Open thread #3

In case the comments close on the previous post, here’s a new one. Also, if you’re wondering what the college football bowl schedule looks like for the next three weeks, I posted ESPN’s list at my other place.

Update: The Kemp trade is on hold for the moment because a physical showed Matt’s got arthritis in each hip. As Mark Saxon explains, this could blow up “two other trades and three other teams.” That’s because some of the secondary players were being sent on to other teams for yet more players by both the Padres and the Dodgers.

79 thoughts on “Open thread #3

  1. The Nats (gnot the Gnats, unfortunately) have signed the Swedish Owl to a minor-league contract.

    • I assume that’s a suggestion, not a report. 😉

      The Phillies are trying to get younger about three years after they should have started doing so. Adding two 30+-year-old outfielders doesn’t accomplish that.

      • It’s only money but…. $40MM plus $96MM saved from Hamels, minus $23MM a year for E & C. Keep them a year ($23MM), then give them away for a bag of balls.

  2. Story referenced at MLBTR says the Pads need a first baseman. They seem to be overloaded with outfielders; Wouldn’t it be funny if they flipped Kemp to Philadelphia for Howard, maybe getting some more cash thrown in?

  3. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it were the Dodgers who posted the $5MM for negotiating rights to the Korean shortstop, Kang. He wants 3 or 4 years at $4MM to $5MM, peanuts to them. They could have openings at second, third, and short next season. Seager can fill one, maybe Guerrero another, so at least one opening. He looked good in Korea but that’s no guarantee over here.

    • “The Padres did ask for additional compensation from the Dodgers after Kemp’s physical, but Los Angeles refused.”

      I can hear the Dodgers’ F.O. now: “Damn, guys, we’re already giving you Kemp, Fedex and 32 million bucks!”

  4. poll question on espn baseball, “Is Kemp still an elite player?” 59% No, 41% Yes. I hope the majority are correct in this case 🙂

    • Not an elite player, perhaps, but still a very good one whose production the Dodgers will miss.

  5. I think maybe San Diego is getting cold feet on Kemp. Maybe they realize they have a lot of outfielders already. I’d be happy to get Kemp back but I don’t want to return Grandal. Think maybe they’d take Ethier or Crawford and the same money they got with Kemp? That would be more than half of what’s owed Ethier, almost half for Crawford.

    • The Pads are making some bold moves. I doubt it will put them in serious contention this season, but they could edge out the Gnats for second place.

      • So why did they take Justin Upton today. Bud Black must be working on a 7 outfielder defense…