Game 162, 2014

Rockies at Dodgers 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, KDOC-56

Greinke’s on the hill for four or five innings as a tuneup. Uribe’s managing. Kershaw’s the pitching coach. Ryu may be the bullpen coach “if he can get him to understand when he calls down,” Mattingly said.

The Rockies send out rookie Christian Bergman, who’s 3-4 with a 5.29 ERA in nine starts this season and coming off a win against the D-Backs in which he gave up two runs on six hits in 5 2/3 innings.

Ryu is throwing bullpen today and Kershaw will throw a couple of innings in a simulated game. The Dodgers are feeling pretty hopeful that Ryu will be able to start Game Three of the NLDS on October 6.

If you’re interested in what has happened or is still happening elsewhere, here’s MLB’s live blog of the events in Cincinnati between the Pirates and Reds, in Texas between the As and Rangers, in Seattle between the Angels and Mariners, in Chicago between the Royals and White Sox, and in Detroit between the Tigers and Twins. What’s the big deal? Well, there’s a chance that there might be three, three! Game 163 tiebreakers required to settle the playoff seedings and even some of the participants. The possibilities are laid out in mind-numbing detail in that post.

Lineup when available.

42 thoughts on “Game 162, 2014

    • From what everyone says, he has fun all the time.
      Guess he’s one of those intangibles in the clubhouse every team would like to have.

  1. Remarkably, Crawford ends the regular season hitting .300 on the dot. He was hitting .261 at the All-Star break.

  2. I know the game is meaningless, but it gives another W to Zack, some fun who won’t be going into October, and hopefully more confidence to those who will.

  3. It hasn’t been noted but didn’t Agon’s getting hot coincide with Kemp coming to life? Maybe there’s some truth to that theory about having a good hitter hitting behind a hitter…. Awkward but you know what I mean….

    • Having grown up in Tacoma and Seattle, and now living in Oakland, I am ambivalent. On the bright side, anything that relegates the Raiders to the back pages is good. Would you Southlanders take them back, please?

        • Didn’t the Brewers have an equally fast start?

          Guess the lesson to learn from them and the Dodgers these past two years is it’s not how you start, or even how your get going, but how you finish that counts. (Of course, if you’re strong all along the way, it makes it that much easier!)

    • He was incredible in ’11 . . . said he’d be 40/40 and had “only” 39 HRs . . . then I believe he said he’d be 50/50.

      2/3 of the Triple Crown, right?

      He was cheated from the MVP, especially when we learned an actual cheater was selected.

  4. Cincinnati’s 4-1 win Pittsburgh today makes the Cardinals’ game today moot. It means the Cardinals won’t have to meet the Pirates tomorrow to determine the NL Central champion and the first NL Wild Card team and also that we are likely to face Wainwright on Friday when we open the NLDS vs. St. Louis at Dodger Stadium.

  5. Does anyone know if Dee’s absence from the lineup is precautionary or because there is something serious?

  6. Link: Thanks for everything all season long and taking over the site after Jon Weisman joined the Dodgers.