World Series Day Four, 2014

Royals at Giants, 2:00PM HST/5:00PM PT, TV: Fox

The Giants ask veteran Ryan Vogelsong to put a stop to the Royals’ advance, while the Royals send Jason Vargas out to give them enough innings to get to their so-far lights-out bullpen. Vogelsong had a poor outing against the Cardinals in Game Four of the NLCS, lasting only three innings while giving up four runs on seven hits in a game the Giants eventually won. But he’s been a postseason horse for them in the past, making five postseason starts in which he compiled a 3-0 record, a 1.19 ERA and a .168 batting average against. The lefty Vargas has pitched 11 1/3 innings of nearly flawless baseball in the postseason, giving up three runs on five hits and four walks against the Angels and Orioles while holding them to a .135 batting average.

A bit of history: “Holland has now recorded seven saves this postseason, tying the record for a single postseason. He joins five others — John Wetteland (1996 Yankees), Robb Nen (2002 Giants), Troy Percival (’02 Angels), Brad Lidge (’08 Phillies) and Koji Uehara (’13 Red Sox).” Some pretty good names there.

9 thoughts on “World Series Day Four, 2014

  1. I like Puig a lot. When he comes to bat or a ball is hit towards him, my interest peaks. But I can see trading him because the Dodgers have got themselves into such a mess in the outfield. But there is almost zero chance of trading Ethier or Crawford, even if they ate most of the money. A foursome of Kemp, Puig, SVS, and Pederson would be quite adequate. But since we have to keep the other two stiffs, I’d live with trading Puig for a front-line catcher or shortstop, none of Ned’s Giant cast-offs…

    • Just can’t see the Dodgers trading Puig in order to resolve a glut in the outfield unless it is for Tulo. The glut is the same as the one they had this past season as far as I am concerned. They won the division with that outfield. I am not ready to hand Joc anything more than a 4-5 slot.

  2. I can’t work up any real interest in this runner-up bowl, but I will say it’s disgraceful that they can’t play a day game on a bright sunny Sunday in the Bay Area.

      • Handegg takes the whole day. What difference does it make whether this (so-called) Series is played in daylight?

        • Most youngsters have to go to bed before the mid-week night games are over because they have to go to school the following day. At least on weekends they could see entire games.

          Besides, I’m a traditionalist. I’d like to see SOME day baseball in the World Series.