Game 158, 2014

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-BA, ESPN, KDOC-56

The game should be accessible to most fans, as it’s being televised by both ESPN and KDOC-56. KDOC-56’s channel numbers for various providers are in the last post.

Zack Greinke brings his 4-0 record and 1.38 ERA in four starts against the Giants this season to the mound tonight. He’ll face Madison Bumgarner, himself 3-1 with a 1.75 ERA in four starts against the Dodgers this season.

Every game is different, but if Dodger fans are looking for encouragement, this should help:

The career numbers against Greinke in the last five seasons don’t look good for any healthy Giants, but especially not for the heart of the order: Brandon Belt is 1-for-5, Hunter Pence is 1-for-6 and Buster Posey is also 1-for-6.

The most successful Giants hitters against Greinke in the last five seasons? Morse and Pagan, who will each miss Tuesday night’s game with injuries.


No Gordon? No Crawford? Mattingly may just be loading the lineup with right-handed hitters to face Bumgarner. However, Gonzalez is all of 4 for 32 lifetime against the guy.

54 thoughts on “Game 158, 2014

  1. Do you suppose there is any champagne cooling out somewhere in Dodger Stadium? Looking farther forward, I’m not saying throw Joc Pederson on the scrap heap, be he hasn’t really impressed me so far, and given our outfield glut, I wouldn’t hesitate to include him in a deal for a good starter, catcher, or shortstop.

    • Since they didn’t trade him before deadline this year, they likely want to look more at him going forward and focus on moving Ethier instead. Then slide Joc in Ethier’s spot.

      • Dre’s spot seems to be on the bench behind CC, who is signed until 2017, waiting for an injury.

        • I was going to say Ethier doesn’t really have a spot… Too true that Joc’s highest value was last summer. Or after he plays well at the big level. I don’t think Ned knows how to play hardball on the trade market. A lot of players changed hands for trade goods that I thought we could have matched without throwing in all three of our top prospects. We could have easily given up Pederson, lots of outfielders always available. Besides, isn’t Giancarlo Stanton a Dodger in waiting?

        • Yep. Joc /Dre’s spot would be behind CC. Most everything I’ve seen says it’s unlikely the team can trade both CC and Dre. One probably is all they can do, eating lotsa salary.

          The way CC is hitting unlikely they’d move him, even if he is fragile and a bit long in the tooth. But you could make a case for selling high on CC. More interest there. But then you’re still stuck with Dre/ his contract.

          What did the Dodgers use to say? Better to trade someone a year too soon than a year too late?

          If one goes Joc can work in slowly next year, if he’s not traded. Doesn’t seem like they plan to do that.

          VanSlyke would be a regular lots of places, too. Interesting offseason.

    • The time to have traded Joc was when he was still in AAA, when he was all potential, but it seemed that other teams wanted him and more (Lee, Seager) for guys like Price, Lester, Hamels. If you are not impressed with him, what do you think that you could get in return that is worth anything?

      • From all accounts the Dodgers regard Joc as the best defensive outfielder they’ve got, including the current group of starters. I don’t think there’s any chance at all they trade the kid.

        • Defensive outfielders are a dime a dozen (Mr. Tony Gywnn Jr., please pick up the white courtesy phone)…if they want to keep him its for the bat (potential). I am sure that the Dodgers would trade him, if they got the right offer (such as Joc and Lee for Lester, etc).

        • If they’ve liked what they’ve seen so far, I don’t think a month’s worth of not delivering will change management’s minds.

          Lest we forget, many people were calling for the outfield glut to be solved by trading the once-and-future Bison.

  2. I hope the Dodgers play in the LCS . . . and the Giants DON’T — they are scrappers and they’ve managed to go all the way the last two even years.

  3. I am impressed:
    Quality game for starter.
    Quality game for offense.
    Late-inning score.
    Now we need a single shutdown bullpen inning.

    • Sure hope there’s some insurance, because we know their record scoring later, especially when they need it.

  4. ZacK! — shutdown! . . . Now, in the spirit of Oliver Twist, could we please have some more (runs)?

  5. If the Padres win out, they finish at .500.
    And it won’t help the Giants.
    Wins = win/win.

    • Why would the San Francisco broadcasters blackout an away game? I watched their broadcast last night because MLB Network blacked out the game here in southern Nevada. That doesn’t make sense either. I can see blackouts to maybe 150 miles from the gamesite but any farther is stupid.

      • Because the Gnats are playing, and Comcast wants to extort you to pay for their local cable service. The Gnats broadcast only a handful of their games.