NLCS Day Five, 2014

Cardinals at Giants, 2:00PM HST/5:00PM PT, TV: FS1

The Cardinals hope their ace Adam Wainwright can stop the Giants’ incessant “nibble ’em to death like ducks” offense, while the Giants hope their ace Madison Bumgarner can put a lid on the Cards’ offense entirely while they scratch out one or two runs.

11 thoughts on “NLCS Day Five, 2014

  1. So, for the first time since the 1994 strike, there will be no World Series. A handful of people may tune in to the Also-Ran Series.

    • This is the system and they prevailed.
      If LA had been the wild card and advanced, would you feel the same?

      • Yes. The so-called “wild card” is illegitimate. This year, it’s the prize for leading your team from a 9-1/2 game lead to a six-game deficit.

  2. Standing in the restaurant bar earlier this evening…..waiting on a pizza.
    Felt bad for Ishikawa as I watched him misplay that ball in LF.
    And, there he is a couple of hours later….. the hero.
    Goes to show…. A slow start doesn’t always mean you can’t finish strong.
    Good for him.

    • Unfortunately, the Dodgers found the reverse is true as well.
      Gotta hand it to SF, they know how to win in postseason, especially in the even numbered years.

    • Maybe a slow finish to the regular finish bodes well for a strong finish in the playoffs and a strong finish to the regular season bodes bad for a fast finish in the playoffs.