ALDS Day Three, 2014

Orioles at Tigers, 12:30PM PT, TV: TBS

The Tigers, down 2-0 in a five-game series, send out David Price, their mid-season acquisition who was 4-4 with a 3.59 ERA after coming over from the Rays at the trade deadline this summer. The Orioles ask Bud Norris (15-8, 3.65 ERA) to close out the series.

Price needs to go really really deep in this game, because the Tigers’ bullpen has been awful so far.

Angels at Royals, 4:30PM PT, TV: TBS

The Angels, down 2-0 in a five-game series, send out C.J. Wilson in the hope he can stop the unlikely juggernaut that is the Royals, while the KC team sends James Shields to the hill and asks him to put an end to the Angels’ frustration.

The history of teams falling behind 2-0 and coming back to win three straight is short: it’s only happened five of the 44 times it’s happened. But the Angels have had 13 winning streaks of three or more this year, so they and their fans are hanging their hopes on that.

12 thoughts on “ALDS Day Three, 2014

  1. My dream has died again.

    Jeopardy host: What are the Detroit Tigers?

    The only team from the original eight American League teams the Dodgers have never met in the World Series, Alex.

    1916 – Boston Red Sox (loss)
    1920 – Cleveland Indians (loss)
    1959 – Chicago White Sox (win)
    1965 – Minnesota Twins née Washington Senators (win)
    1966 – Baltimore Orioles née St. Louis Browns (loss)
    1974, 1988 – Oakland Athletics née Philadelphia Athletics (one win, one loss)
    1941, 1947, 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1956, 1963, 1977, 1978, 1981 – New York Yankees (three wins, nine losses)

  2. I’d still like to see a Dodgers-Orioles rematch. Kershaw gets revenge for Koufax, and Puig redemption for Willie D.

    • I have a preference, but after what happened to Kershaw in Game One I’m afraid to say anything about a World Series. That’s still six wins away just to get into it. 😉

      • I’m afraid we’re going to have to wade through the Giants. That is, if Carpenter and the Cards don’t stomp us out.

          • I didn’t think their offense was that bad, nor the SF pitching that good. I’m pulling for them because of my scheduling conflict on Tuesday . . . but also because I’m hoping the Dodgers advance and I DON’T want them to have to face the Giants — mere perception or not (you can’t argue vs. their 10 straight wins), they play at a different level in postseason.

          • Nats starting pitching makes three straight possible. On paper they would be a tougher opponent, but of course…

      • I’ll stick to what I said during the season: all I care is that the NL rep is LA.