sure you know how I feel on most Dodger subjects because I tell how I feel. You don’t and that is why I asked the question that I did.

  3. I really feel that the Dodgers should obtain another starter who is better than McCarthy and Anderson. I think the possibility of injury is great. All of the Dodger starters were hurt at least a little last year and with the addition of Anderson and McCarthy really adds to the possibility of injury this year. Maybe Shields?

    • I like that in the short term – as in this year and next year. But I wouldn’t want Shields as the replacement (ie #2 guy in the rotation) should Greinke opt out next year. I think Ogando, who was signed by the Red Sox, would have been a great swing guy for the Dodgers. Spot starter, long relief or straight bullpen.

        • I think the Dodgers would do that deal (but not with Seager). Phillies, not so much.

      • Instead, we picked up Nicasio for that role. Meh. Also have misgivings about Shields ending up as our 2, but not sure who might come on the FA market in 2015 as an option if Greinke opts out. I suppose the FO knows. Renegotiating Greinke’s contract now is something that I might try to do. The other variable is whether one of our prospects pans out and the need to leave a a slot open for 2016.

        • I think if the “swing” becomes more than one start, LA will probably look at Wieland or finall see what Lee brings to the table. If Nicasio starts more than one game this year, I’d be surprised.

    • I would agree only to the extent we don’t clog the rotation for Urias. This kid is something special and can’t / shouldn’t be held down for too long. This kid can pitch; doing so in the majors shouldn’t be just a matter of age.

      • I agree but injury could be huge this year. If the Dodgers get through this season without an injury problem they would be very lucky. Don’t know if Urias is ready but I will be watching this spring to see how he does. I think he is special also.

  4. Speaking of Dodger history, I was curious about how Mattingly was doing climbing up the managerial lists. There have been 31 managers in franchise history and Mattingly this year (which will be season 5 for him) will be tied for 6th most seasons managed with Jim Tracy. (Hanlon managed 7 seasons, Durocher 9, Robinson 18, Lasorda 21, and Alston 23 are the guys a head of Mattingly and Tracy.)
    He is in 7th place for wins (354), with Tracy in 6th place (427), so with even a below average season Don should pass Jim there.
    He is also in 7th place in terms of wins above .500 (61) but won’t catch Burt Sutton in 6th (111 wins above .500) this year.
    Finally, Mattingly is in 8th place in terms of winning percentage at .547 – Alston is in 7th place at .558 (over 23 seasons of managing).

  5. Good article Link, lots of good information. I remember the 63 Dodgers well and they were really a close knit group or at least I thought so. What can you say about Pedro and Mike?? Thanks for the link.

    • I also remember the ’63 Dodgers well, but I think we tended to project the enthusiasms of our youth onto them. These were professionals, but there are always players who don’t get along with each other. Sutton and Garvey hated each other’s guts, but that didn’t keep them from playing well together.